Saturday, August 30, 2003

power puff kitties

I'm sitting here watching Eli attack the catnip sack from a few posts back. He is loving it. chewing on it.. sucking on it.. attacking it. Muffin jumped down to see what all the fuss was about. Eli let her sniff it.. she didn't seem as motivated as him to enjoy the nip, so he took back over.. almost as if to say "you're doing it wrong!" he started attacking it again.. it made me think of buttercup from the power puff girls... I mentioned that to the hubby.. then I said muffin is definitely Bubbles.. making Jack be Blossom. Ollie then jumped down from his perch high a top the cat tree, and walked over to "bubbles" and "attacked" her.. in that slow I'm not really motivated to hurt you, but I wouldn't mind showing my dominance right now move. So I said, well I guess that makes Ollie Mojo Jojo... I looked at Emmy and said, and does this make Emmy the professor? Hubby said no.. Emmy is the Mayor... which would make me Ms. Bellum... and of course, that means the hubby is the professor.

We had a really good giggle over that one. Hope you've watched the power puff girls cartoon at least once to enjoy the humor of this post.

Wednesday, August 27, 2003

blah blah blah

the kittens are not going all that smoothly. I know I'm over reacting. I should have weighed them when they got here, but I haven't. Their teeth are coming in, they are playing, walking a tad more steadily.. their pupils aren't quite so big they don't seem quite so dehydrated anymore.. I still see black things walking across them, though. *grrr* however, there is still no flea dirt. Lots of sneezing going on.. mom is getting sick and tired of being pilled. I'm thinking of calling her Butterscotch... and I'm thinking of naming the second girl Anika..

but they are still slightly dehydrated, there are the fleas, the boy with the blue collar is still sleeping like the dead, mom doesn't seem to have any interest in the kits once the cage is open, the boy with the maroon collar has all kinds of scabs on his head (btw.. how does ringworm present itself.. do you know?) mom doesn't like to be pilled.. Ennui doesn't want to eat, and while I got her to go pee, I couldn't get her to go poop.. she got too squirmy

oh hey.. you'll like this one.. blue went into the litter box and started pooping.. but he couldn't figure out how to stop pooping.. so he's walking around with this large poop sticking out of his butt. He tries again.. ends up with a little more out of him.. enough to touch the litter so that now he has litter on it. he walks around the litter box again.. I gave up and pulled it off of him. lol

Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Kittens are so good at scaring you

I went in to take care of the kittens, I sat down in front of the cage and gathered up all my supplies. I make sure I have everything I need before I open up the cage so I don't have to leave the room while they are free. It took me a few minutes, and the kittens were scrambling to be let out. I opened up the cage door, and everyone tumbled out except the little boy with the blue collar. He just laid there, not moving. he was way in the back of the cage.. not easy to reach, so I poked him with the litter scoop. still didn't move, but I did see him breathe. I freaked out and called in the hubby.. and blue proceeded to start twitching.. I bravely reached in and picked him up, and he woke right up and started scrambling to be put down.. guess he was just having a really good dream.

I got some advantage for them, so fleas shall be history! boy, I hate fleas.

these guys are starting to be really cute. Even though they still all act the same, they all now want to sit in my lap. :) it's fun..

Monday, August 25, 2003

Mysterious case of the kittens

the kittens have been pretty lacking in the personality department. The ribbons helps in identification, but they are all very much the same.. they crawl over me, they crawl over other things, they eat litter. They have started sneezing more, so I'm continuing the clavamox. I hadn't been able to give it to them for the past couple of days due to the fact that I forgot to put it in the fridge.. oh shoot.. I forgot again!! *runs to get bottle and put in fridge*

anyway.. this morning I noticed a few of them were a bit dehydrated. I have absolutely no idea why. Mom is supposed to be taking care of them. I gave them some water, and some more KMR.. some liked it, some didn't. Ennui still doesn't like it. I don't know what I'm going to do with that little girl. Her eyes stand out like those cats in the weird hallmark cards. I went to the shelter and talked to the staff. not much came of that. I decided to give some KMR to mom to get her some more nutrients.. hopefully, that will help. I'm not 100% sure that it's not the fact that they have fleas that is causing this problem. I tried to get some flea meds today, but the shelter was out. I'm going to get some from work tomorrow. If this isn't cleared up by Friday (or if something else pops up) I'm going to have to bring them in for a check up.

