Monday, May 29, 2006


I went to the pet store to get some more food for Emmy, and I went over to see who they had in the satellite adoption cage, and surprise surprise, it was Myla!! :) They brought the little story I made for her too.. She's been there since Thursday. She's such a nice kitty, I'm surprised she hasn't been adopted (she almost was that Saturday, but the people who wanted her walked out)

Eli got to go on another jaunt today. Hubby went out the back door and didn't shut it tight. I was in the bedroom and looked out the window (good thing the shades were open) and noticed a black and white kitty in the yard. This was an odd thing since there are no kitties in the neighborhood. I called out to the hubby to come look, and the kitty's ears perked up. Sure enough. So DH went down and got him to come in. It was fun to watch him bound across the grass. I so wish the world was safe enough so they could go out and chase bugs and mice and leaves, but sadly, it is not... so they must be content to chase leaves and fur pompoms and each other in the house - oh yes, they are so deprived :D

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Hug your Cat Day

I missed posting about Hug your Cat Day. It was the 19th.. But I'm sure I didn't do anyone a disservice did I? I mean you all hug your cats daily don't you?

I also wanted to post about Tweedle. She is becoming an exceptional kitty. Quite the artist that one. She works with materials that are laying around the house. This time, it was a milk bottle ring and some of the bunny's hay. She ate the former than the later, then hurled it all up so it looked EXACTLY like a slug. I freaked till I realized there was no way a slug could get in the house. Seriously, though, Twee gives pica a whole new twist. Apparently, she'll eat anything! I don't know why.

Em is ok. Her numbers are still all over the place. Not quite sure what to do. The timed feeder we bought is working out very nicely, though. However, my previous pandering to her has made her beg for food every time I look at her. It's getting frustrating to get her back on a schedule. She's holding steady at 12lbs 12 oz. I was hoping to get her back up to 14.. I'd even settle for 13.5 but it looks like I'm going to have to be content with just shy of 13.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Adoption day

The adoptions went well. There were puppies there, so there was a TON of people, so it was all a little confusing and overwhelming. Another volunteer at the shelter had a friend who wanted a kitten and she showed her pictures of my group. She was first in line, and she took Mipsy. a very young woman took Rohane. A mother with two young boys - one autistic - took Monkey and Velm. She was only looking for one and asked me which one, and I said they complement each other very well... so she took them both. that was an easy sell. :)

The shelter started a new program where if you adopted a kitten you got the mother for free. I like this. None of my kitten adopters wanted Myla though. I had one woman who was interested in her, but in the mayhem, she left, and no one knows why. Later on in the day there was a woman who lost her 7 yr old cat to cancer. She was still very close to tears talking about it all. She was older.. 60's maybe and she wanted a kitten. I tried, but she seems to have hear heart set on one. All the ones we had were adopted at that point, so I sent her into the cat rooms to look at our older cats, since we have a lot of young cats. She found a few she liked, but she had her heart set on a kitten. I still think it is a bad idea, but I didn't tell her that :) toward the end of her visit, I pointed out Myla. She seemed interested, but since she knew we were going to have more kittens available tomorrow, she was going to go home and think about it.

My favorite little kitten came back to the shelter today. The one I'm pretty sure I mentioned that came in with three moms and a ton of kittens. Deformed feet and all. He is not doing well at all. Apparently five weeks old and he can't weigh more than five ounces.. One of the shelter managers is going to foster him, give him fluids on a regular basis and hand feed him... I almost stole him.. which of course would be beyond stupid, cause if he lived I'd have seven cats..

We also had someone bring in baby field mice. They were obnoxiously cute. probably the size of the first joint of your pinky.

The kitten shower itself went pretty well. We ended up with almost 8,000 pounds of supplies. One company donated 4000 lbs of pelleted wood stove pellets. they make great pet litter for cats and small animals. Even with out that one donation, we ended up with over 1000 lbs more stuff than last year!!

I'm still a little disappointed with the event. I really shouldn't be. But they keep building it up to be more than it ever is. I should just accept it for the fun afternoon that it is, and not expect more. I think next year I won't volunteer at it, but just stop by towards the end. (yup. and I'm going to take a break from fostering too.. really)

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

be careful of what you say to kitties

So last night I had another parade of kitties tell me that I was sleeping too long. at 12:30 AM. Um.. hello.. I had only been 'gone' for like three to four hours.. So tonight I made a decree. I said to my kitties.. "Anyone, INCLUDING you Emmy, who wakes me up in the middle of the night is going to be thrown against the wall" Ok, so I would never really do that... well I did it once, when the bed was right up against the wall and muffin startled me... and didn't I feel HORRIBLE afterwards..

Anyway.. I tried to sound all mean and menacing... I think it worked because I was just awoken by some very strange noise. I can't figure out what it was. I thought maybe it was Emmy grinding her teeth (that is a HORRID noise that she makes apparently when she has nausea.) So I woke up to find out what was going on.

Big mistake.

I awake to find a ring of kitties around me. Em is right next to me, head near the pillows. Jack and Ollie are on the footboard, and muffin and tweedle are on the kitty stairs at the foot of the bed. We made stairs for Em when we bought the new bed so she could get up there. She can still make it on her own, but it is very difficult for her.

Its a good thing I'm not paranoid about my kitties, or I would wonder.

Eli was hovering by the door... ready to take my threat seriously maybe? He seemed very happy that I was up, but very concerned at the same time.

I could almost hear the kitties saying "Oh.. Your up. Well, that's good. we so missed you. (but we didn't do it, we are good kitties!!!)" Em couldn't stop licking me and being very happy I was awake.

