Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Toesday with Nigel

Hey Nigel,
You do know people just love to see your toes right?
Yes buddy, really!
That's so cool
So you going to show them off?
do you think I should?
Of course...
these toes?
Yes, those toes..
do I need to hold them up?
That's wonderful my boy
Thank you Nigel. Sorry the camera doesn't do your toes justice..

(I just love the box behind him saying "Lead a Better Life"  sounds like a great poster for fostering)

Monday, May 30, 2011

play time

I'm not up to nuffin..


Mousie must die


Is it time to be weighed again?
I went to the shelter for more food and brought home some new catnip mice.  The kittens liked they were mouse shaped, Jordan liked that they were catnip filled.  She proceeded to steal the toy away from the kittens and then quickly lost it.  She went looking for it and found the plastic bag I brought them home in and proceeded to snuggle with that.  I had to take it away from her as I was a bit afraid she was going to eat it.

Jordan is really ready to move on.  Hopefully we can get her spayed this week to settle her down.  When I went to feed them breakfast she was up in the rafters.  Not quite sure how she got up there, but her desperation because she's in heat is causing her to be a little reckless.

Day of beauty

and the not so beautiful attitudes it brings out in my cats.  For some reason they do not appreciate my poking and prodding and trimming very much.

it didn't go too badly until I tried to shave Fleurp's belly.  She was not a fan of that, and ended up biting me.  I normally don't mind a warning bite, but she got a little aggressive and a tiny drop of blood formed.   I got the worst of the excessive floof off her, so hopefully we'll have a little easier time of summer here.  I was worried about shaving Kit after that, but she took it much better then I expected.  Kit for being such a tiny cat has an excess of floof and pantaloons, so that she's often leaving klingons around the house (as is Fleurp, hence the shaving)  I furminated them too, which they were not fans of, but the amount of fur I got off them should mean they really needed it.

Jack 12lb 14
Muffin 15lb 4 (gained a pound)
Eli 10lb 15
Twee 10lb
Kit 7lb
Fleurp 10lb 2 (still down a bit)
Skippy 8lbs 12

When I was dealing with Skippy I wondered if he had lost a signifigant amount of weight because his collar was quite large on him, but according to the records he's only down a few ounces.  Maybe he had more fur during the winter and so it looked like his collar needed to be larger?

 I got a gift from a friend.. The guardian angel there the left.  Unfortunately the close up does not come out very well.  But the close up of the heart plaque did.

Friday, May 27, 2011

We're not sleepy!!

We are only on the comfy couch to see you.. really

What?  you don't believe us?

Well we aren't sleep...

Not at all!

well my eyes could use a little rest

and a bonus photobomb.  I thought this was just too cute not to share.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Toesday with Nigel a bit delayed

well blogger wouldn't let me in at all yesterday, so Nigel had to wait.
why are my adorable toes not in this shot??

Probably a good thing because you would have gotten another "OMG I'm worried about him post" which was fully justified at the time.  He was down to 430g and did not want to eat.  I broke out some KMR and he fought me when I gave it to him.  I also broke out some turkey baby food which everyone else in the room went nuts for, and he just looked at me like I was a big fat meanie.

Line at the scale.  I've never had kittens who like to be weighed before.
But Tuesday morning he came running to the door, was playful, and had a few bites of canned food with his sisters.  He gave up eating pretty quickly, so I forced some more baby food in him, which he liked initially but then got annoyed with.  His weight went up to 440g.

Tuesday evening he ate on his own and liked the baby food I gave him but he deposited a fairly liquid stool, so I collected it and brought it to the shelter this morning.  I just got the call that the stool was loaded with coccidia again!!  I hate that &*&^$%! parasite.  So more Marquis Paste is in their future.

But this morning he was 450g... so at least we are headed in the right direction again.

Fleurp confuses me

So she has been back to licking the cement, and now she has some weight loss again, so I think we are going to have to go back to the vet.  I am curious if it is because she is starving, so I'm slipping her a little extra canned food in the AM and PM, and so far it is working to help her gain weight and stay away from the cement.

But what is causing her to be hungry?

She's always been a little piggy when it came to food; begging, demanding, breaking out the uber adorable irresistible face
thus it really was a jump for me to figure out that she really is hungry.  Fleurp, like Muffin, will eat until they explode, they don't care if they just had a full meal, they'll find room in their skull if need be.

So I'm going to over feed her for a while and see what happens, simply to have more information going in.