I also got peed on tonight. The little boy with the blue collar sat by my foot, cried a couple of times, then my foot was 'mysteriously' wet.. and so was he. I cleaned him up.. and sent him on his way. When I went to put them back in the cage, he started digging around.... in the food bowl!! So I put him in the litter box, and he proceeded to go to sleep.

he's such a strange little boy.

Saturday, August 23, 2003

and more fleas

I looked down at a kitten tonight and saw a black speck. I picked it off and it was a flea.. *shudder* I hate fleas. I saw one other, so I'm going to jaunt down to the shelter tomorrow and get some meds for them. I found one on my kitten clothes when I left the kitten room, so I should probably get something to treat the house as well.. man I hate fleas.

I put ribbon collars around the boys necks. Very loose.. I hope they don't come off. I've got blue, red, and burgundy.. the girls are easy to tell apart.. the big one and the little one, so I didn't scrounge for more ribbons. Ennui is so cute. She no longer wants KMR though.. so I've taken to feeding her the juice that is in the cat food... she very much likes that. They are quite cute.. like using me for a jungle gym. :)

Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Kits, cats, and kmr

day two down.. the clavamox is going way too well at this point.. I still have all my fingers. Mom is pretty easy to pill. she put up a bit of a fight today, but I won :) The little runt.. Ennui, likes her KMR. I fed her about 6cc's.. then gave a bit of clavamox.. she wasn't thrilled about taking more KMR after, but eventually she found out that it wasn't clavamox, and had another 6cc's. Two of the other kit are totally into eating cat food.. which is so strange as they barely have teeth. One is REALLY into it.. almost pushing mom out of the way. thinking about naming him Cerdo I can't help but wonder if she's producing milk.. but they do seem to be getting bigger, so I'm not going to worry about it.. One of them crawled up into my lap for a little attention :) it was nice. I'm so going to have to get in there with some nail polish and paint their claws so I can tell them apart.

Monday, August 18, 2003

Kittens in the house!

Well I was annoying today, and lookie what I have!!

They have a bit of URI, so they are on clavamox. They are all orange, two of the kits are girls Two have conjunctivitis and are small so they need a little supplementing with KMR. The runt is trouble already. I filled him with KMR and put him in the cage and few moments later I put some fresh water and dry food in the cage, he jumped right in it and routed around and picked out a piece. He actually ate it.. despite not having teeth. I thought he was going to be ok for a moment, but then he started crying and trying to throw it up. He eventually did... or should I say she? I can't remember now.. oh well. I'll figure it out tomorrow.

Sunday, August 17, 2003

He's gone

He wasn't doing well at all this morning, so we took him for that long car ride, and had him put to sleep. I shall miss him.

Tobin photos

Last night didn't go well. he was eating fine, then shortly after we started he stopped. and he was about the same today.. so it looks like it won't be much longer for him.

Friday, August 15, 2003

bunny bites

I stayed home from work today.. the stress of being sick last week and now with Tobin being sick was just too much for me. It was a slow day at work, and I felt I deserved a day.. didn't stop me from feeling guilty, though. Anyway.. I kept a close eye on tobin.. he likes the slurry I have made up for him with pineapple, laxatone, water, and pellets, but not much else. After I feed him I clean him up - which he does not like, I put him back in his pen. He runs around for a bit, then lays down... and is usually in the exact same spot when I go back down a while later. This morning Eli was in the pen with him.. silly kitty. He's still breathing hard.. doesn't seem to be pooping as much.. his rear end was full of urine this afternoon.. not a good sign. so now I'm all covered in slurry and urine.. oh the joys of sick pets will never end.

