Wednesday, December 31, 2008

testing the theory

Fleurp would very much like to try out the theory I have that kittens can not over eat.

This morning all of the kitties were screaming for food.. I have no idea why. I feel the older ones can wait us out, but Fleurp being so young, I got up and gave her some food.

Ollie was in a particularly foul mood, so I figured I'd give Fleur a large can of food and let Ollie eat the rest of it.. well later when I went to check on how she had done, she had eaten every last drop of food. Wasn't a speck or a crumb. It was like I put down an empty plate. *rolls eyes* I guess she was hungry.

So Ollie got a piece of chicken.. and he's still really grumpy

Monday, December 29, 2008

Merry Christmas Kitties

Buttercup and Wes went back to the shelter on the 27th. Apparently there had been quite a bit of interest in them - as they were featured as pet of the week in the local paper - so I'm sure they are not still there now. I'm glad they got a home for the new year. Wes's adult teeth were starting to come in..

Fleurp had a LOT of fun at Christmas. She loves playing with wrapping and bows. She's been clear since a few days after starting the antibiotic. Today is day #10, so we'll stop it and see what happens.. Part of me hopes I'm so very wrong and the puss / congestion doesn't come back.. but the other part hates to be wrong.. :)

Ollie spent the holidays in a major grump. It's just so sad. I don't know what to do to bring him out of it. I've tried putting him on RR, but he hates it, and I think it is making him grumpier... but I'm still trying. He's back to chewing on the insulation again too. Going to have to make a point to hide all of that and cover up what we can't hide.

Jack - well Jack was peeing in the tub again, so he's back on antibiotics. I found him some of the new color changing litter.. as soon as he's done this next round I'll get him to pee in it and see what's up..

Muffin - I don't know what's up with Muff. I swear she's being haunted. She has been tearing through the house as if she's being chased, but there is no one there. She acted a little off too which is so unlike her.. no one specific symptom I could pinpoint, just.. off.. but she's seems to be back to her ol self.

Eli - Eli is just Eli.. this boy never changes.

Twee - Poor Twee wants more attention than can be given her. She's rather quite annoying about it too. Walks right up to your face and SCREAMS at you.. like that is endearing. I was hoping one of the kittens could give her the attention she wants, but alas, no.

Kit - nothing new to report on Kit either. She's fluffing up nice for winter.. but she's still so small.. it is funny to see this tiny kitty with a huge fluffy mane.

Happiness - she seemed to be better, so I stopped the antibiotic a few days after she stopped weezing, but she was weezing again this morning, so back on it she goes.. Joy - well Joy is SLOWLY coming around. She sits at the front of the cage now, and if I don't look at her, she stays there. I've tried tempting her with treats, but unless I put them right in front of her nose (which by that time is usually in the back of of the cage) she won't even sniff at them. I usually can get her to walk to the front of the cage if I've let her taste that what I have is good.. oh well.. one step at a time.

Benny.. Benny is still at the shelter. *sigh* poor thing. She's in a condo in the lobby, so there is more to look at and more room for her to move around, but with out some serious advertisment on their part, I fear she wont find a home.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I feel like the kitty whisperer

It is Festivus at work (our little gathering with food and not working) and I was asked to bring kittens. I wanted to bring Happiness and Joy, but Happy is still pretty sick, and I didn't want to stress her out, so I brought Wes and Fleurp.

Well they have the whole office to run around in and Weslee is at my feet playing with my ankles and hands, and Fleurp is on my chair with me..

so many places to investigate, so many things to play with and chew on and attack.. and they are here with me.


Monday, December 22, 2008


Just a couple of photos to show you how oddly she sits in the cage..


Well Jack was back in the bathroom crying, and there was urine in the bathtub. *sigh* but yet pretty standard with Jack. Last time he had issues, he had issues twice.. So I'm putting him back on anti-biotics, and I'll get his urine tested after this round is done.

I'm also thinking of investing in some PH strips..

my poor boy..

Happy is not so Happy

Poor thing is absolutely miserable. Can't seem to shake this cold. She is completely blocked on her left nostril, and her right is getting pretty darn close. Even the nasal drops I'm using don't help her. she's eating, but not enough to sustain her, so I'm forced to keep force feeding her. I don't mind, but it would be nice to not have to. Joy is doing fine, not a hint of illness.

Three things really freak me out about Happiness. first, she's always laying down. I rarely see her do anything else, and usually if she is, it is because I've just handled her. Second, she's usually laying in the litter box. I put a box in the cage for them to lay in, but she prefers the litter box. third, when she is in the box, she's usually propped her head up.. it's really bizarre, and sometimes she looks quite dead. Really, the dead kitten game is old, please stop it, and get healthy!!

Both Butter and Wes had liquid stool, so I tried to get them to eat some Kefir, but it was no go. I tried mixing it into their food, and they each had a few bites, but then it was covered up under everythingn they could use to cover it with, including an old towel, and the shreds from the paper shredder - and lets not forget to mention the paper shredder itself. *rolls eyes* but.. we had a nice formed stool in the litter box this morning, so I'm going with it wasn't a complete waste.

Fleurp is also doing better. She's not breathing as hard, and her ears are missing that o'de puss not to mention the puss itself. So antibiotics are helping.. but will it return when the course is done??

Friday, December 19, 2008

*head bang desk*

I swear one of these days I'm going to stop fostering. I love the challenge of taking care of neo-natal kittens, of sick kittens and kitties, I love watching them learn and grow, and teaching them about the world..

but the down side of dealing with the shelter sometimes really just causes me to go off the deep end.

It's mostly me. most reasonable people wouldn't have an issue with this (yes, I'm calling myself unreasonable - but hey at least I know it) but I care.. (ok I care too much)

I got a call yesterday about Benny. She's been vomiting. ooh.. big surprise. She was bored at my house and hyper grooming. she was brought over to the adoption center and stuck in a small little cage.. so I'm sure she was bored. while I was never officially asked, it very much sounded like they wanted me to take her back. I can't, as the room she was in is being used, and frankly she needs more than I can give her. Find her another foster home where she can interact with the people.. this is what she needs (short of finding her a home) Not to mention, if you are concerned about her blood sugars, YOU TEST HER!! um.. you have all the equiptment, and it isn't that hard.. I showed you how.. *sigh* I'm ranting. yes.. I know. I know testing is a new skill set, and I know it is intimidating for people who arent used to it..


then I tried to talk to them about Fleurp too. She's got puss in her ears and it has got to be running down the back of her throat because she swallows hard / makes vomiting motions sometimes. Her breathing is very hard. I don't believe it is a simple uri because she's active, eating, and shows no outward sign of illness (other than the heavy nasal breathing) I believe she's got a growth or something in her nasal passage or sinus cavety, and it is creating puss, and it is coming out her ears. Antibiotics helped the first time, and I believe they'll help her again this time (which is what they wanted me to do) but I do not believe it will remove the underlying cause of her issue. Once her round of antibiotics are done, it will come back. I want to be proactive. I want them to take her to someone who can look up her nose or in her ear and find out what is causing the puss.. but.. $$ is always an issue with a public (heck even a private) shelter, and antibiotics are cheap. specialists are expensive.