Monday, May 23, 2011


So I spent some time with the kittens last night (I watched a movie with them) and realized that Jordan is ripping the fur off her tail.  I watched her do it.  She's got quite a bald patch too.

unfortunately this actually looks good..
It really is a shame she has such health issues (herpies, and what ever is causing her to rip her fur out) because she is such an incredibly sweet young girl.  She loves a lap and will forgive me anything (pilling her) if I just pat her chin.

Unfortunately she is going back into heat.  I am NOT a fan of cats in heat mostly because there is no satisfying them, which I'm not very good at accepting.   I did spare you the photos of her preening for a mate, mostly over Nigel.. I have some great shots of him and her rear end that would be NSFW if they weren't cats.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

gaining weight

well they are up to about 500g now.. (just over 1lb) which is good, but their stools are still filled with mucus. I'm still seeing clumps of hair all over the room, and Lily is still grinding her teeth.

I wrote back to the shelter to see if these things were looked into.  I was told the fur loss was hormonal - but I've never seen it like this in any of the other pregnant cats I've had, and they have no clue over the teeth grinding.

I'm not amused at the lack of thoroughness. 

I saw a news segment yesterday on a different shelter using holistic treatments.  I'm becoming more inclined to foster for them in the future despite it being three times the distance from my home. I think in the next few weeks I'll take a drive up there and talk to them about their foster program.   I am pretty sure I can do it with out burning the bridges at the shelter I'm with.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Vet visit update

What is it about calling in a professional that fixes the problem??

So I packed the kittens up with Jordan and trucked them down to the shelter for their vet visit.  Jordan was NOT amused and sang a long and ballad tale the entire ride down (fortunately it was about 15 minutes - but I did get the same song with kitten back up on the way home that night)  I left them with a list of things that were off to be checked.  I am concerned about the hair loss since it has started back up again.  Some days I go into the kitten room and it looks like a mouse exploded in there.  The kittens are loosing clumps too - but fortunately you can't tell it on them.  So hopefully it is just from play - since that was not mentioned in the vet report (did they even check it?? no idea).

The vet thinks the diarrhea is just left over inflammation from the coccidia infestation, so they are on albon for another two weeks.  I think I'll break out some of the alternative options such as slippery elm bark and see if we can't get  them back to normal (which of course there were several beautiful looking kitten poops at the shelter when I picked them up, but then puddles back at the house this morning)

As for Jordan, she has "dry eye" brought on from herpies.  So we are doing lysine and pure lube for the eyes at the moment while some specialized eye drops are ordered.  NOT fun, because Jordan does not much like the idea of you inserting anything anywhere into her (how on earth did she get pregnant??) After one failed attempt and a nice talking with her, I got the lysine in her. I tried the standing football tecnique to get the eye meds in, but she was too squiggly.

So have you ever had the frustration of calling in a professional and things start to fix themselves before you even get there... well the kittens gained 20g the day before the appointment, and a bit more then that after the appointment, so they are now up to about 450g.  Not to mention the normal kitten poops I mentioned above.

Bug has started to become possessive of food, slapping her siblings out of the way.  I always think it is so funny, but I do what I can to nip it in the bud.  When they get that possessive, I often hold them back and let them watch the others eat for a minute and then try again.  Some kittens don't get to eat until their siblings walk away, but eventually they all end up learning.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bug a boo

The kits are going to the vet today.  Still haven't gained weight and there is quite a lot of fur all around the room.  I so hope they come up with something for them.

I finally got a good shot of Bug's white tipped tail.  She's had it since birth, and it is freakingly adorable.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


so I ran home at lunch time.  I checked on the kittens, and they hadn't eaten one of the cans of food I put down.

Jordan is not a fan of canned food that isn't in bits.  Those loaf or Pate type of cat foods are not her cup of tea so she tends to ignore them.  As a result the kittens ignore it too.

Well I mashed it up hoping that would spur interest - no go.  it was looked at and dismissed by all the kittens.

So finally I grabbed Nigel and gave him a little bit right in his mouth.  I could see him think YUM!! and by the time I put him down on the ground, the other two were sidled up to the bowl chowing down.

How did they know??


I swear Lily has the widest ears ever..
This is a comfy spot

kinda a long way down hun?

I not sleepy

I am so not sleepy

I'm awake.. really

Sorry I blinked..

Oh, OK, zzzzzz

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Toesday with Nigel pt 2

Nigel here.  I just wanted to remind you I have cute toes.

I'm also very good at climbing with my toes.  See!! I've scaled Mount Mr Feet.  I'm so talented!
MOM!!  I was scaling the mountain!! this is no time for a bath.
and now that I've reached the peak of the mount, I get to fight the finger monster.  I won!  silly monster.
Then the rest of the family joined me for a little basking in my glow of victory.
(this is the family photo we took last week.. see how we grow!)
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