Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Outcome and first day pilling

So I went to get them.  My vet had to run out for an appointment.  I am not fully on board with the way he does check out.  He calls, so he feels he doesn't need to send the pets home personally.  Often I'm checked out by reception, they get me my cat and I should be off.  But I don't like that.  I want someone to walk me through the whole procedure, and what happened, etc.  I'm often so overwhelmed that my kitty is OK when my vet calls that I don't think to ask the right questions.  I get "they came through fine, they are waking up, come get them"   (he probably says more, but that is all I absorb)

I should make no apologies (but I do) for being a client that needs their hand held and tons of information.  I just like to be proactive and keep a handle on what is going on.

So the head tech came out.  Twee had no reactions this time.  They went back through her previous history and it turns out that according to the chart that she didn't have a reaction the second time they tried to spay her.  I distinctly remember being told that they rushed through the spay because of .... something.  Maybe, just maybe, they rushed because they were attempting to be cautious.  But I am much relieved that she was able to be sedated and NOT die..   She too had a broken tooth.  I lamented to the tech "What on earth are my cats breaking their teeth on?!?!" and for a few moments on the drive home I had to wonder if it wasn't the raw food.  It has ground bone in it.  But then I remembered that Em had a broken tooth years ago, and that was prior to her ever hearing about raw food or looking at a bone.  I know Jack most likely broke his trying to get into a treat container... so to me the raw is in the clear  (of course then I remembered that prior incidence with a different brand and the extreme issues my cats had, including getting a piece of bone being stuck ON their tooth..  *sigh*  but I guess what I mean to post, that it really doesn't matter what they eat, teeth break)

Eli did just fine.  No extractions, no major issues.   and he sang for me the ENTIRE way home.  By the time I got home with him, I had to wonder if he didn't have a sore throat..

I like to check in with my cats when they get home from surgery.  So I brought them in the house one at a time and tried to let them give me a good look.  Eli wanted NOTHING to do with what I wanted.  He was so squirmy and wriggly.  I felt bad, but I wanted to know what was going on.  A quick peek showed pearly whites with a little red at the gum.  They cleaned his ears up good, which is probably the first time they have been so clean in years. (his tear ducts are blocked, so he tends to have goopy eyes as his tears back up and drain through his ears)  They tried to clean his face off too which was nice.  When I let him go, he was off like a shot, and I didn't see him again till he woke me up this morning demanding attention (by rubbing his face on me)  I thought all was forgiven, and it probably was, but he was VERY wary when I attempted to sneak his medication into him via  pill pocket.  I distracted all of the other cats, then threw his treat near him.  He looked at me like he KNEW I was trying to pull one over on him, and he was NOT going to be fooled.  He sniffed it and walked away.  I got out some more pill pockets and threw empty pieces by him so he could see the other cats were interested in them (and oh boy were they) but he would not be tempted.  He would NOT BE FOOLED DARN IT!!  finally I gave up, and DH was able to snag him as breakfast was going down and he held while I pilled.  It went way easier then I thought it would.  When the vet called to check up on them, I inquired how important it was to pill Eli.  Fortunately it was decided that while he had some bleeding, everything went very well and there was no infections, so if it becomes too much of a quality of life issue, I can stop.  I'm going to try for at least three days.. we'll see (Eli spent the first six months of his life being medicated, and the next three years running from me when ever I walked into a room because he feared he was going to get more.  I know after a while he didn't know why he was running, so I started him on Rescue Remedy and it helped him break that fear response.  But to this day he's still very cautious about our "doing anything to him"  He asks for attention, but if we attempt to love on him, you can just see him thinking something else is going to happen and he runs)

Twee also was not amused at the once over.  The place where her tooth was removed looked a little angry.  She was out and about in the evening.  She was quite goofy as well, so I think she was a little loopy from the sedative.  This morning she didn't come out for the treats (she's not very food motivated, but "hand full of dry food on floor" is something she does participate in) so I was a little concerned.  DH found her, and I pilled her, and once again, it went way easier then I had any right to hope.  I tossed it in her mouth with out even seeing where it was going, sure she was going to spit it right out, but she swallowed it.  (she is not clever enough to hold it in her mouth and spit it out later)  She ate some breakfast this morning, so that was good.  I am a smidge concerned about getting her the meds each morning, but it most definitely will not be the quality of life issue that it is with Squeaky..

Fortunately the bill wasn't quite as high as I was expecting which was nice.