so all this stress (and the stress of dealing with sick kittens) caused me to have a pretty horrid dream last night (warning, it is horrid, so if you want to stop reading now that's ok) I had a large fish tank, and I bought three inch gold fish. I put them in the tank, keeping two out in a separate area. One of the two I kept separate wasn't doing well - a black and white fish - so I put it in the tank with the others. Soon afterwards the fish all started to die. the little black and white fish died near the pole for the water filtration system. I looked again, and the fish turned into a little black and white kitten (that looked like Happiness) with it's paws wrapped around the pole. I looked again, and the fish all turned into kittens. the one remaining fish/kitten was ok, but I was freaking out, and woke up before I did anything with it. I feared Happy had died over night, but she was ok. I guess I was just stressed that I wasn't getting my way with the shelter - which I need to learn to relax about. These kitties are not going to die because we do things the way the shelter wants and not the way I want. It really is ok.. *big deep breath* but I want them my way!!! rant rant rant

It helps to rant here.. sometiems I know I want the moon and it isn't available. and until I see that I'm asking for the moon.. I can't be that objective. I'll probably end up asking for the moon eventually, but I don't need to be there now.

I am SO glad Weslee is not my cat

this kitten is freakin insane!! no.. really. Mentally unbalanced.. *rolls eyes*

She's cute as all get out, and she loves people.. she just really REALLY loves eating ankles and toes. She is not gentle in the least, and has no idea why I'm screaming in pain when she attacks me. I trimmed her nails this morning - which in and of itself was a job. She does not like to be restrained. But several firm NO!s and I got through it. this will help a bit. but I've got her for a few more days while Butter finishes up her antibiotics.

Buttercup has stopped blowing snot bubbles which is good. Her eye is still weeping a little and she's a little on the thin side. She so needs a home.. hopefully once we get her well there will be one waiting for her, as several people inquired about her while I was going to get her from the adoption center.

As cute as Wes is, I'll be glad to see her go back. and I'll say it again, who ever adopts them (because they are bonded they are required to go together) will adopt because Wes is so beautiful, but will end up loving Butter more..

Happiness is holding her own

Well color my face red. Last night I had a little scare with my own kitties, so I needed to call them all in one place to count them and make sure they were all ok. I took out a bag of dry food (which I have been using as treats but have refrained from giving out since Jack started having urinary issues)

I thought it might not be a bad idea to introduce dry food to the kittens so they have a little extra something to snack on. I absolutely believe that wet food is better for them and will help Happiness get over her URI faster, but honestly eating anything is better than eating nothing. Besides, since they will be adopted out to the general public who chances are will feed dry food, they needed to recognize it as food.

Well I shouldn't have worried. I put the bowl in the cage and Happiness IMEDIATELY started noming on it. She filled her tummy right up. *shrug* Guess sometimes you just need junk food.. :)

She made some improvements when I was force feeding her, but when she started to eat on her own, I thought she was on the mend. Well she hasn't made any additional improvements, and spends most of the day just laying on her side looking pathetic and sick. So last night (after she ate the dry) and again this morning I filled up her tummy.

Joy is still VERY skittish. She doesn't much like change. If I'm holding her she's ok. If she's in the cage she's mostly ok - I still frighten her sometimes just walking by. but she hates being picked up, and she hates being put back. I even put her on the table to see how she'd do in front of me instead of in my arms. She was ok being on the table, but FREAKED when I went to pat her - and I had just taken my fingers off her a second before. She is going to take a lot of work to bring around. However she does seem to like Weslee. If I didn't think it would take an hour to recapture her and return her to the cage I'd let them play together.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Happiness ate!!

I'm watching Happiness and Joy on my webcam while at work. I must admit, it frightens me to do so. What if I see something happen? I mean Happy is sick, what if I believe she died while I'm watching?? I can just imagine trying to run home.. oh the horror..

but I watch anyway.. cause for the most part (ok never) they don't die, and I like knowing what is going on.

Happy has been pretty miserable since I got her home. no energy, all fur and bones. She's too weak to even hiss at me. She tenses up a bit when I go to pick her up, but she's mostly in the "what ever" stage - which is never good - so she's been pretty easy. I've been filling her belly up by forcing A/D in her mouth twice a day till her belly blows up.. she takes it pretty well. Even got her purring afterwards as I gave her a little kitten massage (I'm a big fan of kitten stimulation for sick kitties)

Joy is not sick, and is eating well and getting quite robust. She's comfortable enough in her surroundings that now she wants to play. I gave her a mouse, but she likes a more interactive toy - aka her sister. It's heartbreaking to watch Joy pounce on Happiness knowing how miserable Happy is, but then again I keep thinking that maybe the exercise and stimulation will do her good.

So this morning I filled Happiness up, and put her back in the cage.. she immediately hunkered down for a nap. Joy immediately pounced on her. I asked her to play nice, but all morning Joy pounced all over Happy. Happy just took it.

around 2 pm, I was watching at work, and I was watching Joy pounce on her more, and Happy got up and walked toward the food bowl. The phone rang, and I answered it giving my spiel, and in the middle of it Happy took a bite. took every fiber of my being to not scream in delight. I finished the call and then jumped up and down.. I'm so very glad she's eating. She ate for quite a long time too..


and to get even better, Weslee was FULL OF IT this morning. She was so mellow while Butter wasn't feeling well, but now that Butter is out and getting attention, Wes is full of vim and vigor again.. the office was not designed to contain Wes. It can handle some rambunctious kittens, but Wes is ... well she's "Crazy Girl" :) Hopefully Buttercup will mend up right quick and they can go back up for adoption (and find a home this time, cause they so deserve it!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Just when you think you are at the end of your rope

Last night was NOT fun. I had so very much on my todo list, and none of it was fun..

then Buttercup wouldn't come out from under the chair, she didn't want to be medicated, she didn't want to eat, etc *sigh* Weslee is all depressed that her mom is all depressed.. hopefully I can get them fixed up right quick.

Happiness eats for me when I force feed her, which is good. Joy doesn't so much, but she's healthy and eating on her own, so I can understand that. I just wanted to try to bond with her, and providing food is a quick way to do that. I got both Happy and Joy purring, but Joy still is quite fearful of me

Fleurp is a pip, but she's breathing harder and harder, and she's got puss in her ear again.I hope we can get the shelter to take care of this before I officially adopt her (aaak! that is the first time I said that. I am insane to think I should even try to have seven cats!)

so last night was overwhelming, I kept beating myself up for taking on so much. Even with the little I have to do for Christmas, it is still a lot. and Butter was non responsive to me - if not mad at me for causing her seizure (not that I did mind you) Wes was grumpy, Happy and Joy were hissing at me.. well this morning Butter ate for me, came out and used the litter box.. Happiness ate really well for me, and she's playing (I have the web cam set up to watch them)

*happy sigh* sometimes you do get the silver lining..

