Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fleurp & Ollie update

so at some unreal hour of the day (ok so it was 7AM) I packed up the kids and brought them down to see the doctor.  Ollie is impressive.  We had a discussion about the surgery (no idea how much the growth weighed when he took it out, no it wasn't invading the body cavity and it was wrapped around the pelvic bone, so there was some he could not remove) and quality and quantity of life.  Dr. B said he thinks we got another year out of this since his previous two surgeries were in the fall.  I can only hope that his quality of life diminishes greatly before next fall.  Horrible thing to wish for I know, but he's already had three surgeries, and I can't fathom a fourth (but then again I couldn't fathom a third)   Currently if he didn't have the shaved side and foot, you would have no idea what he's dealing with.  I've said it before and I'll say it again, he is amazing..

As for my darling Fleurp.. We took another xray, and the piece of cement has moved, but surprisingly is still in there.  It has been two weeks, you would think it would have been expelled long ago.  It was originally by her stomach, now it is a few inches from where her stool was (and man did she have to go!)   Her pack cell count was 45% were previously it was 19% and her weight went from 8lbs 11 oz to 10!  He wants her back on Doxy (she had a one week course two weeks ago) and reducing her pred down to 1/2 tab twice a day. and recheck in two weeks (which is two days before we head off to Florida for a week - and don't think for a second that realization didn't send me into a panic)

I asked the vet if fiber supplements would help her pass it, and he was all for it.  When I got home I thought I'd go for a crazy experiment and see what happened.   I mixed half a can of the green canned fancy feast cans of food with water for Ollie and the other half I mixed with water and a heaping teaspoon of non sweetened orange flavored (yea I know) phylum hunk fiber supplement I have.  Before I started mixing, I hoped it was going to be hidden in the food, but the second the fiber hit the water I knew it wasn't going to happen, but I forged forward figuring my little chow hound wouldn't mind.

And oddly enough, she didn't.  She ate for a few minutes.  Not finishing it, but I was a little surprised she ate any of it.  Muffin then decided she wanted some, and had some.  Jack got his nose in there and had a few bites, and lastly Skippy got some.  I can just imagine the thoughts running through their brains.. "now this is supposed to be food, it has some really yummy stuff going on here, but what on earth is that orange tang?!? heck, what is orange??"  The bowl was empty by the time I left for work.

I have some ground flax seed in my freezer, I think I'll try that next.  Probably won't have that off putting smell.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


we have purr-age

purage?  what is it with me and these weird words that spell check just does not like... ??

Our little tri colored tabby has learned to purr on her own.  Kittens often purr when they are nursing but have to learn to purr when other things make them happy.  I actually did a double take when I heard it, because it often does not come this young.

The kittens have also started to play with one another.  It is very uncoordinated, and they swat and bite the air most of the time, but it also cute.

Paw print on (over) my heart

I had a very hard time waking up this morning, so I let myself sleep in.  The kitties much enjoyed it.  Muffin spent much of the morning trying to shove a whisker, or a foot, or her nose up my nose it was a little annoying.  She finally went and sat on the pillow I was sleeping on and we "shared"

Skippy showed up shortly before I *had* to get up, and ended up snuggling with me on my chest.  I can't tell you how hard it was to get up when you have a Skippy curled up in your arms purring, but some how I did it, and I went to brush my teeth.

Turns out his paw was on my skin right above where my heart is, and it left a print.  It was just the cutest thing

Monday, September 27, 2010

Kitten picts

Sorry, this post is going to be a little photo intense, as I can't seem to edit them down any better.  I mean which one of these adorable photos would you suggest not sharing :)

I tried to get a photo or two of them up on their feet.  It is a shame that it doesn't show how wobbly they are on those feet.

 I also did a little experiment to see what happens when they do finally escape the box as it is looking like they might just try that soon.  I put one of the kittens on the floor.  It squeaked, and mom came over to look at it.  I asked her what she should do with her wayward kitten, and she laid down and offered it to nurse, which it did.  She then rolled a little bit and tried rabbit kicking the kitten (nice mom hun?) and then hugged it to her chest, then rabbit kicked it in the behind (punishment for "escaping"?) I then asked her if she was going to "put her kitten away" and she just looked at me like I was crazy and walked away.  Guess I need a bigger box for them for a while.

Ollie Ol

Bet you are getting sick and tired of me talking about my boy aren't ya? :)  Oh well, I can't seem to help it.