So at the moment it looks like we might have peace and quiet in the household for a while..
*knock on wood* - a lot

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


should probably email DH and let him know they are OK.. Amusing that I blogged first.

I just couldn't stand it any more

So I called.

My vet is very good at calling when he is ready, and I felt pushy calling, but I couldn't focus any more, and I REALLY needed to use the ladies.. so I called, used the ladies, refilled my water glass (because my mouth was pasty) and here I am.

From the woman who answered the phone (a good friend of mine actually) (and OMG my spelling is atrocious.. good thing Firefox has spell check) "everything went well" and they are "doing fine" and I can head out to pick them up pretty quickly here.  Apparently the day was a little crazy - I knew they were doing a litter of puppies as well - and he just hadn't had time to call.

I'm still a little wound from the anxiety, and probably won't be myself until they get home.  But it looks like all went well :)


The last time I sat on my hands waiting to the vet to call I blogged how nervous I was, and by the time I was done they called.... so.. ring darn it!!

I asked when I left what time they thought they would do them, and they said late morning early afternoon, so we are a little past that sweet spot if you ask the impatient me..

I'm afraid to do my afternoon errands because if I get up from the desk they will call.

But pretty soon I'm going to have to visit the ladies room or have a real mess on my hands..

chewing fingernails

the day I have dreaded for years is upon me.  I knew there would most likely be a day that we would need to sedate Tweedle after we adopted her, and today is the day.

For those new to the blog, Twee was a foster who had a severe reaction to two different anesthetics and died twice while trying to get her spayed.  The vet who saved her both times is doing her dental today.  He swears this new sedative he has is very safe.  And if she reacts to this too, I trust he will do everything for her.

This morning was interesting. Twee and Eli are my two squirrley cats.  When they suspect anything is going on (like nail trim day) they run.  Catching them when they have figured out something is going on is .... well it is like herding cats.  It can be done, but it is traumatic on all of us.  Fortunately Eli was playing King on the top level of the cat tree in the sun room and was loathed to move. I played it cool and acted like I was looking for anything but him. When I got close to the tree, he stood up, but it was too late to get away.  I had my hands on him and was picking him up before he could even get a "HEY!" squeak in. DH picked up Twee before Eli's protests started to bother her.  I slipped him in the carrier that was in the house.  She started getting spooked because he wouldn't shut up (can't blame him one bit) and I had to go outside for another carrier (the second carrier in the house can be escaped out of, and not ideal for either one of them.) 

So we had two cats sitting side by side in carriers.  Eli protesting in his squeak voice, Twee hunkered down wondering what was about to happen.  I gathered up the rest of my stuff for the day, and I asked my husband if he could take them out for me.  He said sure.  I asked if he was ready to take them out, and a big whining "NOOOOOOO" came forth.  I looked around wondering who was protesting, and it turned out to be Twee.  The timing was perfect, and despite their discomfort I smiled.

The ride down was no fun.  Squeak squeak squeak squeak the whole ride down, with a few mild meows from Twee.  I did fine until I turned down that last major road that the clinic is on.  About two miles prior to reaching there my heart started to tighten up and the stress and worry started roaring in.  I couldn't help but think that if the worst should happen, I will have lost all of my black and white kitties in just a few months. 

It won't.  They'll be fine.  My vet is wonderful.  My kitties are healthy, and in a couple of hours I'll have a $900 vet bill to pay.. fun fun and two more kitties with sparkling white teeth.

Speaking of teeth, for fun I bought some chicken drumsticks.  Most of my cats turn their noses up at them - they are too good to tear flesh from bone thank you very much (especially Muffin who won't even chew unground meat) but Skippy LOVES it.  He is such a little carnivore.. chewing on bones, running off with it to protect it.  It was so cute.  (well in a predator prey sort of way) Fleurp took another one.  We put down a third, but doubted anyone would chew on it.  Twee licked it.  Eli sniffed it.  Skippy showed up and ran off with it.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

I didn't think I would cry

I got the call today.  Peter was adopted.  A "nice family" with another kitty, and will be indoor only they say.

I'm sorry I'm not going to find out what was going on in his ears, and said as much to the shelter manager who called.  She said they could always call and follow up, which I would appreciate, because as I said, I have never seen anything like what happened to Peter's ears.

Tears are still streaming down my face as I type this.. I guess despite all my protests of adopting Peter, part of my heart screamed for him.  It is better, but being right doesn't lessen the pain.