Monday, December 15, 2008

scared silly

well it has been a fun couple of days.. *rolls eyes* I'm up in New England, and we have been covered in ice for the past few days, which results in no power. I hate no power. I tried to be brave and strong, but I just couldn't do it. Thankfully it came on yesterday..

So Jack has been doing pretty good. I will need to get him rechecked in a short while.. just to make sure.

The new fosters, I've named Happiness (the black one) and Joy. Happy has become quite sick, and is now skin and bones. I force fed her yesterday and again this morning. She actually purred. I think I might have brought her around just by filling her tummy. Joy - who I thought would be turned first - is convinced I'm killing her sister and still doesn't much like me.. *shrug*

Weslee and Buttercup are back at the house. Butter came down with a URI at PetSmart, and was blowing snot bubbles. so once the power came back on I brought her home and set them up in the office with the kittens (I figured the kittens were already sick) this morning I pilled her as I did yesterday, and she started to balk at having been pilled. I tried to distract her with some food, and she went to have a sniff (or a bite?) and she fell over on to the food, then fell off the chair she was sitting in. Her legs went all stiff. She seemed to want to control herself, but couldn't. I tried scruffing her to help her calm down a little. Once she started getting a handle on herself, she REALLY freaked out and caught my thumb with her claw. I let her go and she ran off under the chair.

It was so bizarre. Some part of my brain stayed in complete control while this was all going on. I remember thinking, why is she falling off the chair?? then it was, she's freaking out, must keep her calm...

when it was all done, the adrenaline running through my body was friggen incredible. I was shaking, my stomach was doing flips.. I wanted to go see Butter and see how she was doing, but I was afraid to move for fear that I'd fall over..

fortunately we both calmed down and she's seems to be ok, and I seem to be ok, but I have to tell you, I'm friggen starving. I ate my lunch two hours early.. this does not bode well for later in the day - but I'm just hoping I'll be getting Butter later in the day so I'll be distracted..

I don't know if we'll ever know why it happened (unless it happens again) but I'm thinking she's got a temp to go with that URI, and maybe it got so high that it caused a problem. I mentioned that to the shelter tech so hopefully they'll take her temp and see what's going on there.. I'll go get her tonight

Happiness and Joy are set up on my web cam. and they have been sleeping all morning - which is good if not uneventful.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

how to scare a kitten

I don't know how many of you remember when I scared the living daylights out of Kodi 5 years ago. I was cleaning the house, and found a headband with kitty ears on it. I put it on and forgot all about it. I went to give Kodi some love, and he FREAKED out. I tried to comfort him, it only freaked him out more. took me a moment to realize it was the ears.. I took them off and things were right with the world again.

Well this morning I put on a spritz of perfume. I haven't been wearing it lately since it is a spring/summer scent. Well I spritzed, turned around, saw Fleurp, and she wanted to be picked up. She was thrilled I was picking her up till I got her to my chest... where she flipped out. I thought I had hurt her some how. She sat at my ankles asking for attention, so I picked her back up trying to be very gentle. Well she freaked out again, and I realized it must have been that I didn't smell like me.

Must say, it is kinda heart warming to know she wants ME.. and freaks out when she realizes I don't smell like me..

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Well, it looks like I haven't blogged about Jack.

Last week my DH was out of town, and I didn't want to feed them raw (he puts it in a ziplock bag and it is messy and I just couldn't face it) so I gave my crew two meals of dry (I know I know, but I was tired and I figured two meals wouldn't kill them)

Well shortly there after Jack became clingy and wanting attention. I just thought he was getting older and his personality was changing again. Mostly because I wanted him to be clingy..

Well this weekend he peed in the tub. *sigh* I didn't want to face a urinary issue.. so I gave him treats of watered down canned food, hoping to flush him out and "fix" things. Yes, I know, I'm an idiot.. this is not the right thing to do.. etc. Well Monday he peed in the tub again, so I brought him to the vet on Tuesday.

He has blood in his urine, and crystals.. and of course they recommend Hills..

So we compromised.. I'm cutting out the treats of dry food, and I'm giving him a few cans of Royal Canin urinary food to help fix the PH of his urine (it was 8.9) along with antibiotics. I'll get his urine retested in a few weeks and see if this "fixes" things.

oh the guilt of not giving treats to the boy who's whole life seems to revolve around getting treats.

*head desk*

I won't admit it. I won't.. but notice that the label for this post is no longer just "foster"

new fosters

Yes, I thought the year was over too.. but alas, there were two more who needed a little extra help. And a little extra help is truely what they need. They are quite fearful and not quite ready to accept that the world is going to intrude into theirs..

I'm thinking of naming them Happiness and Joy. we'll see. They are both female.

Decorating the tree

oh the joy :)

Several years ago I couldn't face dragging out the boxes of boxes of ornaments. It is such work to unpack everything and hang them up for just a few short weeks. So that year I said "what do you think of decorating the tree with cat toys?"

My DH who is up for anything I propose, said sure, why not.. and thus our new tradition began. I have to say, as much as I love a nicely decorated tree with pretty ornaments and sentimental ones, I LOVE the ease and joy that comes from decorating the tree with cat toys. It reminds me of decorating the tree when I was a kid. We didn't have fussy ornaments then.. mostly stuff that my sister and I made in school in years past. If they didn't survive the year it was no big loss.

also, this way we get to include our "kids" and not feel the need to banish them while we are decorating, and be harsh with them when they explore the tree. to me, it brings back the joy of Christmas..

Monday, December 8, 2008

two more?

ok, apparently the 2008 fostering season isn't over. Which is kinda interesting, because my foster room is an ice box now despite having a heater on in there..

I just got a request to take two 4-5 wk old kittens who are feral. They are a riot, so I probably will.

but what about Fluerp. I still can't face giving her back..

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Monday, November 24, 2008


I must not fall in love with Fluerp.. I must not fall in love with dwarf twins.. (repeat)

very few of my photos came out not blurry.. the videos were awesome though. They are uploading to photobucket, I'll post them later. These show how well Fleurp's eye is doing..
I guess I never did update on the nasal congestion. Vet believes it is a polyp, and she's on antibiotics for two weeks then another recheck - and I'm assuming it will be removed. She is of size at this point to be spayed, so that will probably happen for her and the twins at that point as well. :( no kittens for Christmas.. *sigh*

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Well Goo gave me a good scare this morning. There was vomit around the kitten room - but I thought it was just Fleurp and her nasal congestion - because she started to vomit last night. but it turned out that Goo didn't want to eat, and only wanted to cuddle. When I picked her up she acted as if she was in pain, so I felt her tummy - which caused her to act painful. she didn't want to eat, and she only wanted to be on my lap.


I went to work anyway. I decided to go home for lunch and check on her. She still wasn't 100% but she had a little to eat, and didn't react as much when I felt her tummy.

no idea what happened, but as long as she's better, I suppose it doesn't matter

Tweedle and Muffin

this is getting worse and worse, and I'm not sure what to do about it.