Did I mention its 3am?

One of these days I am going to have to get and stay grumpy at these cats. I mean come on.. I have to get my sleep. Its just so hard when they are so happy to see you.

The kittens. They are getting a little more than a little obnoxious. Mipsy found my toes and can't stop biting them. I hate to wear shoes when I go in the kitten room as they are always under foot and I want warning if I am about to step on them. They also totally enjoy chewing on my fingers. At least they are good about that, but it still stings.

Friday, May 5, 2006

kitty conspiracy

Muffin: "Em.. Emmy.. Go lick Mommy's nose"
Em: "why"
Muffin: "Cause its time for her to get up now"
Em: "really?"
Muffin: "YES REALLY" - exasperated sigh
Em: "well if you are sure" - licks nose
Muffin: "Yes, I'm sure. Lick it again, and I'll step on her bladder.. that usually works"
Em: "ok" lick lick
Muffin: "JACK! Get in here.. Step on mommy and whine a little"
Jack: "ok" whine "Why am I doing this?"
Muffin: "cause its time for Mommy to get up now.. I mean come on.. its almost 5:00 AM!!"
Jack: whine
Muffin: step
Em: lick
Eli: squeak
Mommy: "Ok Ok.. geeze.. IM UP!"
Jack: whine
Muffin: step
Em: lick

Actually had to get help this morning getting them off me. It was obnoxious!

In other news, my kitties have been bad bad little kitties. They have been stealing toys from the kittens. Now if you were able to talk to them, I am certain they would tell you that the kittens are GIVING their toys away.. but I know better. Yesterday though I just about flipped out. I gave the kittens a toy on a string attached to a pole. I found the pole with about one inch of string left. I figured the kittens just chewed on it. But then I found the toy at the base of the basement stairs. no string anywhere. I'm sure it is IN one of my kitties. (arrrgggh!)

The kittens were utterly adorable this morning. They have been finding new and exciting places to sleep. Each morning it is a new spot. Today it was inside one of the drawers that I have to hold kitten supplies. I bought one of those plastic storage drawers.. it was open slightly, and they had crawled in.. it was so cute it almost hurt. :D

four more ounces to go and they'll be going back. Probably sometime next week.

I haven't really had time for this bunch.. so I'm thinking about taking a little time off. I say that from time to time, but I rarely do.

Thursday, May 4, 2006

Ok mom, you've been sleeping five hours now...

time to wake UP! *shoves basket with kitty meds on floor*


I spent several hours last night making cat food. I do not enjoy doing this. Don't think the hubby enjoys giving it to them, and they don't seem overly enjoyed eating it either.. well sometimes they do. But hey.. food isn't supposed to be about enjoyment, is it? (shhh.. don't tell them otherwise!!)

I bought another cornish game hen to try on them. I can't believe I hacked that thing up into pieces. I almost cried seeing its neck and legs.. And my great and mighty hunters will have nothing to do with it. So kitten fodder it becomes. These fosters LOVE raw food.

They are doing well. The little scardey cat (I can't believe they don't have names yet. Just big boy, monkey boy, little miss Myla and the scared one) is making some progress. The neat thing about him is if you lay him on his back he seems to go into a trance. Very cool.

The cat door seems to be helping Em. She's not all intent on eating at meal times, but by the time the next meal comes around, the food we gave her is all gone. her BG levels aren't great, but she is putting on weight and seems interested in things - well as much as to be expected with her. I still find her sleeping in the oddest spots. The hardwood floor has become a new one for her. I can't imagine that feels very good on her bones.. but I'm not about to tell her she can't do that. I know she can make it up on the bed. If she can't there are pillows strewn around for the kitties, and there are always clothes and bed pillows around (ok ok, I admit it, we are not the best housekeepers on the face of the planet)

I am a little concerned about the rabbit. I actually picked her up the other day (she hates to be held or petted) and noticed she's pulling fur off her belly. She's probably bored in her cage all day, but considering the destruction she has causing lately.. Photos, now photo albums.. folders, papers, everything but the items I put in there for her to chew on! I'm considering getting her a dog / baby playpen to ensure she stays away from the content lining the walls.

Tuesday, May 2, 2006

Why we have holes in our bathroom doors

Ok, so we made the effort. We have a magnetic cat door and installed it in the master bathroom so that only Em can get in. After a small adjustment of the key, it works pretty well. She remembers cat doors, so it was no work to get her to use it.

Of course, this is the newest challenge for all the other kitties. They must find a way through this door.

All the commotion seems to be a little disconcerting for Em. She was off her food again last night. Either that or she was just off her food again. I don't know.

I guess the next step is just to wait and see if this works or not.

Monday, May 1, 2006

The Emmy Blog

Apparently, I should rename this thing. I have foster kittens, but they are doing so well I have so little to talk about...

Unlike Em.. who vomited again last night.. shortly after having a little snack, and now does not want breakfast. Her sugars were lower this morning.. so no food, no insulin.. she's just sleeping away on the bed, and is content to do so .. Offered her two types of food too. Hopefully when I get home from work today it will all be gone.

I am considering taking her to the vet, but I am thinking about waiting till she vomits again. It is so infrequent at this point. She did it the other morning, simply because she forgot there was food. She woke me up hurling bile, and when I went into the bathroom she begged for food. It was right there in front of her but it was like she didn't recognize it until I pointed it out.. at which point she shoveled it into her face. I am seriously starting to think her mind is completely gone. I have been joking that she was losing it for years.. but this, and I can no longer read her at all. I have no idea what she wants, and hubby suggested it was because she has no idea what she wants anymore. Breaks my heart.
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