Saturday, March 28, 2009

we have packs now

well something intersting has happened now that Fleurp has fully moved in. The crew has now broken into two packs. We have the babies: Kit, Twee and Fleurp. And we have the older crew: Ollie, Jack, Muffin and Eli.

This morning was interesting. we fed the crew early last night (5ish) and went out to the movies. They ate, but they left a few bits on the plate - which is so not like our kitties. This morning I guess they figured their entire feeding schedual had changed because around 5 am they decided to start waking us up.

Us? no. let me rephrase. ME. they decided to wake ME up.

why? I HAVE NO IDEA! I don't feed them.. maybe I'm easier to wake up.. which I do believe. My DH sleeps among the dead.

So this morning I was a play ground, then I was a jungle gym. I ignored it the best I could and got comfortable. I woke up again to a cold nose in my face
funny pictures of cats with captions
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Ok, so I don't scream. I'm used to it by now, but even still this morning was intereting. When I woke up, I realized Muffin was on my side (I was sleeping on my side) and I knew there was a kitty in front of me. Ollie usually sleeps between DH and I, so I thought it was him. I reached out to pat him (eyes barely open and no glasses and it was still the middle of the freakin night so identification wasn't a top priority) as I patted, I realized it wasn't Ollie, because he made a little noise. I opened my eyes more, and realized in the space of my head were three cats. Muffin on my side, Ollie and Jack were all trying to stick their nose on my face. I turned to get my glasses, and ran into Eli laying on the other side patiently waiting. So seriously, in the space of two pillows laying side by side was me and four adult cats. how come they can do this with out arguing, but they can't walk into a bathroom with out squabbling?

I made my DH get up half an hour early and feed them, mostly because I do enjoy breathing. As he was ambling toward the kitchen the kittens showed up and started wrestling on the bed. Fleurp is starting to over power Kit. Fleurp now tackles Kit and pushes her over completely. Kit is not amused. Fleurp and Twee are now playing nicely together, which is so nice. I was so worried about Twee after we lost Em. She just couldn't find a kitty to take her place. She definately seems happier now.

Fleurp is also starting to turn into a preteen. She is filling out and fluffing up. Her tail is very raccoon like. I wish I could capture a photo of her walking because she really is quite beautiful.

I love my cats.. I just don't particularlly appreciate all of them close up at once :)

Photo Hunts - Hands

I love this photo..
Here are a few more picts of that kitten, his name was Peanut

Born weighing less than 2 oz (most kittens weigh 5) we fought hard together for his survival. He had double paws and was quite a charater..
He was adopted with his brother, and grew up into a lovely boy..

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Photo Hunts - Yellow

This is Muffin's favorite way to lay around the house. Sadly she is not into having her belly rubbed though. She's a tease. The yellow plate made me think of a halo, which was so ironic since she is anything but angelic when she's on her back. One thought of touching that soft fuzzy belly, and you risk walking away with a bloody stump.

(although she does often let me do it.. but my DH can not)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Mice belong in the Office!!

Fleurp has until now not had access to my office. She was in the kitten room until she was neutered, then lived in the house as I fostered Happiness and Joy in my office. They went back to be adopted, but I still needed to clean up the room and re-claim it as foster kitten free. I did that this weekend, and the door has been open all week.

Well while the door was closed, mice would be shoved under the office door. I thought maybe Fleurp wanted to share her mice with the underprivileged, but since the door has been open, there have been more and more mice congregating in the doorway. Apparently mice belong in the office.

Tonight has been an interesting night. DH is out of town once again for work, so I've been home alone with the crew. Jack has once again taken to 'attacking" Kit. I never really see what happens, I only ever see the middle and or hear the end. This time I heard a horrific scream, and when I screamed in response; Jack, Kit and Fleurp all came out from behind the chair. Now Jack is no where to be found, Fleurp has some odd condition on her chest that is making it look wet, and Kit is flopping her tongue around as if she's got something stuck in her mouth. Fleurp was a little annoyed I was examining her, but other than the uncertainty of the situation, she seems fine. No odor, no excessive moisture, no puss, nothing other than she looks wet or greasy. from under her chin, down past her collar, and all on her chest. I've looked in Kit's mouth twice, and see nothing for her to be flopping her tongue around for, and now she's grooming herself as if nothing is wrong. I swear, my cats just like to test me. I absolutely will be keeping an eye on Kit, as I tend to err on the side of caution. I'd rather spend the next two days watching for issues than to have one pop up and my not be aware of it. She's currently sitting right in front of my monitor trying to attack the cabinets.. She's fine. Although I'm starting to understand why she likes to ride around on "Daddy's" shoulders.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Photo Hunts - Four

I thought this one was going to be VERY easy, but it was a little more difficult. My crew doesn't often sit around in fours. twos, sixes, but rarely fours. I did find this one though..
You can see my pumpkin collection there in the background :) I got this post from a friend. Traded it for a couch I had had forever and didn't use any more. We were both very happy with the trade, and so were the cats.

looking through my photos, I found a few other "fours" I fosterd some baby bunnies a while back, and got this shot
Baby bunnies are VERY messy.. it was an interesting experience, but I'm really not set up for bunnies. They were in the room where my own bunny spends her time, so she was limited in her exercise while I had them, and I needed to keep them confined for several reasons, so it wasn't easy to interact with them. Not to mention my kitties liked to play with them...

then there is one of my favorite foster photos...
that photo came almost immediately after this one...
Orphaned kittens often become VERY messy when they first learn to eat solid foods (heck they are messy when you are giving them KMR too) and these really needed a bath. When I was done getting the goop off one, I'd put it on the floor in the bathroom. They all ended up crawling up on the back of my legs. Getting that photo wasn't easy, and I don't much enjoy sharing a shot of my tushie, but it was just so endearing, I couldn't help it.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My darling Emerald - to all the cats I've loved before

I do not know why I dreamt about you last night, but it was so nice to see you!

hanging with Emmy

I was in bed, and you came to join me. I was very concerned about you and wanted to make sure you had your space and were comfortable and that I wasn't hovering, much as I did at the end of your life.