Poor Tweedle has been lost since Emerald died. Twee used to hang out and gain a lot of comfort from Em. I was scared when Em died, that Twee would go into mourning, but she never really did. She seemed to accept that Em just wasn't around.

Then she started to bond to Ollie. It was a weird pairing, but it seemed to work out.

But apparently it didn't, and Twee has turned to Muffin.

Now Muffin is very fickle. Sometimes it is great that she is being worshiped by Twee, other times Twee is in her air space and that is cause for extreme reaction. Fortunately Muffin runs away - unfortunatly Tweedle doesn't understand and thinks it is a game of chase and goes after Muff.

This ticks Muffin off even more, and she starts to hiss and swat at Twee - who still doesn't understand and still goes after her.

Muffin will not allow this, and Twee will not stop it. Usually I have to yell at them and intervein. I try not to do it often because I know this will happen when I am not around and need them to find a work around that works.

But this morning it got VIOLENT. I was scared. I can't much fault Muffin for wanting her space, and defending it, and I can't much fault Twee for wanting attention.. I'm usually yelling at Muffin for hissing, but I know I shouldn't. So this morning I told them to stop it, and I threw Tweedle in the spare room we were near and locked her in there for about an hour.

She was scared of me for the rest of the morning, and in the afternoon when I stopped home for lunch. I know she doesn't understand.. but I don't know what to do to make her understand... she is challenged


I'm actually considering adopting - or at least fostering an older cat from the shelter to see if Twee will bond with that. She and Kit don't play together, which is one reason I got Kit..


Well now this is interesting. over the weekend Fleurp came down with a little congestion. It was all internal - her eyes were bright, her nose clear, etc - but it was getting louder, so I brought her into the shelter for a once over.

The shelter manager thought that it might be nasal - and might be a polup. But on the off chance she broke with something she gave me some antibiotics.

Well she never did.

and last night when I went to clean out Fleurp's ear, there was puss like material and she was very sensitive about the whole thing.

So, she's schedualed for a re-check with her eye tomorrow and we are going to have them look at that.

except for the fact she's weezing you wouldn't know that she's sick. She's so spunky and such trouble. and when she's done being trouble she's qutie loving.

no no no I can't have another cat!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

mixed emotions

Well I got an email that Pad and Cord went home together. yea for them. boo for me.

it isn't like I couldn't have adopted them anyway - but now that option is forever gone.

I know nothing about the home they went to - I can only pray it is a happy one with lots of love and interactions..

God Speed Pad-Thai and Cordy boy.. thank you for brightening my world for that short time you were with me.

is there anything better?

Is there anything better than waking up slowly in a big soft cushy bed with warm fluffy blankets and finding a kitty curled up in the crook of your arm? Muff was there this morning. She was purring softly, and when I went to pet her, she reached a paw up to my face..

how can I deny that cat anything..

(and yet some how I do)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

There are kittens in the house.

I decided to let the kittens out of the kitten room last night. I sat in the basement right in front of the kitten room (it is our media area, with big comfy chairs and big screen tv) and I watched a little TV while they explored.

Noddy was having fun, and Fleurp was having fun, but Goo was all puff. She bottlebrushed her tail and most of her back. Mostly it was at my cats who just looked at her like she was baked.

Kit so very much wanted to play, but knew they were freaked, so she just tried to be as close as possible with out freaking them out.

Muffin didn't care if she freaked them out at all. She was spending time with Mommy and these stupid kittens could go jump off a cliff (hiss hiss)

the kittens stayed very close to me. First it was to inspect my dinner - Fleurp was totally into finding out what I was eating (and no, she's not graceful about it) but later as the empty plate sat unattended, the other two got into it. got so bad I had to cover up the plate with a magazine (I had garlic cauliflower and didn't want them in it) which of course was great fun, because it was unstable when they stood on it.. silly kittens.

Goo is VERY human dependant. I think she is even more so than Blueberry was. Most of the time she was either on my lap, on my chest, in my face or on my shoulder. purring, rubbing, and being a general love bug. Noddy is to a much lesser degree. Fleur really wanted to run around, but she occasionally stopped by for a patting.

*I can not have nine cats!!!*

When I decided to put them away, I gathered them up one at a time and put them in the cage (so they couldn't escape - which they would have). I had to chase Kit out of the room too. I finally got them all in the room and opened the cage for them so they could have dinner, and I turned around and saw Ollie sitting very quietly and very still on the ottoman - I'm assuming he was hoping not to be noticed. He was cheezed when I removed him from the room. Of course he would have been more cheezed if I had left him in there too.. so I could not have won :)

Kit is a little distressed. her daddy has been out of the house since Monday morning. She and Jack were squabbling this morning.. She will be very glad when he comes home tonight.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I need to be flogged

*hangs head in shame*Goo (r) and Noddy (l)

I know this thought is wrong, so very very wrong on so many different levels, but I can't keep myself from thinking it.

What if Noddy and Goo mated? would I start a race of super small kittens? I mean goodness sakes, they are four months old and two pounds!!

Now, besides the fact that super small kitties would probably have a very hard time coming to term with a litter.. and besides the fact that they are brother and sister... I am anti-breeding!!!

but OMG they would make really cute kittens..

*hangs head again*

let the flogging begin

Monday, November 10, 2008

Goodbye my sweet kittens

Buttercup, Wes, Pad, Cord, and Tess went to the shelter on Sunday for adoption. Tess was the only one who got a home. A very nice home too.

Then the shelter realized that when I told them that Wes was infested with fleas I wasn't kidding. So they quarantined all of them for 36 hours after applying frontline (FL doesn't work on Wes, so they were going to get Advantage for her today - hence the 36 hours)

So they are at the shelter.. and I am sad.

but, I can't keep them all. I can only pray they get good stable homes. I can't imagine that people who aren't stable financially at this point would be going to a shelter to adopt anyway, they'd be looking for "free" kittens.. That is the one upside of not having to find homes for them myself. if people are willing to pay the fee, then that says something.

Tess went home with another female kitten from another foster home. Adoption fees are $99 for one, or $160 for two. She came with two of her children. She liked Tess, her daughter liked the other, and she just said "oh what the heck" and took both. This after adopting one a few months ago and not thinking they had room for more than that one. So this will be a house with four cats and a dog and three kids :) Tess should have fun.

Noddy and Goo are so cute all alone in that room. Two halves of the same coin those two are. I introduced Fleurp to them on Thursday, and it went well with these two, but not the rest of the crew, so when they were alone, I brought her back down.

Kit isn't impressed that Fleurp isn't in the bathroom. She wants her upstairs where she can play with the kitten.

I bought Fleurp a new toy - a stuffed fish at the end of a elastic string on a pole. Well Noddy decided it was HIS, and he was going to kill anyone who tried to take it away from him. I hate that kind of possessiveness (even if it is funny) so I took it away from him.