I did download an app called Touch Cats.  I thought it would be really silly and I wouldn't enjoy it, but when I went to pick out a kitten and I saw a cream colored kitten, I "adopted" him and called him Petie (couldn't call him Peter for some reason)  I then adopted a black kitty and named him Tinsel, and I "play" with them and love on them.  It is quite funny as they act quite a lot like the real Peter and Tinsel, vying for attention, being silly, etc.

And the ironic thing is, I have more then once pushed away my own cats so I can play with my virtual cats.  I know how silly that is, so I try not to do that too much.  But I think it is something in the way the virtual cats meow that calls them to me

I took a little video.  Unfortunately it is not in focus, and I have no idea how to focus in close up on my flip cam.  But you can get the idea.  Petie is wearing a hat and Tinsel is wearing a shirt that I "won" by going on a "mission"   It is silly..

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Another Visit to PetSmart

Are you SURE you can't fit a tiny little furry boy into your life??


When I showed up a woman and her son were there, and the boy was patting Peter, but they ended up taking a little girl who just showed up that morning.  I went in and gave him some snuggles (which he wasn't up for) and gave him a once over.  His lump is still receding, but it is still there.  However, his ears are a friggen mess.  At first blush it looked a bit like an overgrown ear mite infestation with a smidge of infection going on, but as I tried to clean it, the dirt was attached to scabs which pulled off and caused quite a bit of bleeding.  In less then a week his ears went from clean to crappy.  The girl attending was surprised saying "we look at them every day".  Have to wonder what her definition of "look at" really is.

So I tried to clean his ears.  It must have been very painful because his ears turned all pink, and he did NOT want to sit still for it.  At least he wasn't aggressively reactive, just squirmy and wanting to leave.  I let him go and played with him for a while and I tried to get another peek a bit later to see what was going on.  The lighting wasn't great, and he was not cooperative,   I took a few photos, but unfortunately they aren't the clearest things

His left ear was worse then the other, but they were both effected.

Other then this though, he seemed fine.
having a snack

after chasing a toy
the girl working there told me that Tinsel went to a "wonderful home"  Like they would tell me anything else, but she said it was right down the street from her and she walks past it every day.  He will be an indoor kitty, and will most likely call him Tinney (tinny?  Tin-y?)

There was also a note left for me earlier in the week..

Tinsel went to a perfect home, they have kids and another cat.  He'll be indoor only.  Peter doesn't even care he's gone.  I know you wanted them together, but it was hindering their chances of adoption and that wasn't fair to them.  They'll be ok apart I'm sure of it and Peter will have a home in no-time.

which is amusing because six days later he's still there for adoption.

and again, it wasn't that Peter needed Tinsel per say, but he needed a friend to help him get past overwhelming events..  .. c'est la vie

So as I type, and fret, and stew, it is nap time..

Kit, Fleurp, Muffin

Friday, March 25, 2011

I really should know better

then to click on links that say uber cute baby kittens here.

I will not get kitten fever.. I will not get kitten fever... I will not get kitten fever...

OK then...

So.. I checked my email last night..

Ok, I admit, I was chicken, I had my husband read it and tell me if I had been yelled at or not.

See my first instinct is to yell and scream and try to force the shelter into doing what I want, and I know that is a bad idea on many levels, so I tried to be as diplomatic as possible and convey what I knew and what I wanted and left what I felt out of it.  not sure if I succeeded..

and I can never tell how things will be perceived.  If the manager reading it had a bad day, no matter what I said it could easily be taken as my trying to force things.

The reply was also very diplomatic.  Reminded me a LOT of my mother (and no, that is not a good thing)  It said my input was valuable and appreciated, and that I am very valued and appreciated, but decisions about adoption are the discretion of the shelter.

In my previous email I ended with what I would like, and that would be for Peter to have some info on his adoption that he should be an indoor only kitty (because of his nature to run and hide when facing new things) and that he would be better suited to living with another friendly outgoing cat.  (and that he had the vaccine reaction) I mentioned that I could have sent along a write up and photos for the website, that I would be as proactive as possible finding him a home.  Well she said getting the write up would be a good thing, so I culled a few photos of Peter (was hard to find some with out Tinsel somewhere in the shot) and I did another write up (which I don't think was my best because I was so emotional) and sent that back as my reply.