Had to give Tobin his pill tonight.. he wasn't too thrilled to have me stick it in his mouth.. he fought it which is good.. was energy he didn't have last night.. although it will make it a bit more difficult to make sure he gets it if he won't let me do it in the morning..

Thursday, August 14, 2003


ok.. so he just was licking at the stuff I was forcing into his mouth, but its a MAJOR improvement into what we've been doing lately.. he ate quite a bit before he gave up. I shoved some more laxatone in him when we were done.. and now he's just leaning against his water bottle.. I have no idea why..

Visiting the kittens at the shelter

Went to the shelter today at lunch time.. I needed to cuddle a kitten. All seven were still there. I pulled Nanoo out of the cage, she got all hissy with me. I held her for half an hour and about half way through she started purring. actually purring without the help of medication!! it was great. I got back to work and a little while later K called to let me know that Triddle and Friddle were adopted together. About an hour later she called to tell me that Nanoo and Mikitu were going home together. :) she said that the new owners spent about an hour with them, and were really happy with them. YEA! I'm kinda surprised Allie is still there, she was the 'pretty' one.. along with Sushi.. who's also still there. tomorrow is a different day.

Tobin is still hanging in there. Got more baytril in him.. some pineapple juice.. and not much more. Although he did eat some clover and some yogurt chips on his own.

more about the bunny

well.. he was running around his cage.. showing agression.. but running.. so that was something. I force fed him again.. nothing went well. I put his pill in his mouth and forced a little more food in, so hopefully, he got it.. who knows..

towards the end, he started getting feisty.. wanting to run away.. so I put him back in the cage, and he ran right into the wall.. then dove in his house.. and it sounded like he hit the wall. He then did another run around the cage and went back into the house.. I'm hoping this is a good sign..

I think if he eats some more clover or yogurt chips I'll keep trying.. but if not, I think we'll call this the end. He's never ever been a social bunny, so all this attention is probably driving him insane. If I thought he was enjoying anything right now, I'd fight for him.. but I think all this is just making him miserable... then there is the thought that if I do get him through this, we'd just be waiting for the other shoe to drop.. He's basically 120 yrs old in human years..

Reading back to the last kitty post, I was looking forward to not having to feed kitties, but now I have to feed my bunny.. how ironic. I'd be glad to do it if I knew I was doing him any good.

Btw.. I stopped in on Tuesday and saw the kittens.. they were being put up for adoption yesterday for the open house the shelter was having. Poor Nanoo was so scared.. she hissed at me when I picked her up. I couldn't go see them yesterday cause of the bunny.. My girlfriend emailed me and said they were still all available, so I'll go today at lunch..

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Sick bunny part 2

I just gave him his second force feeding.. the pineapple juice went well.. nothing else did.. he fought me only slightly.. and when I put him back in his cage his head was bobbing around with each breath.. then slowly rolled down on one side.. he's still breathing.. but he looks so weak and helpless..

How on earth am I supposed to go to work tomorrow...

Sick bunny....

Yes.. I have a bunny. I got him on my 21st birthday. he's an OLD bunny.. saw him today breathing hard, and noticed he hadn't had much to drink or eat.. took him into the vet, and he's got a hairball, and pneumonia.. it doesn't look good. they want me to force feed him, and I do, but most of it just falls out the other side of his mouth. He's got so little fight left in him.. I just put him back in his pen, and he fell on his side, and while he struggled, he couldn't upright himself.

as always.. the question is, when does it become better for him to put him down?

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

The foster room is empty

the only kittens in the house are now mine.. it is nice not to have to go try to feed them when I'm half asleep this morning.. but I do miss the small little mewing.