I've decided to give him the Metacam every other day, until directed otherwise by my holistic vet.  She's still "processing" what to do for him.  She's quite over extended in her commitments, but she also likes to wait after major surgery to see how things progress to see what steps to take.  He doesn't seem to mind it, and so far *knock wood* it seems to be working for him.  Maybe it isn't ideal, as he's not feeling the pain he should probably be in, and he's jumping up on counters and the such. 

He's back to being the pain that he likes to be, coming up in the evening as we are snuggling into bed to watch some TV, and gets right in between DH and I, an complains if we don't pay attention to him, then complains when we pay too much attention to him, and complaining that other kitties are coming to get attention when he's not wanting any.  He's got his big beautiful "I'm so interested in the world" eyes back, which I love to see.

This morning he walked into the master bath as if looking for food, so I locked him up again with the food.  It is sad that this is the only way to ensure he gets access to food through out the day. but I do what has to be done.
We have Fleurp's recheck appointment on Wednesday morning.  I'm going to bring him in to have his stitches removed and so the vet can see him.  I called on Saturday because he's been sniffly (vet was not concerned) and he was very happy at Ollie's progress.  Thrilled would be a better description.  He said more then once how glad he was because he had been so aggressive (removing the tumor) during surgery.  He is still a little sniffly, but it not nearly as bad today as it was on Saturday, so I'm less concerned.  I think I'll be able to relax once the stitches are out.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

We have wobblage

wobblage?  that is so not a word.. lol

The little tri colored kitten has leaned that she has legs that she can stand on and not just push/swim with.  Yesterday she was actually standing and doing something that resembled walking.  She didn't go far, just back on top of her sisters, but it was true wobblage. (there is that word again)  This morning she literally was on top of her siblings, they were lined up like cord wood and she lay across them like they were her bed.  She's going to be a handful that one!!


My poor little Fleurpyface has really gotten the short end of the stick, but I'm not 100% sure she doesn't mind.  Sick kitties get lots of attention and treats and fawning over, which she's always seemed to like, but when I tried to fawn over her last night and again this morning, she seemed to say "get over it mom"

She went through her course of antibiotic just fine.  She's still on the pred.  Her last dose is Tuesday night, her recheck is first thing Wednesday.

I am very optimistic through.  The other night I went down to view the fosters, and usually when I come out there are kitties waiting for me.  Fleurp recently has been waiting by the door to the outside that has the rough concrete that she had been licking.  This time she was in the middle of the room away from the door.  Is it that she has improved? or might it be the natural citrus spray I've been covering the concrete with?  I'm thinking it is the former, because I can easily see her sitting there and wanting to lick it if that was what she wanted to do but didn't like the smell.

She has such a happiness.  She really is Joy in a kitten suit. (but don't tell her that she's an adult just yet, I really like her Fleurpy kitteny ways)

My amazing amazing boy

If you haven't already noticed, it has been very hard on me to play nursemaid to Ollie.  Normally my cats don't much like my meddling in their affairs, but they will let me do it with out telling me off.  Not Ollie.  His infirmity is not something he likes to share, and he certainly does not want anyone else to know about it.  Having his whole side (and his front paw) shaved has been very hard for him to deal with, and as a result he has felt he had to be extra diligant to tell everyone he was "FINE THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!" and put the other cats in their place, reminding them he is King. Ruler. Of. All.  (KROA) When he walks out of the bedroom, he often growls at the other cats or jumps on them to 'put them down' if you will.  Now that he is eating with everyone else again, it is all the more evident but more on that in a bit.

Yesterday was the first night I did not keep him locked up overnight.  I really missed being covered in my cats, and he was gaining weight (9lbs 9 almost 9.5 oz) so I got a syringe and forced the remainder of his breakfast into him, and went about my night.  He sat on the couch and surveyed his domain.  He milled about during my getting my dinner, and sniped at anyone who got close to him.  I even left the house and left him out.  All was as it normally is when I got home.  I went downstairs and had watched some TV and he came downstairs.  There really hasn't been need for him to do that previously as he had access to the litter box in the bedroom and I wasn't hanging down there when he was free.  When I was done, everyone ran upstairs, including Ollie, who ran like he wasn't in an ounce of pain.  I went to bed, and the core bed crew came with me (not everyone sleeps on the bed) Ollie showed up, grumped his way into a prime spot, and we watched a little TV, before I rolled over and went to sleep. 

No idea how they all did, as I slept like the dead to the point that I slept through my exercise time and was late to work.  But at breakfast Ollie ate almost his entire portion.  He left a scrap, and his portion was a bit smaller then normal because I figured he wouldn't eat it,  but I was so unbelievably happy.  When it came time for me to leave for work, I brought a plate of canned food and a bowl with some dry food in it into the bedroom, and Ollie came willingly into the bedroom for me.

