Thursday, April 30, 2015

The First Rule of Kitten Club...

The first rule of Kitten Club is: you totally talk about Kitten Club.
The second rule of Kitten Club is: you TOTALLY talk about Kitten Club!
Third rule of Kitten Club: if someone yells “stop!”, goes limp, or taps out, you have to let them in.
Fourth rule: only two kittens to a photo.

So, lets start a Kitten Club!
No boys allowed in Kitten Club! (Zilla)
But you NEEEED two kittens to form a Kitten Club, it's in the rules! (Sully)
Oh wait, the rules say I have to fall over... (Sully)
Okay fine.. but no more! *shuts the door*
but Lady!! why open door?? the rule is only two! 

Zilla then went to practice her climbing skills.  She is really quite ingenious! She climbed up using the door to wedge herself in which allowed her to climb higher than she ever had. That third photo, where she seems to be hanging sideways.. well she totally was.  She is going to conquer the world that one..

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Kittens go Camping

After calling these kittens "monsters" I had the brilliant idea to do a photo series of the kittens being 'monsters' by invading a set of doll furniture. Finding doll furniture around here has been impossible, but I did find a really cute camping set at Target (the line had an adorable travel set as well with luggage) and I absolutely could not resist the idea of the kittens going camping.

Tomorrow they tell ghost stories..

Monday, April 27, 2015

Happy One Month Birthday Kittens

Yes, our little brood is growing like weeds. They all seem fairly sociable at this state, coming right out of the nest to see me and then to wander around the room. I find it interesting that they spend most of their day in the nest but then come out and wander around when I am there.. if nothing else this shows me they trust me a lot.

But lets get to what you all want to see.. their 4 week photos..

The Kraken
Zookie (with The Kraken)
For you Mina lovers.. 

I also find it quite interesting that at this point this is as close as Happy Bear has gotten to some kittylove

I also want to tempt you to come back this week with this little tidbit of what I got them for their birthday..

Friday, April 24, 2015

Interesting developments in the lives of the kittens

So last night we had an interesting development with the kittens.. object play.  Young kittens often have no concept of playing with anything other than their own body parts, learning what they can do and how they work, and those of their siblings. When they hit about the four week mark they start realizing they can play with 'things'

It was so cute that I was glad it happened under the drop cam so I didn't miss it. While looking for the footage I saw a second incident of a kitten interacting with a toy that made me laugh, so I included it in the first video.

I then created a time lapse video of the entire night. I tend to do these quite regularly for facebook, but I thought I would share one with my blog readers, because I do know that some of you aren't on facebook. I want to share different content on different platforms so those of you following me in several places don't get bored seeing the same thing over and over :)

So then this morning while I was feeding Mina, all of the kittens were out and about in the room with me. All of them were peeping about what they were discovering which was oh so adorable.. but one kitten was meeping.. and I discovered this..

Sully had NO idea what had just happened.. or at least that was the impression I got since he just sat there looking like that while I cleared away all of the things he had crawled behind to pee on.. so this afternoon I will dig out the kitten boxes and put them around the room for the next week or two while they figure out the cues from their bodies that say "time to go"

Friday Night at Casa de Gato

We are going to have a rousing night with momma, and she is so going to give us a lot of treats because we look so spiffy..

Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Kraken is NOT a pool ball

No matter how much his head resembles one.

I also picked the winners of The Good, the Bad, and the Furry with the help of

     * Tamago
     * Lisa Echeverry
     * Robin Mudge
     * Colehaus Cats

I contacted the winners and if I don't hear from any of them I'll pick another name. Congratulations and thank you so much for entering.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Toothy Tuesday with The Kraken

A three eared* The Kraken has a skeptical about what is bout to come next. I do have to say I adore how he still doesn't quite have control over his eyes so his pupils are still really big making him look a little odd..

*the third ear is actually Sully's

I noticed something adorable on Sunday.. and I though ya'll would want to see.. Thankfully getting a photo was a lot easier than I thought it was going to be.

Lady, your fingers taste funny.. 
you are so weird
He is the only one with teeth so far, which are coming in pretty early.. according to the general kitten milestones he is a few days early.. it really won't be long now till they find Happy Bear..

Monday, April 20, 2015

The kittens at three weeks - Picture Day

I had to look at the history of these kittens to make sure they were only three weeks since they are hitting milestone after milestone.  They are walking pretty well, although I don't think they have their rudders on well since they tend to go in circles when they are out in the open.

I set them up in the base of the cage and they are doing very well in there. Interestingly they can pretty easily get out of the cage but they choose not to. If Mina is gone too long eating or what not they will come out and look for her, but once she realizes they are wandering around she comes right over and offers up the milk bar to make them happy.

I protest! This is not safe!! (The Kraken)
SEE!! Look!! The bear rocked over my foot!
Besides, it's dinner time!! 
Oh The Kraken, hush! The people wanna see us! (Zilla)
oh wait, does that mean I need to have my picture taken? (Zilla)
Zookie is also discouraged that this is not the milk bar
Nessie strikes a pose
Sully wonders what is next

My photo assistant was feeling a little overwhelmed.

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