I do really appreciate and respect the manager I'm dealing with.  She has been with the shelter for years, and has really grown into the position and brings a lot to it.  Unfortunately being an open admission shelter they deal with a small budget and do not pay what (I think) they should for staff.  As a result most of the staff is in their young 20s and while they do care, and they do a good job, I think the fact that the median age of the staff is so young does effect things.  I think (I have no idea) that the decision was made (to separate) with out talking to anyone with out knowing the facts of Peter simply because they were doing so well where they were at the time.  They didn't know that Peter has issues with change, they didn't know how he hid from me when he returned here.  They didn't know.. and they didn't ask.  Which is an absolute shame.  I don't think they did it out of malice or to tick me off.  I think they thought they knew best, that it would get them adopted faster - which for the most part would be better for most cats.

So, now I'm back to what do *I* want out of this. I am hoping with time I'll forgive the arrogance, and move past this.  (I don't like the word arrogance, but I can't think of a better one.  Arrogance is very harsh, and as I said, I don't think the decision was intended to be harsh or rude)  I'm not happy that the fact that the woman I called asking for information never called me back - especially since this woman is the one I have previously trusted to stay in my home and care for my own cats. 

One thing I do know for certain, if I do continue to foster (and chances are good that I will), I am going to HAVE to stick to my previous rule of no more single kitten fosters!!

(for those new to this blog, the last two to the crew were single kitten fosters, and the two before that were kittens that were left behind after the rest of their families went up for adoption - Twee because she had a severe reaction to the sedation when she was neutered and Kit because she was painfully small and I had kept the rest of the two families (a pair of sibling cats who gave birth to four kittens each with in a day of each other) for way too long.)

So this is basically over.

I'll be focusing on Tweedle and Eli for the next few days because they are going on Tuesday to have their teeth cleaned.  As previously mentioned, Tweedle had severe reactions to anesthesia (clinically died both times they tried to spay her.  The second time the vet finished the spay while the tech started to resuscitate her)   My vet is the vet who spayed her, and he swears that he has a new sedation that is much safer, and she should be fine.  I trust him.  I trust that they will watch her like a hawk and if there is any trouble do absolutely everything for her. I'm thinking Wednesday night we'll have a nice nip party and a nice yummy treat for dinner..

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Expressing oneself with out burning bridges can be a fine line

The thought of not fostering really hurts me.  While at times it has been painful (when I lose them) and frustrating (when they are sick and wont get better) for the most part I find it does me far more good then the kittens I care for.

But I'm not sure I can not continue to work for the kittens until they are adopted (aka stop caring for them cold turkey once they hit 2.5 lbs).  I guess I feel my responsibility to them will only end once they have their forever home.  Is this right?  maybe, maybe not.  Guess it depends on what the shelter I work with thinks. 

So I have been thinking.  My options were a) say something or b) stop fostering.  I didn't much like either one of these.  I've been with the shelter long enough to know full well why they didn't consult me when it came to their decision regarding my former fosters.  There have been too many "situations" where volunteers have become emotionally involved and blew up when the shelter's decisions didn't match what the volunteers thought they should be.  I've seen the aftermath, it isn't easy.  I know the staff try to do their best by the animals with what they have to work with.  I guess I thought with the years I had put in, and some of the situations I've gone through with the shelter, I thought I had earned a bit more standing.  It hurt that it wasn't the case.

So I emailed and asked, as casually as possible.  I got back the response I was expecting.  They thought they would do fine apart, and Tin got way more interest then Peter.  yup, and yup.  Pretty much expected that.  It is a shame they didn't ask me for the information I had.  I knew Tin would do just fine, I've always said that.  It is Peter who needs another kitty to show him that the world is a good place. 

Ok, so now what.  After the response, I was back to the same place, say something or stop fostering.  Explain why I felt they were wrong, with out becoming a "problem volunteer"  and make a suggestion of what I feel would "fix" the situation I had an issue with.  Cause really at this point there is no getting Tin back for Peter.  (and considering I haven't checked in on Peter since Sunday he might even be in his forever home)

I ran several drafts past my husband, who is far less emotional then I am (in general, and in specific about this) and sent off a letter explaining my side of things, and why I even had a side of things... it wasn't that I was emotionally involved (which is I am obviously) but because I wanted Peter to have the best out of life, and I felt his new owners should know who he is and what he needs. I guess I feel I am an advocate for the kittens because I come to know them so well.  The shelter has several programs like "meet your match" and do work ups for some of the animals, and I guess I felt it was my job to make sure that kittens with special quirks have those quirks known.  If I have a kitten who is all up in your face demanding attention and is a troublemaker, I say so and that way if someone is looking for a kitten who isn't all up in their face, they won't end up with one that is.. etc.