My soul was so happy to have "seen" you when I woke up, and I was so sad that I didn't spend more time with you, and didn't hover.

Even now only a few hours later I feel that bond slipping.

I have been amazed lately how well I've handled your passing. After so many years of daily care, and even more years of daily loving, laughing, hugging, patting, cuddling, I'm surprised at how easily I have slipped out of that, and now think of you with fond memories instead of the deep abiding grief that accompanied your death.

I so want you back, I truly do. But then again I want Tig and Kodi back too. But you would fit into the family so that pull is harder. Tig so would not understand why I have so many cats. I doubt he'd like that one bit. I remember dreaming of him after he left, and his telling me he was not happy he wasn't an only cat. I have never had a dream of Kodi. I loved that boy, he was such a belly slut. so beautiful and amusing. Given time, I know, I would have been mush in his paw, but most of my time was spent caring for him, not really really getting to know him like you do spending years with a cat. I curse that we were not given that time.

I do wonder - when I allow myself the self-indulgence of grief - who will be waiting for me at the Rainbow Bridge. I do believe my pets will be waiting for me in Heaven. I have to. I can't face life without that possibility. Will they get along, will there be so many I can't give them all proper attention? I wonder. I also wonder if the kittens I lost in my care will be there. They were grieved over. Will kittens I cared for but went on to love others be there? or will only the ones I remember remember me?

Will there be kittens in Heaven? Cause while I LOVE cats, I also love kittens. it would be a shame if kittens that died too young didn't get to grow up but it would also be a shame if there were never any more kittens.

Heaven is just too vast for me to understand. When I try to apply my sense of logic to it I get confused, so I will just accept that there will be kitties.

And one day, my darling Em, you will be able to do the head flippy thing for me once again.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Photo Hunts - Space

Eli was feeling a little under the weather the other day, so he wanted his space. He went and took a nap in the cat bed that was in the middle of our great room.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Well don't know what was up with Boots yesterday. When I went to feed him breakfast, I startled him. He was sleeping on the cat condo, and didn't wake until I was in the room and had my hands on him. He yelled at me for several minutes - as if to say I woke up and was expecting to be at home and I'm not, where am I??

I went to feed him, and noticed a small drop of vomit. Not great, but not bad. Then I noticed several more. And several more larger ones. THen two huge ones on the couch.

He seemed fine though.. so maybe he's just got an upset tummy from the transition and the new water.. *shrug* will keep an eye on him.

snow day

Yesterday it snowed pretty badly here, so I took the day off from work. I worked out a bit, and attempted to do my taxes. At one point I decided to take a nap, and crawled back into bed. When I woke up, I was surrounded by six kitties. It was such a nice lazy leisurely time. I was so comfy and warm. I finally started to sit up and realized I only had the six, and had to count to figure out who I was missing. Kit. Where was Kit?

Turned out she was at the foot of the bed on the chest we keep there for sweaters. So I did sort of have them all :)

I also spent the day trying to get photos of all my kitties. Shutterfly is offering a free photobook to get you into their services, and I haven't updated my photo albums since Kit was a little kitten. My kitties did NOT like the flash, and most of the photos of most of my kitties are blinking. I also took WAY more photos of Kit and Fleurp, and not nearly enough of Eli but he was pretty interactive. He asked for some belly rubs, but then wandered off to do his own thing.

At dinner time, Eli was very sedate. He remained on the bed and didn't appear to eat. DH mentioned it, and I went to look for him. He had moved from the bed, and was now laying in a cat bed in the middle of the floor in the kitchen. He was very sedate. I offered him a treat, and he wasn't interested. But this morning he was all up in arms about not having his breakfast, so he must have just been a little off.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Happiness and Joy found a home

I went to the shelter on Friday, then again on Saturday. Sunday I was out celebrating DH's birthday, and someone came and adopted H&J. Shelter manager who was there called said they were a nice family with older children who were going to keep them indoors... it is very much a good thing.

Then why am I so sad about it??

I guess because I couldn't explain their quirks, and talk to the people directly to try to smooth the transition into the new home.. I'm overly worring, I know. Nice they had a snow day today to spend more time with them, that's for sure.

I shouldn't be so concerned (try and stop me) because on Saturday they showed some really interesting behavior. I knew they liked other cats, because they were always interested in mine as I walked through the house cuddling them trying to get them used to new things. Turns out they like dogs too. There was a high strung boxer mix being adopted Saturday, and Happiness came right out of the cubby to look at him.

There were several times they came out of their cubby to look around, so I know they are adapting. They will be fine.. even if their new owners don't take my suggestions for transition seriously (I wrote up a brocure for their adoption with suggestions on how to make things easier on them)

I guess I just really hate being denied that opportunity to talk to them. Time will quell my heart, I'm sure. Although I still think about the two little black feral kittens I had two years ago - but then again I met their family and was not at all pleased with them. And I still pray I was wrong about them all the time.

another side to my sadness is probably that I'm kitten free. I do have Boots here (cat sitting for my Dh's aunt) but he's pretty easy and very little work, and not at all kitten like.

Happiness and Joy, I so hope you are adapting well, and you enjoy your new family.
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