That night he ate a few bites of his food, but I figure that has more to do with his access to gushy food then anything else.  Another night free, another night of being KROA, and another breakfast eaten with the crew.

Now once again, when we feed the eight of them, we have two dinner plates that we used to put four portions on a piece and put one down in the kitchen and one in the laundry room.  Ollie would lord over the plate in the kitchen and everyone would have to wait for him to walk away, so we started giving him his own salad plate with a portion on it.  Today he got his plate, and the alpha crew ate off the kitchen plate, and the beta crew ate off the laundry pate.  Today Twee just sat and watched Ollie eat.  She wasn't waiting for anything, I think she just wanted to be with him, but he wasn't quite sure what to make of her adoration when there was food involved, so he started getting upset.  I grabbed another little plate and gave her a portion of food to distract her a little from him, and show him that she wasn't interested in his food.  She licked at it but still was watching him.  He decided her food looked better and went after her plate, which she willing let him have.

He didn't eat a full breakfast before he got annoyed and walked away, but it was the more then two bites he had been eating with the crew.  Once again I walked him into the bedroom with the lure of canned and dry, and he came willingly, and hunkered down and ate from the canned for a while, then had a few bites of dry, and wandered off to wash and I'm sure take a nap.

Part of me wishes I could get him a little kitty toupee to help cover his shaved bits to help him feel a little more comfortable, but other then that, and the stitches still in his side, he really is doing remarkably well.  I was so guarded about the results of the surgery because he really seemed so upset over the whole thing.  Just this Monday I was telling someone I wasn't sure it was the right decision, but I so am now.

I'm probably going to keep locking him up during the day until the stitches come out, or until he tells me that I'm being insane (which he has no problem doing)

Hopefully I didn't just jinx his recovery..

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

from ICHC

funny pictures of cats with captions
see more Lolcats and funny pictures

Five cords gone, 10 eyes opening

Every time I go in the kitten room, the kittens are all in a pile sleeping.  Guess Juno is keeping them very contented.  I get a hiss from a random kitten from time to time when I wake them up, but I can't help myself.  I mean, could you? - click on the photos to see all of the kitten's glorious details. cause honestly, these photos are even cuter when you see them full sized

My eating cookies is not helping Ollie

So last night I ran out and got Ollie a can of A/D.  He seems to be eating watered down pate canned food over everything else, and I figured that would be easiest for him to eat.  I ran home at lunch yesterday and offered him some meat baby food, and he usually scarfs that down, but he ignored most of it.  He ate almost all of the Temptations I put down (those things have totally earned the nickname of Kitty Crack).  He had been in the office when I left for work, so I locked him in there for a change.  When I came home from work he had found a way into the closet but with the doors shut, he couldn't figure out how to get back out.

hiding from Mom in the great room while she eats cookies
So I gave him an appetite stimulant and waited an hour and feed the cats their dinner.  I was hoping Ollie would be interested in a good for him meal, but he wasn't.  Once again he had just a few bites before he walked away.  In frustration I ate a chocolate chip cookie (with dried cherries) I made on Sunday.  I tried to get him to eat it by offering it again, and again he refused, so I ate another cookie.  I had about four before I realized what I was doing.  Not sure if I thought by eating the cookie I'd spur him into eating, or what, but I finally put the cookies out of sight.

When I headed to bed, I broke out the A/D hoping that it would give him something to snack on during the night. I pulled out maybe a fourth of the can and mixed it with some water. Well he ate it quite well, eating 90% of it.  I went back into the kitchen and tried to dole out another portion leaving about half of the can.  Mixed it with some more water, and offered it, but he wasn't amused.  I offered him some cheapo kitten food (as opposed to the organic dry food I had previously offered him) and went to bed.

I remember him waking me up in the middle of the night for some attention, purring quite a bit.  I love it when he purrs, it happens so infrequently, that I didn't mind the intrusion into my sleep.

In the AM most of the A/D was gone (but not all) and some of the dry.  I weighed him, and he clocked in at 9lbs 8oz!! ok so it was only an ounce, but at least it wasn't down again.  He finally passed some more stool.  He does so every other day or so, which isn't that odd since he's not eating all that well. (and peeing 2+ times a day)  When he walked around this morning, he was very grumpy, telling everyone else off.  I put down just the two communal plates (he's gotten his own plate for some time now because he used to keep everyone else off the communal plates until he was done, and they all had to sit around and watch him eat) He grumped at me.  I told him I knew full well he wasn't going to eat the raw, and he grumped again.  Grump grump grump!!  So I offered him some straight out of the container we store it in.  He sniffed it twice, and walked away.  So momma does know best, but Ollie will not be happy until he has the right of refusal.
I do not need to be locked up thank you very much! Now those other kitties...