I have yet to check my mail to see if there is a reply.  I sent it after hours, and I've been at work and do not want to get possibly bad news here. 

I would like to continue fostering, but I've come to the realization that I do not want to just feed them and send them back.  I can not, and nor do I want to, divorce myself from the care that I have given and the care I take to do my best for them. 

So we'll see if this blog turns into a rambling of just my own cats or not..

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Vet Visit for Fleurp

Bet she is wishing she never asked for all that extra attention now.. :)

She is NOT a fan of being scooped up before breakfast, shoved in a carrier (how I did it with two hands I'm not quite sure) and being driven around at speeds unnatural for any cat.  Fleurp has a cute little chirp instead of a protesting meow.  It is almost like "hey, this isn't the way my world is supposed to work.. I'm cute, I get what I want"

They took her out back, and I forgot to ask them to draw a little extra blood in case we needed to do an FELV/FIV test.  I have been wracking my brains about what might make her anemic, and I thought that would be one thing, and I know how much she hates getting blood drawn.  Well the tech heard me curse myself for not asking when she brought her back, and asked what was up.  I explained I was thinking I wouldn't have minded if they predrew a little extra blood in case she was anemic so we could do an felv/fiv, but since it didn't happen, not to worry about it because we will cross that bridge when we come to it.  Well she took that to mean, lets run the felv/fiv test.  *sigh*  another $50 out of the budget.  But I guess in the long run I shouldn't complain, because I would probably wonder, and now I know.  It just irks me because I did not give permission for it to be done.  This is the second time a "miscommunication" happened at the vet..  The first being when they didn't clean Jack's ears when I specifically asked for it..

No big deal...  Well Jack thought it was, cause he hates it when I clean his ears, and it would have been nice to do it while he was sedated..


She's not anemic, she hasn't lost weight, she's not felv or fiv positive. 

She just likes playing with screws.

and drill bits.

and eating dirt.


On a side note, my vet does some work with the shelter, and I thought they might take the information regarding injectable vaccines better from him then from me.  They obviously injected Peter and Tinsel on their flank. The protocols for injections has changed, and they should be given as low down on the limbs as possible, the reason being that if VAS (vaccine associated sarcoma - aka cancer from the vaccine) were to occur, it would be in a place where you could remove the whole limb and the cat would have a better chance at an outcome.  I have tried to explain things to the shelter in the past, but being a non vet, I don't hold a lot of weight.  When I told him that was what they were doing, he was concerned and also mentioned to me that some of his recent dealings with the shelter were.... well to be politically correct (and sharing with out giving out too much info) .... were wonky.  We are wondering if there is some sort of management shift, or something going on.  It was very comforting to know that it wasn't *me*  (I tend to be a little paranoid about that..)

I am trying to decide if I want to write a letter about P & T (I tend to be a crier when I talk to people in person about things I'm passionate about and it is more of a nuisance and makes me feel I am being taken less seriously) or just let this go stand back and see what happens.  There are a couple of organizations in the area who I am sure would really love having an additional foster home, so if I decide that I can not deal with their new way of doing things I can reach out to others, but I think right now I just need to take a break and come back to reality.  I have been fretting and fretting over Peter - almost to the point that this is a death sentence for him - which is completely not the case.  It got so bad last night that I found myself waking up several times and fretting.  The non emotional part of my brain knew it to be silly to not be able to let it go, but apparently my emotional side is about five years old and just could not let it go.  I think my cats understood I was upset (and maybe even thinking of bringing Peter home) so six of the seven (DH's cat hung out with him) made it a point to be as close to me as was feline possible. which for those of you with out obnoxiously affectionate cats, means as many whiskers and fur bits up your nose as possible.  I tried to get photos, but it is hard when they are so close, and it is still dark out

I did find it comforting after writing about Skippy last night to find him snuggled up into my belly as I slept on my side. ( I do think it a little amazing that I can tell all of my cats apart in the dark or with my eyes closed. ) Then again this morning as I was just about to get up to take Fleurp to the vet, he walked into the room and looked up at me.  I said "Hi Skippy" and he immediately got up and jumped on the bed and came for a good 20 minute snugglefest - water works included (my boy drools when he is happy)

and just to share, this was my ride to the vet.  35 minutes one way.. by the time I headed home, most of the snow was melting off the trees and being a nusance.
Springtime in Maine.. got to love it.

