Wednesday, March 26, 2008


And your cute kitty photo for the day :)

Licorice photos

the first three are from the night before he went back, the other two are from Feb..

Jack, the great hunter

well, my Jack has never been one to shy away from a great hunt. He loves to stalk his prey and corner it when ever he can. He often cries to me to let him hunt - which can grate on my last nerve as his meow is more of a screach/screem.

Last night we went out to the store. In our absence Jack found his prey to be susceptable, and made his move. His attack came from several different angles, and it was mangled beyond repair. Finally he had success, and he was rewarded for his effort by a tasty snack.

There was a line of kitties waiting to partake in the spoils of his effort. Poor Muffin didn't get any, and when I was cleaning things up, she was beside herself saying how pathetic she was, and how she should be able to have some..

Little did the kitties know how totally annoyed I was because said prey was actually the bag of food my aunt left for Boots..

Looks pleased with himself, doesn't he?

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Licorice is available for adoption

The grumpy ol guy went back today. I really shouldn't call him that, as he is really sweet. was just really grumpy that his fur was all matted. Can't blame him for that.

He likes a cuddle, he likes being groomed, and he likes a lap.. well to be near one anyway.. he is food picky.. hopefully he'll get over that.

He came out of the foster room last night. He wandered around the basement for a while, then started pounding on the door to get back into his room (Had to shut the door or my cats would have gone in and messed up everything) He is so ready for his fur-ever home.. and he so deserves it!

Kitten season is upon us. I got a call to take more kittens, but I was at my limit with Licorice and my aunt's cat.. speaking of which.. I've got a story to tell about him too!

Boots has been staying in my office, and not really minding that much at all. He isn't too fond of other cats. Hisses at them - and that's about it.. well after a few days of intros, we let him wander about the house. More hissing.. fortunately no other issues.. more of a "Get Out Of My Way!" kind of thing. He'd wander down to the sunroom and lay on the sofa, or the living room and do the same. So this weekend we tried an overnight - left him out all night. Everyone did really well, so on Saturday morning when we had an errand to run, we just left him out.

Well when we got home, I thought it time to see if he was hungry. He eats a different food from my guys, and since two of my cats have the nick names garbage disposal and dishwasher for a reason, I tend not to leave his food out if he's wandering the house. So we went in search of Boots to lock him back up with some food for a while. Well.. no Boots.

He wasn't anywhere. My Dh was frantic. He said he is NOT in the house - well that wasn't really an option. he isn't a sneaker, so he didn't get past us and get outside, and if there was a hole in the house somewhere, one of my cats would have found it by now. I said there must be 4,582 places for him to hide, and we've only looked in 4,581! well hours of searching went by, we were feeling quite stupid and looking in places he couldn't even possibly fit.. finally I said lets give up and he'll show up. DH went to store to get chicken to make cat food with, and I went into the bedroom and opened up a window - something totally irrisitable to our own cats. Every single one of them showed up and sat in the window for a bit. but no Boots, and I froze my tushie off.. so I shut the window and went in the basement and watched TV, figuring he'd show up for a cuddle. Still no Boots. Well DH came home, and after a few trips in with groceries, there was Boots, sitting in the middle of the kitchen like nothing had happened *rolls eyes* Silly cat.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

9 pounds! :)

Licorice is an absolute laugh riot! he knows the drill, each morning I put him in the scale, and he flomps over and lays on his back waiting for the scale to settle so I'll pat him on his belly.

I can not keep another cat.. I can not keep another cat..

but man this guy is a cutie!

I bought him some Meow Mix.. that was a no go. So was the Iams and the nutro! I need to get to the shelter and return the bags of open foods, but I know if I do I'll be tagged into taking bunnies.. I can't resist baby bunnies..

Monday, March 3, 2008

Come on Licorice!!

Dude! what is your major malfunction?? you are eating, you are drinking, but you have not only stopped gaining weight, you've lost an ounce or two! I was so hoping to tell the shelter manager you hit nine pounds this weekend, only to find you fell back to 8lbs 13 oz! *sigh* I don't know what to do for you! I've offered you wet food you were eating, but while you nomed some of the juice, you proceeded to vomit it up a few moments later. I offered you some different dry food, but you say you are fine with the M/D... well eat more of it!!

You are such a sweet and loving boy! You deserve to get out of that one little room you are in and find your fur-ever home.. you deserve so much more than I can give you, but you can't get any of it till you put on some weight!!

and I am sorry about digging at your ears, but truthfully, don't they feel better??

So please.. eat more..
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