Locked him back up in the bedroom with more food.  I'm sure at this point he could be free all day, but I know full well that he would not have access to food since the clean up crew would make short work of anything left behind. If he continues to put on weight, I'll probably start leaving him out at night, since the rest of the crew is getting annoyed they can't spend the night annoying sleeping with me, and the hour before I go to work just isn't enough.


So I'm reading a magazine for work, and come across a two page advertisement for {redacted to save myself some aggravation} One cat food.  The first page has images of oatmeal, spinach and salmon.  The title is "Smart Foods All in a day's menu"

Oats for Breakfast, how spinach is better then lettuce for lunch and Omega 3 foods are a smart choice for dinner.  This takes up 2/3 if not 3/4ths of the page.

In the last portion of the page, they write in very small white letters in an aqua colored box (so not easy to read) that you can help your cat feel her best by feeding 1) real salmon or chicken 2) specific combination of wholesome grains 3) key antioxidants.

The next page is the glamor shot of the food and the key selling points (see three above)

but once again cat food makers are selling cat food based on human nutrition.  When are they going to remember that cats are not humans, and have a completely different digestive system??  I mean how on earth did cats ever survive if they are all right and cats should be eating oats, spinach and salmon?  I mean I don't remember ever seeing a cat who could catch a salmon..

*sigh*  I guess it is better then corn.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Ollie update

hopefully these updates will become less frequent as he improves and I stop watching him every minute to make sure he doesn't drop over dead. Yes, I know, at this point I am totally being paranoid, but when you have dealt with as many odd ball problems as I have, you tend to the paranoid. (at least I fully admit it)

so his surgery was Tuesday (14th) and now that four days have passed, I've actually let him out of the bedroom for more then an hour. He's been free since I got home this morning around 10AM. He didn't leave the bedroom for quite some time, and enjoyed sitting near me and with some (but not all) of the other cats.
 we did some laundry last night, and he decided he really wanted to sit in the laundry basket.  It was full of laundry and I was a little concerned because he isn't 100% stable on that leg, so we ended up leaving a few towels in the basket and he sat on it for several hours then and then again this morning.
He has also been eating meals out with the rest of the crew.  He's still not up for eating full meals in one sitting though.  He has been snacking when isolated, so he takes a few bites then sits over his meal (we had to start feeding him on a separate plate because he took over the communal plate and wouldn't let anyone else eat) and when the others were done they thought they'd "offer to help" him finish off his meal.  He wasn't having any of it though, and would summarily tell them to back off (and they do)

I'm still feeding him canned food in the bedroom.  He had a little left over from the early breakfast, and I offered it to him in the middle of the day.  Once again he had lots of offers of help if he wasn't up for finishing it.  He seems to eat it better if it is watered down a bit, and he has eaten quite a bit today.  I brought the scale up to weigh him and see how he is doing

so after that we were all laying in bed calmly, and all of a sudden Ollie decided he NEEDED to get on my night stand.  I don't much like kitties on it because frankly it is a mess, and they tend to knock things over.  He was absolutely insistent, and even after I moved him away from it, he went back.  I swear determination is his middle name.  Turns out he wanted to get into the closet and sit on the shelves.  This has been a favorite place of his to sit (that and above the fridge) so he was quite proud of himself when he was up there.
He was NOT happy when I finally removed him and shut the closet door.  He sat by the closet for some time after that.

Now it is late, and I need to wrangle him in to the bedroom and shut the door for the night so he has access to food.  He was sitting on the foot locker at the end of the hall earlier, being lord and master of his manner.  I didn't have the heart to disturb him.  I did however notice he seems to have a bruise on his knee which I'm not amused with.
Not sure if that is normal healing or if something happened.  Zooming in on the photo, I can see the upper (larger) incision still hasn't completely healed up. That has so got to hurt him.  Guess when you are King, you can't let your pain show for fear of being overthrown.  I'm just glad he's letting me keep him in the bedroom.  I think the easy access to food is helping that a lot.

update: as this was posting, I heard Ollie picking at his stitches!!  arrgh.  I got out some bitter ointment to deter him from it, and distracted him with food.  No idea how long it is going to last.   I also weighed him, I figure if he gets to annoy me I get to annoy him.  9lbs 7 oz. so he's down half a pound from before the surgery .  No idea if that was because they took that much out or he's still losing weight.  Will definitely have to keep an eye on that
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