Friday, April 16, 2021

Meet Morganne

 Right before I agreed to foster Millie, I was asked if I would take on another kitty for a different shelter who was losing her home due to inappropriate urination. 

The owner was quite upset to let her go but did so knowing her home was completely inappropriate for Morganne. Morganne is blind and that coupled with the stress of living with other kitties and some very young kids was making her life hard.  

It has taken her quite a while to relax. Even now I can tell she isn't 100% comfortable and I get the impression she is afraid of being stepped on a she runs to her perch whenever we move around

She likes attention, a lot, and is a bit of a goof when asking for it but she reacts badly when I picked her up and put her on my lap.  She still does more lip licking (a sign of being uncomfortable) than I would like. 

She has very definite opinions on pretty much everything.  She makes me a little nervous occasionally because sometimes when I run my hand down her back she'll whip her head around like she is going to give me what for.  However, she loves to have her belly rubbed and will roll around next to me showing off her belly and asking for rubs.

She is one of those blind kitties that the internet warnings on how to deal with blind cats were made for.  I put a chair in the room and she had run into it multiple times. I made the mistake of putting her wet food in the wrong side of her dry food and it was obvious that she completely disapproved. 

She would love a quiet home where her new people will be okay with multiple weeks of her adjusting to them and give her a regular routine on a daily basis.  She growled at me when I came home smelling like a dog so I'm guessing she would prefer to be the only pet.  

Thursday, April 15, 2021

Naming day

This group was hard because I didn't get to see them. All that much. 

It was interesting because Millie started out loving me.  I spent quite a bit of time scratching her ears and loving on her. She would get so into it that she would forget about the kittens and roll around causing them to get upset. I believe she started to blame me for that. 

I do often joke that I have grabby hands but I'm very respectful when a mother cat shows me that this is unacceptable.  Millie, however, didn't care.  It got to the point where if she saw my hands she would violently lash out. I even tried offering her food and treats through the small opening on the side of the box, where there was no chance of my touching her or the kittens and she still was not welcoming. 

It made it more and more difficult to care for the kittens.  So when she started spitting at me,  I reached out to the shelter about separating her.  Since she has a home who is waiting for her,  it seemed best. 

So, now the kittens are on their own.  Right now, because of the example their mother set,  they are afraid of me. I'm guessing a few days after some regular feeding and play time they'll get over that. 

So, the names... someone on fb suggested Squish, and I liked it.  I had a friend who wanted the orange kittens when I thought they were boys.  When I was able to verify genders that all changed. The shelter got things all mixed up, they told me the tabby was a girl and the orange ones were boys.. nope. 

My friend doesn't want two more girl kittens,  but the second greatest kitten pusher I know,  Kathleen, has made all the right connections and the kittens are spoken for. 

So, without further ado..




Names were taken from the Richard Scarry books. Squirt is short haired while Goldbug is quite fluffy.. 

Saturday, April 3, 2021

Hey look.. kittens on this kitten blog

So, this was going to be a naming day post,  but revelations were made and new names need to be picked.  Hopefully sooner than later..

Thursday, April 1, 2021

Millie is missing!!

I know,  I know,  I've been absolutely horrible about sharing this set of kittens.  The reason being is that Millie has been increasingly reluctant to share them with me so I've been doing my best to give her space. I provided a nice covered space for her to hide out. 

Now that the kittens are getting older it is becoming more important that I handle them, so I opened up the sheets covering the cage.  Millie was not amused

These were her two spots to protect the kittens.  Where did she go??

After a moment of looking (the room isn't that big)...


I am still not allowed to touch, but a tribute was given and accepted (Temptations for the win)

I'm not really a fan of this so I'll cover the cage back up a bit and try again in a few days when they are a bit more mobile. 

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