So, after all this verbal diarrhea, I'm pretty much were I was on Sunday.  But at the very least I am able to step back a bit and look a little more objectively.  The worst has happened (they were separated) and the world did not end.  I'm just at a diverge in the road, and at some point I have to make a decision which path to take.  I think the longer I take to make this decision, the better.  Kitten season doesn't start up fully until late April/May so I have plenty of time.  Also no reason (besides horrid kitten fever) I can't take the whole year off if that is what *I* need to deal with this and how things are handled in the future.

I want to be as clear as possible that while I'm upset with what is currently happening, I still greatly respect the shelter I volunteer for.  They do a great deal with in the limits of being an open admission shelter.  I could never deal with the decisions they have to make on a daily basis.  While I wish it was slightly different then it currently is, and there is nothing wrong with wishing for improvement, I don't feel that it diminishes the work they are able to accomplish.  If their policies become something I can't work with in because of how emotionally invested I become, it does not mean that either one of us is wrong, just that we are on either side of an idea.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Well, Tinsel was adopted.... (and some verbal diarrhea)

I'm not happy. (but I am happy for Tinsel)  I have been reluctant to post about what has been going on as I wasn't sure if it was an actual issue or not. 

I stopped in to see Peter and Tinsel on Saturday evening.  Their write up which originally had "we must go home together" written on it by a staff member had a post it on it saying they could be separated.  I was quite upset, and went home wondering why.  Wondering if I even had the right to say something... well I guess I always have the right to "say something" but probably not to push the matter. 

I had taken the post it, hoping that would be enough.  Hoping that it was someone not in authority who had wrote it, and that by removing it that it wouldn't happen.  I fretted and obsessed, and finally I gave up and called the shelter staff member who is in charge of PetSmart.  She didn't answer her phone, so I left a message.  She did not call.  I called again in the morning, trying to be very pleasant, and saying I just wanted to ask a question about policy and it would just take a moment.

I really needed to know why after three months this decision was made.

So she didn't call. So I called the shelter manager on Sunday.  I left her a message as well but told her I didn't really need a call back about this.  I was started to feel a little obsessive about this.  Once again, what am I "allowed" to say/insist on.  I mean these aren't my cats.  I'm "just a volunteer".  I've been volunteering for a very long time, more then a dozen years, maybe 15, maybe even 20.. I'm not really sure.  I've been fostering since they started the program. 

I also was hoping that it wouldn't matter. That they would be adopted together. 

I went by this evening.  Tinsel was gone.  My write up was gone.  Peter was in the cage all by himself.

I am bothered that it was not discussed with me.  (Do I even have a right to think they should have asked?)  I'm bothered that I did not get a call back.  I'm bothered that they would igo along with them be adopted together for three months then all of a sudden decide, well maybe not.  Granted Peter does really well when he is comfortable in an environment, but when change happens he pulls inside himself.  Even coming back here when he was sick it took him a while to come out of his shell.  Tinsel helped him accept that the world was not out to get him.  If Tinsel could do it, Peter thought he could do it.  Will Peter be OK with out a friend.. I guess, but I think he would do so much better with one.  (Or at least in a home that is understanding that he is like that - but with out a write up, the new home will not know)

I want so much to grab him and bring him home.  But I did that with Skippy, and while I do not regret bringing him home, I'm not sure it was the best thing for him or the resident kitties. I'm sure Peter would do OK here, but he might do so much better in a less complicated household.


So I'm not sure I feel comfortable fostering at this point.  I get so emotionally invested.  I am supposed to bring these little ones into my home and love them, and nurture them, and care about them, and my feelings don't stop at the door.... and I'm not sure I would be any good as a "maker of good kittens" if they did.

So, I do need to have a conversation with the shelter about this.  I need to decide if this is something I can accept.  if it isn't, will another shelter have different rules about this sort of thing?  If not, what am I going to do with all my new found free time?  and how bad is the kitten fever going to get watching others foster such as IBKC  (I mean come on, have you seen Mr. Kirby??)