Wasabi didn't take to kindly to being neutered. He had some pretty explicit things to say right after the surgery.. you could hear his howling all the way to the front of the clinic. He got over it fairly quickly.. the girls did okay.. I went to pat them, and Nanoo actually started purring and arched her back when I scratched the base of her tail. :) Everyone but Wasabi has put on weight nicely and look like normal sleek beautiful kittens. Poor wasabi is taking a bit longer.. he's getting there.. I'm sure a loving home is just what he needs - lots of kitty treats :)

This will be the first set that I haven't been around for their adoptions. Only a handful of my kittens weren't adopted the first or second day, and thus were missed.. but in my experience, while people say they were glad to meet me and were willing to stay in touch.. only one person has sent me any info on the kittens they adopted.. well ok three if you count the two people I knew before they adopted my kittens. it really is surprising the number of people who claim to love cats, but who don't take into consideration their personalities nor who really understand kitty behaviour. *shrug* I can't change the world.

Sunday, August 10, 2003

strange behaviour

I'm sitting here in the living room, Em is on the arm of my chair.. Ollie is across the room from me on the cat tree.. jack is on the floor in front of the cat tree. All of a sudden Ollie starts talking.. he slowly jumps down from the tree. walks over to jack, and "pounces" on him.. in very SLOW motion the whole time talking., ollie tries to 'tackle" jack. all the time chattering. Jack puts up one of his back legs to ward him off. jack just looks away.. Ollie lets go for a second.. jack jumps up on the tree. Ollie is still chattering away..

now get this..Em.. my elderly kitty.. jumps down, saunters over to ollie, and bites him. I've NEVER seen her do that. after a very small uneventful tussle, the hostilities and chattering has ended. Jack was sitting on the tree (and is now on the platform eating) and Em and ollie are laying on the floor. this took all of a minute and a half..

I wonder what that was all about.

(update 2016 - yes, well looking at this now it is pretty clear that we had some "I'm in charge" moments going on here.. )

Saturday, August 9, 2003

and they're off...

the muppets were all adopted today. Didn't look good at all at first.. they open at 11.. and there is usually a few kittens adopted by noon.. today it was almost one before someone adopted one, and it wasn't even mine!! Then someone came in looking for an adult cat they saw on the net, and were looking at peanut and gonzo.. they couldn't make up their mind.. then someone came in and wanted a boy kitten. I pulled out kermit, and the kids picked him, and off they went. The couple who were looking at peanut and gonzo took a while, but eventually decided on them. I think they will be good for them.. the guy said he'd just have to build a room on to their house so they could take all three :) then she told me that they have a huge catnip plant out back.. they were a little quiet and reserved.. but I'm sure it's going to be a good home. Then a couple who just moved up from MA with two kids took miss piggy and fozzie.

Almost cried on the way home.. I have to keep reminding myself this was a good day!!

Friday, August 8, 2003


Yes.. I'm a nut.. man I am going to miss those guys.. in 12 hours I'm sure some of them will have new owners.. or at the very least be being cuddled by strangers..

I made them little beaded collars.. they came out really well.. unfortunately, Fozzie either doesn't like hers or likes it a little too much... she has chewed through two of them already.. so I took them off for the night and will put them on again in the morning. Fozzie's new owners will get the warning.. and if perchance she doesn't go home, I'll take the collar off her before I leave.

*looks down at arm and sees pile of Emmy fur*

I don't need another in my face kitty.. I don't need another in my face kitty.. I don't need another in my face kitty..

*mysteriously remembers the bunny got out of his cage yesterday and wanders off to check on him then toddle off to bed*

Wish me luck..

Oh the fun with glucose strips

Well.. back down to 6 units we went.. and her b/g was quite high.. so we recreated the night by picking up the food early, and her b/g was still high.. so we went to 6.5 units, and her b/g was still high.. so I'm thinking that 40 reading was wrong. Going to go up to 7 units on Sunday and see what that does over the course of the day.