I think I told you before how Fleurp would escape from her room (which is why Kit waits for her) well I took a video of it. It isn't that great a quality, but you'll get the idea.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Fleurp scared me

Last night I went into the bathroom to feed her, and she seemed to have sliced a chunk of fur off her nose. I grabbed her up and ran into the kitchen for better light..

Turned out it was just a scab that had healed and fallen off - thank goodness it wasn't a fresh wound.

Further inspection showed a small scab on the under side of her chin.

so now I'm left to wonder if her eye isn't an issue due to some sort of attack instead of some sort of virus..

and since she's been so good in the main room (as opposed to stuck in the bath tub) I decided to let her out full time. Kinda had to, since she doesn't want to jump back in the tub to use the litter box, so she went pee on my smock.. *rolls eyes*

So I set her up in the main part of the bathroom, and cleaned out the tub. I went to take a shower this morning.. word of advice, if you are going to plan on taking a shower in your previously set up web cam'ed tub, make sure you unplug the camera before you get in. Fortunately I did.. but it wasn't for lack of trying. I turned the shower on, and thought about putting my towel on the bar, but thought the wire (to the cam mind you) might push it off.. it wasn't until the actual cam itself fell and hit the inside of the shower that you saw me move faster than all get out and get that thing unplugged.

Not that anyone watches it.. and not if that anyone had been (cause they were watching an empty tub up to that point why would they?) they would have seen anything other than maybe a pasty white chick shaped object cause I need to clean the soap scum off the walls :)

Sunday, November 2, 2008

My kids

I also took some new photos of my furkids. You can see Ollie's horrid scar. He's been picking at the bottom of it.. and he isn't as capable of jumping as he was pre surgery. I need to call my vet about it.

we are also a little concerned about Twee. She is meowing more, and it sounds off.. today she was purring, and it reminded me of a squeekey toy who's squeeker was slightly broken. Her throat doesn't seem any different. no swelling, no hot spots, and her mouth looks pretty normal from what I can see. *shrug* last thing I need right now is another trip to the vet.. Ollie's bill was just shy of $600

Click on photos to see larger images:

interesting development with Fleurp

Now this was interesting. I left Fleurp to run around the bathroom today. she's so full of energy and life and vim and vigor, so I thought she could use the room. When I went in to see her this afternoon she attacked my ankles and just wanted to play. Tonight though, she had something weird going on on her nose. It looked like she sliced the fur right off it. I freaked, and took her into the kitchen to get a better look (which I felt bad about because with that bad eye she doesn't much like strong light)

it was barely hanging on, so I gave a soft tug, and it came right off. The top side is all fur, the bottom side was all scab. the small patch of bare skin on her nose had a very small scab / wound in the middle of the patch. Even more examination revealed a small scab/wound under her chin.

So now I'm left to wonder if her eye isn't a result of an attack, and not the herpies virus.. I'm going to mention it to the shelter (and take in the scab) and see what they have to say about this.

These photos were pre scab.. but I thought I'd share them.
Fleurp in the tub

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

OMG Ollie is MAD at me!!

out and out mad at ME! giving me the evil eye, blaming it all on me.. *hangs head* I'm sorry buddy.. Just wanted to make sure you were well..

He got one tooth removed. Last night he was beyond drunk with seditives. Almost seemed like the leg they operated on was asleep too, as he had a very hard time controlling it.

He went down stairs and hid under the pool table. We got him back upstairs, and I offered him some treats, but I think he couldn't see very well because he had the worst time trying to get his mouth around them.

we went downstairs to watch some tv, and I brought out one of the kittens to play with tweedle, but while we weren't looking Ollie made it back down stairs and was under the pool table again and he did not like the kitten being around. He made a strange soft little noise, so off that I didn't recognize it for what it was at first. Took a second one for me to come to the 'rescue' and yes, he was mad at me for that too "stoopid mom for letting stoopid kitten out.. grump grump grump"

I tried to pick him up at one point, and he really swore at me then.

So I went to bed..

Turns out he didn't hate me so much that he was willing to forgo the heat of the bed.. unfortunately I moved, and once again he got ticked off.

I just couldn't win.

couldn't this morning either. He allowed me to grovel at him and beg his forgiveness, but he didn't bestow it upon me. His leg still seemed to be asleep - or at least all pin and needly.. If it is off tonight, I'll call the vet in the morning..

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ollie update

surgery went well. got clean margins, everything looks good. I forgot to ask about the dental..


I've been watching Fleurp on the web cam, and she's been sleeping all morning. We had a storm go through here, so at one point I couldn't see anything. The clouds cleared up, and it got nice and bright, and Fleurp woke up. I had put a felt mouse in the tub with her, and she started playing with it..

She eventually flipped it into the litter box (see last photo) and she couldn't find it any more, and looked up at the cam. Sometimes it really seems like the kittens on cam understand what that little black box is for..

and now she's climbing the walls.. lol
more playing
Where's the mouse? (check the litter box)
Climbing the walls


I'm thinking of renaming her Phoenix.. cause of the flame on her head..

but I really like Fleurp..

Anyway.. I have her on my web cam.. I checked on her when I first got to work about four hours ago. Just checked on her now. She is in the exact same position (sleeping) but the food is all missing from her plate :)

Oh how I wish I could spend oodles of time with her.. she's just so darn appreciative of the company!

Ollie's surgery day

I dropped him off this morning. After I medicated him this morning (I can no longer walk toward him with a syringe, he runs away, but if I put it down I can nab him) catching him to put him in the carrier wasn't going to happen, so I enlisted my husband to do the dead. He was quite for most of the trip, just a few pitiful "HEY! this stinks you know!" cries. I get the feeling he knows what is going on, and while he doesn't like it, he knows it is for the best.

so a snip out of a growth, and a grooming of the teeth..

updates when I get them.

Monday, October 27, 2008

foster updates

Benny: I found a sample bag of "low carb dry food" I tested her before I gave it to her. 95. tested after a day of letting her nibble at it, 110. another test a day later was 106.. so not great.. but not excessive either. I'm letting it go another day and will test her tonight to see if I feel comfortable saying she can eat this and be diet controlled. Since she isn't really eating it, but just having a few nibbles, it could be used as treats.

Fleurp: oh how this kitten makes me laugh. She's not very good at jumping out of the smaller tub, but when I left the shower door cracked a bit, she found a way out. She has D*E*T*E*R*M*I*N*A*T*I*O*N!!! I gave her a bath the other day. She took it just fine, but acted quite ticked at me afterwards, but her need of love quickly over came her "OMGoodness I'm TICKED and WET!!" attitude. She is eating very well on her own now. She has a pot belly and you can feel her bones through her fluff, so I dewormed her. Hopefully that will get things working in the right direction. She's now on atropine as well. I think I might see some improvement. I also saw a cloud on the other eye this morning. Might have just been a piece of normal mucus, but to be safe I threw some antibacterial ointment in there. She's also quite lonely. I hope she becomes non contagious soon, she needs a companion!