On a side note, I called the vet today.  I'm going to bring Fleurp in the morning for a blood draw to see if she is anemic again.  She's back at the dirt and still playing with screws even though we picked up every single one we could find.  I scheduled Twee and Eli for a week from tomorrow for dentals.

Saturday, March 19, 2011


If anyone wants to adopt Peter and Tinsel, I will find a way to get them to you!!  I'll drive them, fly them, what ever is needed..

I'm just so frustrated...

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Yet another trip to PetSmart

I got there just as the women who were cleaning for the night were leaving, so I was able to sneak in and get some kitten time with out bugging the staff.  Once again I got the "you should so adopt them!!" speil.  Both of them were apparently just talking about me when I walked up and were thinking I should just take them home since I visit so much.

I had a nice visit. Peter gave me his belly to pat, and we had a lot of fun with some neon colored feathers at the end of a string on a stick.  Tin was jumping and doing back flips trying to catch it.  Peter finally caught it and grabbed it and ran off with it.  It was so adorable seeing those neon feathers against his cream and buff little body.

As I was leaving I ran into a staff member who I know because she is also a volunteer at the shelter.  She too gave me the speil.  Guys, if it were possible for me to keep them, do you think by now I would have adopted them!!  I feel much like I did when I was younger and people found out for the first time that I decided to not have children. 

So today Mary started Tweeting about the boys trying to drum up some interest in them.  Nikki posted on facebook.  :) I saw Mary tweeted directly to Eliza Dushku which I thought was quite funny since the last time I took videos of the boys I was watching the Angel episodes where she was on being Faith and saving the world.  The scenes that were playing were a little graphic, so I didn't watch the videos prior to tonight, but I couldn't resist.  There are some cute ones.  I'm not sure if you can hear the TV, I couldn't.

sweetest commercial EVER!!

The extended version is fun to watch as well

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Nearly wordless Wednesday

Hey Peter, whatcha looking at?

The cages at PetSmart were open today when I stopped by to see them.  Tinsel had jumped up into one cage, Peter in another.  It was cute.  Tin spent quite a bit of time snuggling.  Peter... wasn't quite so snuggly,  I think he's still a little upset with me for returning him.  The notebook was full of praises about how wonderful they both are, so I would say they are doing fine

on a side note, HRH got adopted.  Apparently the PetSmart grooming center cleaned up his lion cut before he left.  I'm glad.

Peter & Tinsel The Odd Couple

Peter and Tinsel are not brothers, but became bonded so quickly, they now seem like brothers.  Peter went into foster care after coming into the shelter covered in used cooking oil.  The thought was he was so hungry he was going for a meal of anything and fell in.  Five baths later he still smelled a bit like a French fry.  He was fearful of new things and people coming at him, but did not mind being held and patted.    It was thought that having a feline companion would help him come out of his shell, and so Tinsel came off the adoption floor and went into foster care. 

Immediately Tinsel was very good to Peter.  He took on the roll of big brother, playmate and friend and took delight in the job.  He pushed Peter out of his comfort zone when needed, and even knew when to back off and let Peter figure things out for himself.   With his new friend Peter blossomed and started seeking out the attention he so craved.  Both Peter and Tinsel are lap kitties, but Tinsel is much more so.   Peter is still cautious in new environments and will take some time to adjust to his new home once adopted.  It would be best if you set them up in one room for a few days to let them adjust to their new home.  Because of Peter’s nature, it would be best if they were to be indoor only kitties.

They went up for adoption  at the beginning of the year, but the right home did not come along.  After being available for a while, both came down with “URI” and needed to go on medication for 10 days.  Both responded well to the medication and got over their cold quickly.  Both of them also had a bit of a reaction (a little swelling) to the vaccine they were given.  This should be mentioned to their vet.

They are a lot of fun, love to play, LOVE to snuggle, and are very good kitties.  They have been eating a mixture of canned and dry food, and been using scoopable litter.

They are in Southern Maine, and currently up for adoption at a local PetSmart.

FreeKibble for Japan

HUGE News! Donating 100% of kibble raised tomorrow to the animal relief effort in Japan - Spread the word!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Happy Anniversery Petfinder

Petfinder Adopt-the-Internet Day

You know, I wasn't going to do this.. as I'm always hawking adoptable kittens, it just seemed so self serving.. (Cause you know Peter and Tin are still available.. )

but this is a good cause, and one more voice to the choir is a good thing..