The Muppets are going back tomorrow. The trip to the vets was "fun" Poor Miss Piggy was terrified the whole day.. hissed at one of the techs, kept hiding under the towel. They didn't do very well on the trip down.. there were at least three vomits... at least the ride home went better, but then again I think it was because they didn't eat. We got home and they were all still a little sleepy from the sedation, so we hung out in there and let sleeping kitties lay where they would.. and most of the time it was on me :) Peanut curled up near my head... man I am going to miss that kitty. The vet said that the deformity wasn't any major deal... so there is no chance they will let me keep him. *sigh* Honestly though.. I suppose not having another in your face kitty would be a good thing.. cause having to fight off two kitties when I'm eating breakfast is one thing.. with three I might lose the battle..

I'm going to bring the orphans in on Monday to be neutered. I think I'm insane to do it.. will totally empty my house of kittens.. but I've been sick this past week, and I really could do with some time to catch up on my sleep.. not have to worry about feeding cuddling and cleaning up after kitties. It's fun.. don't get me wrong.... but it does take time out of your day.

Monday, August 4, 2003

Oh the fun of owning a diabetic cat

We increased emerald's insulin to 5.5 units tonight. I looked at her and thought she looked a little scraggly.. so for the fun of it I did a reading.. it was down to 40!! Didn't I panic? I offered her some regular cat food, and she ate a bit of it. So I decided she needed a little extra help, and put some honey on her gums. an hour later it was up to 52.. I gave her a little more honey.. she's acting fine, she just looks a little scraggly.. well and she doesn't much like the honey so back down to 5 units we go.. maybe we'll increase the amount of the DM she's getting. We are trying to go slowly with it to make sure it doesn't upset her digestive system..

kinda glad I got her a full vial of test strips now..

when searching to make sure that honey was ok to use, I came across Don't read the diary unless you have a big box of tissues with you.

Got some flea meds for the kitties.. so they should be flea free by tomorrow.. yea!

Also made an appointment with the vet for the muppets on Thursday. They'll come home with me afterwards and I'll bring them back to the shelter on Saturday for adoption. Wasabi is gaining a little weight despite not appearing to eat much.. Man, these kitties need to find their owners..

Sunday, August 3, 2003


well... we have fleas.. again

Somehow my own kitties now have fleas. It's not bad.. a smidge of dander, and one or two darting around.. but its enough to make me run out and get some front line for them. I HATE fleas.

I started to do a blood glucose curve on Em. It was in the 400's before breakfast and her insulin.. then a couple of hours later it was down to the 200's. It's supposed to be around 100. It was in the 300's when she went in to the clinic for the curve, so it was stress, but it's not as low as it should be, so we'll be increasing her insulin a bit - as recommended.

Muffin is also having a reaction to her acne. It's extremely mild, I hadn't even noticed she had any - and I was looking (but not searching) her lip puffed up again.. doing a search for swollen lip on google, I found it can be a reaction to acne, so I cleaned off her nice white sparkling chin with peroxide and found a bit of black dander. Will have to talk to the vet about that too. He is so going to regret hiring me.. but hey.. he knew my kitties had health issues before he hired me.. so he can't complain now.

The orphans are still flea free. Ate up a STORM today.. normally they have one can per feeding, and there is some left over, today they had FOUR cans.. and then they cleaned off my plate of ranch dressing.. it was cute.. Nanoo stood in the dish to get a better angle at cleaning it off. I read down there for a while and ended up with a couple of kitties in my lap. :)

I then went upstairs, and the muppets weren't crazed out of their gourd.. I fed them, and they left half the food down.. quite odd. I sat in there reading.. Gonzo and peanut couldn't figure out why I was staring at this thing, and did their best to distract me, it was ever so cute. Peanut laid down on my chest and let me pat his belly. I REALLY love that kitten....

I say that as Jack jumps into my lap and starts purring. Yes Jack.. I still love you most of all.. and no.. you shouldn't be disappointed because I didn't do a blood glucose test on you.. ask em.. she wasn't too thrilled about it.. (but when she was done.. jack was right there wanting his.. he's such a strange little boy - and I love him so)
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