Buttercup and Weslee: goodness these two are neurotic! Mom LOVES attention but absolutely positively do not hold her. She'll crawl up into your lap, but only one hand at a time for your own safty and her comfort. Wes is pure fluff, but you try to enjoy that fluff, and you find her sharp and pointy bits immediatly. She's also huge. 3lbs 3 oz. her feet are massive.. she's going to be a big one! She still very much looks like a kitten, so I think I'm going to keep her another week and send her back with half of the orphans.

Orphans: Cordory is 2lbs 11 oz so he's ready to go. Paddington is very close, and is probably there now. Tessie is also flirting with the weight requirement to go back. Now I LOVE these kittens.. they are gentle, kind, sweet, and love human attention. If I'm in there alone, I usually end up with all five of them on me. But once again, Muffin's threat to kill me weighs on my mind. Goo and Noddy are 2lbs and 1lb 11oz, so they will be with me for a while longer. They are a beautiful matched pair too. He's redder than she is, but that's about the only difference. Goo's white lining around her eyes which was so prominate when she was younger is there, but not quite so prominate.

I'm thinking next week we'll send back Buttercup, Weslee, Cord, Pad-Thai, and Tessie. I'll keep Goo and Noddy, and maybe *crosses fingers* mix them with Fleurp.

I'm also flirting with the idea of changing's Goo's name to Tessie (since she is the friend of Noddy in the story book) and finding a new name for Tess.

Ollie's last day of "freedom"

Well Ollie is going in for surgery tomorrow.. *small wimper* He'll be fine. He's going to have his teeth cleaned, and a lump removed from his flank. Going to cost me a friggen arm and a leg too.

I don't know if he knows what is going on. Almost seems as if he does. He's been showing up each morning and evening to get his antibiotic. You'd think after the first day he'd be leary to show up, but he does.

so no food after midnight tonight.. then an early morning trip almost an hour away.. fun fun.


Monday, October 20, 2008

Kittunz r ebil

Yes, yes, I know. You'd think by now I'd be immune to their powers, heck even partially immune would be good.. but noooo.. I go to the shelter yesterday to get food, and I see this little fluff ball who needs me. She is mostly a DLH regular ol tiger kitten, but with a splash of orange on her forehead, face, nose.

Her eyes are almost invisible with all the swelling of her her conjunctiva, there is puss oozing out of them. She's congested, and miserable, but she craves attention to the non-existence of every other need. I finally got her to sleep, but she wanted me just to pat and snuggle her.

I'm thinking of calling her Flurp (Fleurp?)

Her ears are packed with junk too. I'm amazed she can see and hear anything.

so this makes four sets of fosters at the house, and 15 cats..

but they sucker you in with their cuteness...

pictures to come when I get her home.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Well I finally got my web cam working at work again, so I peeked in on my kits..
Kittens on OttomanProbably not a good idea.. as there is work to be done at work at some point.. can't spend all day watching kittens sleep.. But they are soo cute!

Aww.. look Pad-Thai came to see me.. Pad.. look into the camera honey..

Ollie ollie oxen free

Ollie and Kit last Christmas
Well Ollie has an appointment with the vet tomorrow. A while back I felt a lump on his leg. I was hoping it would go away, but it hasn't, and I think it's gotten bigger. It doesn't seem to bother him unless I really try to examine it, and then he doesn't act as if he is in pain, just his normal self of not wanting to be examined and he tries to leave.

The lump is on his left rear flank. If he's standing up it is on his body, but if he's laying down it is on the outside of his leg. I am hopeful it is nothing serious, but it doesn't feel like the smooth cyst that Jack has. It feels ropey.

*crosses fingers*

Kitten Therapy.

OMG I am so head over heals for these orphan kittens. I should have known better than to take them when they sat at the edge of their cage calling to me all those weeks ago.

Thankfully I still have Muffin threat to kill me in my sleep if I take in any more cats.

My little Pad-Thai
This morning I was quite out of it from a bad night's sleep (see previous post) and I stumbled down stairs to feed them. I decided just to sit on the couch and tickle Paddington (aka Pad-Thai) for a few moments. Pad is a love. you put him on his back and he almost immediately starts to fall asleep. Pad has a small hernia, so I'm a little concerned about him, but he's fine. I just worry. But he is an absolute love, and friggen adorable. So this morning I was snuggling him, and Cordoroy decided that he needed to be in my face, and since he had to stand on top of Pad to be there, that is what he did. It was so funny, but as I'm a little cautious of Pad, a little concerning too. So I took him and put him down on the other side of me, and he immediately climbed back up. I think he thought my nose had to die or something, cause he was a little obsessed. I then took him and put him on the floor, and he popped right back up.

Cordory is another one who kills me. Yesterdy he was goosing me, reaching in my jeans to play with the tag or my undies, I have no idea what.. he makes me laugh so hard. He likes to pat my face, and put his paw on my lips and nose. This morning he was a little rough, and after Pad left to go nurse, he was attacking me, and I finally said "NO" then "OW" and he stopped, and looked so concerned. if I had been a cartoon, that would have been the point when I would have been slain by the cuteness.

Tessie is a doll. She's also obsessed with straws. I brought a drink down, and put it off to the side while I trimmed nails. While I wasn't looking, she jumped up and grabbed the straw out of my drink.. Now of course this caused my drink to fall and get everywhere, but she was so proud of herself for getting the straw, I couldn't be mad at her. She ran around trying to keep her prize from her siblings. Growling, hoarding, it was just too funny.

Noddy is a little momma's boy. He likes to sit near me. He also likes to look at me. I think he finds comfort in just being near me. He does play and rough house, but he usually spend a good chunk of the time I'm in the room just being near me. This morning it was on my shoulder.

Googly Bear is a cutie pie too. Loves to be in the frey of wrestling. She was in the kitten pile I had on my lap this morning and every morning. Her markings are still quite distinctive, the white rimming around her eyes like excessive white eyeliner..

Weslee is quite the terror. I have yet to figure out if she knows she is bigger than her older room mates or not. but she does love to wrestle now. I can't seem to figure out if it would be best to adopt her out with someone or by herself. I guess it really depends on how much attention she is going to get. Because new things freak her out, I think that unless her new owners are going to dote on her 24/7 it might not be a bad idea to have another kitty with her to keep her settled. She is really starting to love to chew on toes. She is almost of size to go back to be altered and go up for adoption. I'm thinking of holding her back though because a) her mom is nursing the orphans and b) she's so beautiful she'll be adopted right quick no matter how large she is. I took her to the shelter last week when I brought the kittens for an update of their frontline. Showed her rabbits, and guinea pigs, and even showed her dogs - although from far away. Rabbits were ok, but everything else got hissed at.

Buttercup - she is still such a kitten herself. she LOVES to play with the kittens, but you can tell she is restraining herself to keep from hurting them. I so want her to go with someone who will tap into that kittenness in her and get her playing hard. She loves attention, but still can't handle being held in any way shape or form. She still has problems with two hands being on her. I can't help but wonder what happened to her.

So that was my morning. Covered in kittens, being bitten, and wrestled on, laughing and watching the mayhem. sometimes I wonder why I still foster, because it is so hard sometimes, and I get burnt so easily lately.. then mornings like this happen, and I remember why.


Benny is so very amusing. And this one she didn't even have any control over.

It is a full moon, and I often have problems sleeping on a full moon. Last night was no exception.

This morning I was walking through a fog. Benny couldn't have cared, she wanted breakfast and she wanted it NOW thank you very much you lowly human slave.. :)

For the past week she's been giving me non diabetic BG readings, in the 50s and 60s. I decided not to test her yesterday morning and just fed her. I tested her last night and got a 99. I decided to hold off on insulin and see what she read in the morning.

So that is where I was when I was in this fog. But, the testing went well, and she threw me a 91. Lower than the 99. Then I remembered the full moon and how a lot of diabetic kitties often throw weird numbers around a full moon, so I looked at her chart and counted back 28 days, and found her numbers were the highest they ever were then. So I decided to hold off on the insulin.

I went to feed her, and in the process of opening the can I sliced open my finger. I didn't even realize I was bleeding till I felt it start to drip. I thought what the heck, and I tested my own BGs. and I too got a 91! :) just too funny.

someone get me some caffiene!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

do your kittens free roam? are they neutered?

if yes to the first or no to the second then bitch slap yourself for me.

This morning I was driving into work and saw a dead kitten in the middle of the other lane. I know that there are people who enjoy running over dead animals, and this kitten looked recently hit, so I did a u-turn and pulled over to get the kitten out of the side of the road.

I had nothing in my car to help me *makes mental note to put something in the car* so I had to scruff the kitten and grab some fur near it's tail to get it off the road. I laid it gently in the fallen leaves on the side of the road. It was near a house. I thought of knocking on the door, but it was early, and if it was their cat, they would find it soon enough.

This little gray kitten couldn't have been more than four months old. It was recently hit because it was warm. I believe it was owned, because it was quite heavy for its size. (aka it hasn't missed a meal)

there was a pool of blood in the road, and the poor kitten's eye was knocked out of its head. Fortunately for me it was still attached, cause honestly I think I would have lost it if I had seen it roll away.

I'm sorry for the graphic nature of this post. I assume most people who visit my blog are cat lovers and abhor this kind of imagry. Hell I abhor it and I had to deal with it.

Not that this would have been any easier if it was an adult cat. I know. I moved one of those off the road several years ago. but something about this little bit of a kitten losing it's life just kills me. No kitten that young should be free roaming. I can only hope it's owners didn't know it was out. that somehow it escaped..

But I know there are owners out there who think nothing of letting younglings run free. They think it is their nature - like squirrels or woodchucks - to be able to run around in the wild. heck, I used to be one of those people. Now I know what comes of a lot of cats that free roam. I think the risk is just too high.

The risk is just too high.

Ok, vent over. I am sorry if you have a kitty that is an outdoor kitty that can not be kept inside. I know that pain. the first kitty I adopted once I was on my own was semi feral. He wanted to be outside in the worst way. He was distructive to get outside. silly thing was once he was outside if we shut the door he freaked and wanted back in. We sat with him to let him know that we would always let him back in. and yes, years later we lost him to the great outdoors. the kitty I owned growing up was an indoor-outdoor cat, and he was lucky to live to a ripe ol age... but he too knew the sting of getting hit by car. fortunately he was smarter for the experience, and not killed, because he was VERY leary of the road after that. Those kitties that already go outside, transitioning them to indoor only can be very hard if not impossible. It is the kittens that don't ever need to know about outside. they can live full happy indoor lives. and usually if you get them past that first initial desire to explore the new and interesting world out there, then they almost never want to actually go out there. Look and be amused by the wind and the birds .. aka cat tv.. yes.. but explore the unknown.. *shudder* I tried to leash train my kitties, but I had missed that critical window of opportunity where new was exciting and not scary and overwhelming. they all freaked at being outside.

alright, I'm rambling. I guess I'm trying to justify my outrage and apease those who let their cats outside. *shrug* I'm allowed to be outraged and angry. I have kitten blood on my shoe.

Thursday, October 2, 2008


Jack, my love, my PITA

My darling boy Jack - the kitty after my own soul - my boy who even while hes being horribly obnoxious can brighten my day - has learned a new trick.

I don't know how many here remember my posting a video of our newest kitten Kit playing fetch, but she's been doing it over a year now. Well last night when I woke up in the middle of the night, Jack decided to bring a belled ball into the bed. yes, belled. at least Kit plays with fur mice that don't make noise.

Well he dropped it by my hand, and rubbed his chin on my hand, so I patted him and shook the ball then threw it, figuring that would be the last of it and I could go back to sleep.

Well he brought it back. *rolls eyes* So I threw it again. Well I must have thrown it good and hard, because he brought back a completely different ball!! Silly boy. I threw that two more times before he decided it was more fun just to play with it. After a while he gave up and joined me and we went back to sleep.

how DH slept through all of it, I'll never know, but I do envy him that.

but then again, if I had slept through the night I would have missed our time together

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Weslee & Buttercup

is a spoiled brat. and she does not like anything new. I was making goo-goo noises at her the other day and it freaked her right out. She hissed, spit and swat at me. she's just too darn cute to do this! *sigh* I need more time in my life to get this out of her..

Her mom is a laugh riot. Such a kitten. She doesn't realize she's so big either. She knows enough to be gentle when she's rough housing with the kittens, but she runs around the room and wrestles with the kittens. She is also so very much into getting attention. Unfortunately she can not be held. She'll sit in your lap, and rub all over you, and you can pat her till your arms fall off, but the second you try to give her a hug she balks and fights to get out of it.

She also got quite a case of mastitis over the weekend. Fortunately I had a bottle of clavamox. She was so impacted that she was leaking. I'm sure she was so uncomfortable she didn't want the kits to nurse, which was making the situation worse. after a day of ABs she was much better off and kits were nursing. two days and she was pretty much back to normal.

Friday, September 26, 2008

space assassin kittens

no.. seriously. I had a dream last night. I was in space. I needed some help fighting a battle of some sort, so I ended up in a place where I could get assassin kitties. no.. really. There were two different sets to pick from. One was a group of younsters, the other was a mother with kittens. I think I was leaning toward the mother, thinking she'd be more protective, and worst case, I'd have kittens.

Then I woke up.

don't ask. just enjoy the visual. Ninja type kitties, but real kitties. in space :)

yes, I'm weird.

I brought the kittens to work today. They are being very good. the bulk of them are on my boss' desk. I have Googley Bear here and she's chewing my elbow at the moment. She's so freakin cute. I wonder if they aren't some mutant dwarf kittens since they are so very very small. at six weeks this kitten isn't any bigger than a CD when she's all curled up. But they are healthy.. *shrug* we'll see what happens!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

can you feel the love?

I don't think I've ever had a batch of kittens that has EVER needed as much love and attention as these guys. Even Buttercup is an attention hog.

Last night I went down to spend some time with them. I had Butter in the middle of my lap facing me, and she had four kittens - two on either side - flanking her all prancing around wanting to be patted. It was so cute! I was covered in kitties!

I wish Weslee was a little more forth coming with the wanting attention. she still balks when I pick her up and try to comfort her. *sigh*

I really have to get some good photos of them.. they are absolute dolls!

Benny is doing ok. Still quite hungry. I'm thinking I'm going to switch her off Fancy Feast on to a less expensive OTC brand. I found a special kitty brand that has the same fat/protein/carb ratios as the fancy feast I've been feeding her. *crosses fingers* I also think I've figured out little mystery of her non diabetic numbers. I had given her some Vitamin E a while back. I can't remember if it was around the same time as she leveled out, but last night I gave her some more and then this morning she gave me a 95... so... I'll keep giving it to her, and see what happens. Would be easier to find her a home if the owners were only required to give her vit E every couple of days, instead of testing and injecting (or just injecting)

Monday, September 22, 2008

I haz a happiness!

Well I took the orphans in on Sunday to be tested. They are still quite tiny, but they did the test and they came back negative, so I introduced them to Buttercup and Weslee.

Weslee was NOT amused. These street tough kids were all rough and tumble. They were running around like chickens with their heads cut off. Had no idea where they were going, they were just thrilled to be able to be running. They ran over Wes, and she'd hiss and spit at them. It was just too funny. When they would calm a bit, she'd walk toward them, but then they would turn to face her and she'd hiss again. Just made me laugh so hard. They tired her out too, she fell asleep in the middle of the room!

Buttercup is just a kitten herself. She wanted so much to play with the kittens, but didn't know them, so she was very cautious. So I tried to work out some of her play energy with some toys. She LOVED it. but then the kits started to get involved and she stopped. They would jump on her, bite her tail, and just be silly kittens. She just looked confused. After two hours, the kittens showed no sign of slowing down, but everyone seemed to be fine with one another, so we went to bed.

This morning, they wanted to love on me. I'm so excited to go home tonight. I'm going to spend all night in their room :)

The web cam is running. I took these photos this morning. Think the kittens are happy to be out of the cage? (can you see the one hanging on the cat condo in that first image?)

Benny is doing well. She's still putting on weight. and at the end of last week was holding her on insulin wise. There were quite a few shots in a row where she didn't need any.. maybe things are looking up for her in that respect? we can hope. I told the shelter of her appetite, and they sent me home with some dewormer. I hope that settles things down a bit, as she's always hungry..

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

group update

Benny - vomited last night and this morning. was losing weight, but then gained it back again. Started at 7.5lbs, and was just over 8 this afternoon. Bgs aren't great. started inching up last night - which may or may not have anything to do with the vomiting. She's going to the vet tomorrow.

Buttercup and Weslee. OMG this kitten is cute. Her ears are starting to inch toward the top of her head, slowly but surely. She's a little more into getting human comfort. I can not wait for her to finally interact with the new kittens.. they are going to do her a world of good... as she is very spoiled.

The kittens. oh how I love them. They have personality to spare. I can not wait for them to get out of that cage! When they do I think I'll be spending all my time in that kitten room - but then again if they have full run of the room they might not need my attention so much... that and the attention of Buttercup. Ive decided to name them after English children's novels - well except Googley Bear.(which may or may not be kept.. we'll see) I have Noddy, and Paddington and Corduroy I really have to make sure that the gender of the names fit the particular kittens I've given them to. Googley should be fine as that name works either way :) I looked at gender when they first came, but it never stuck as to who is who. Now that I'm getting to know them, it really is time :) I believe that leaves a little girl with out a name, but before I pick one, ... well I have to make sure.

I finally broke down and bought some ear wash for my own crew. Eli has always had horrid ears. Ollie has always had goopey ears... nothing wrong with goopey.. but then Jack started getting cruddy ears, then Ollie's ears started showing signs of crud, and the other week Muffin - and Muf has always had sparkling clean ears - were completely inflamed and crudded. A little mineral oil slid most of it out, but there is some junk in there, so this weekend will probably be ear clean up weekend. Which is too bad - cause I'll probably not see Eli for weeks.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The good, the bad and the scary

Ok, the good. Benny (I'm calling him Oscar at the moment) is doing well. He's putting on weight, and while his blood sugars aren't amazing, he's putting on weight, so that is a step in the right direction. I posted his first BG reading was in the 200s, well I then realized it was reading European, so it was in the 20s. I found the 'American' bg by multiplying by 18 (hun? what? whatever) and he was in the 400s. Bgs then settled into the 200 range. has been there ever since. I'm going to do a curve on him this weekend. He's finally sleeping on the bed, and jumps up on the chair, and generally is a pain in the butt cat. I also believe he's feeling better because he is starting to groom himself. I haven't seen it yet, but he definitely has less flea dirt on him!

The bad. Buttercup has a swollen chin. I brought her to the shelter this morning and they aren't concerned. Didn't give me any special instructions, just told me to watch it. Um.. ok. But I've been watching it get bigger for the past couple of days, just couldn't put my finger on why she looked different. But I'll watch it for a few more days and see what happens. Since Weslee has severe flea allergies and I saw fleas on her still (FL'd her three weeks ago) I asked that they frontline her again. couldn't hurt.

The Scary. Yesterday when I went down to spend time with the kittens, I saw the younger fosters playing in the cage so I ignored them will I gave Buttercup some attention. She LOVES attention (just don't hold her) and can't get enough of it. DH came down with my dinner, and after sitting with me for a few minutes noticed one of the babies in the cage was just sitting off by itself. Dehydrated, and pretty unresponsive, I was sure he was done for. I quickly finished off my dinner while my DH patted it and tried to get it to gain some interest in life. Wasn't happening though. I put some Karo syrup in it's mouth, and it just kinda oozed out the other side. I stimulated him vigorously, and warmed up some KMR and tried to force 10 ccs in him. Some how I got in 5 or 6. All he wanted to do was sleep. I put my hand on his chest to feel him breathe, and then wrapped him up in a towel and put him under my sweater to try to keep him warm. I was so sure I was fighting a losing battle (especially after what happened to Cupcake) but I wasn't going to not fight.. when I realized his breathing was stable, I let him sleep. He started having nursing dreams (OMG that is cute!!) so I rushed him back into the kitchen and warmed up more KMR and got 6ccs right in him. He was then feisty and with it, and playing. He didn't want to be held any more, so I figured he wanted a litter box, and I put him back with his sibs. He started playing and eating!! I went up to test Oscar, and checked in on him with the web cam, and saw him being a general pain happy kitten. I went down later and checked in on him and he bit me, attacked my shirt, and started grooming!! yes!

So this morning at the shelter he got some fluids. I was going to bring him to work, but he was so full of himself, I figured I'd be chasing after him all day, so I left him at home. I just checked in on him and he was in the mayhem that is kitten play! Man was that a scare!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Can't forget

Our "old" fosters. Now named Buttercup and Weslee.. the second slideshow has a whole bunch of photos in it.. wait it out, it's worth it :)

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