And since I think it only fair I hawk a kitty that I have nothing to do with, and let the world know that exotic cats are available at shelters, take a look at Oliver

Oliver is a Selkirk Rex available in California.. (doesn't he look a bit like Santa?)

Then there is Corwin

Corwin is a Bengal.

Now granted, you have to take some of what is said with a grain of salt.  While looking for a good munchkin image I saw a munchkin/cook mix, which I have to say must look adorable, but the photos were pretty low quality.  It is a shame that there weren't better picts out there..   *shrug*

But the kitty you are looking for is out there looking for you right now..

and maybe, just maybe? they are a small cream and buff boy with an older solid black brother?

Saturday, March 12, 2011

the boys are back at PetSmart

they went yesterday. I didn't blog about it because I've come down with an odd bit of illness. My throat really hurts, but I have absolutely no other symptoms. I jokingly say it is my tonsils, because it kinda feels like it, but I would imagine if it was I would have a fever or something else going on. *shrug* I have a Dr appointment on Wednesday anyway, so if it is still around then, she can look at it.

So.. I brought the boys back to PetSmart after work on Friday. It was about 2pm. I went down into the kitten room to pack them up, and I think Peter knew, because he wasn't coming out and being social like he had be. Tin was out and about so I gave him a good snuggle and then stuck him in the carrier. I didn't want to go and pull Peter out from under the couch, so I let him come to me. It took a bit, and I had to pull out his favorite treats to get him to come out but he finally did.

The boys did make it a little easier for me to let them go... as they did their best to prove to me that my kitten proofed kitten room was not really kitten proof.
they pulled pieces out of a taped puzzle I have nailed to the wall
they chewed through the wires from the tv to the box so I had no sound
Peter's favorite treats
Jack Fleurp and Twee wondering what was going on
"Get out and STAY out!" Muffin no so nicely says goodbye

So I drove them over.  Peter was not very happy, Tinsel was a little concerned.  The two kitties there up for adoption were out of their cage for some exercise.  I put Peter and Tin in the large condo cage they had been in before.  I wasn't sure how they would do with the new kitties being so recently displaced, so I figured it was best.  The first kitty is "Squishy" who is anything but.  He is a very large muscular kitty.  it is a shame he has such a poorly done lion cut, but he really doesn't care.  He is quite regal, a large and in charge boy.  When I stopped by this morning to drop off another write up for the boys, he really gave off an air of being "His Royal Highness" which sounds so silly when followed by Sir Squishy.. so we just kept calling HRH.. which he loved very much.  The second kitty is Lilly.  She was a little more stand offish and not interested in me or the boys.  She observed for a while then wandered off to sit out of reach.

the boys feeling a little confused

 So when I stopped by this morning, Tinsel was doing just fine.  Ignored HRH, and was content to sit under the scratching post they have in there.  I got him playing, and he really enjoyed that.  Peter seemed upset.  Not sure if he was upset with me for not keeping him, or upset that he was in yet another "new place" and just hadn't adjusted yet.  I tried to snuggle him, but he wanted nothing to do with that, and went and sat high up in the condo.   I gave him a little cat nip, which he seemed to like, and left. 

I came home and slept most of the day, so I have no idea if they were adopted or not.  Probably not.  I have to go out and about tomorrow, so I might just check in on them again..

this just made me giggle

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hey Skippy!!

Whatcha doin in that big empty room?

I'm just sitting here

DH left the light on in one of the rooms and I went to shut it off and saw Skippy just sitting in the middle of the floor.  I took some picts and shut the light off, thinking he'd move.  Ten minutes later I looked into the room, and he was still just sitting there in the dark.

He's an odd little boy.. I quite often find myself asking him what he's doing, mostly when he's just sitting somewhere looking pretty much like he does above.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

letting go

this is going to be hard.  They have both become so snuggly, that it is a joy to go into the kitten room.  I get probably a full ten minutes of up in my face head buts and licks and snuggles before they start begging for food.  They lay on top of each other so that I can pat both of them with one hand.

They then switch off from playing to snuggling.  they take their turns snuggling with me too. 

*sigh*  their furever home better show up soon... like I show up at PetSmart and they are there..

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


well this is "interesting" 

For the past few days I've noticed that Fleurp has found a new item to play with.  She likes clinking noises, and she's found rocks and shells to bat around.  But recently I've noticed that she has started playing with screws.  She finds them down in the workshop in the basement and she brings them upstairs and plays with them in the bedroom. 

Two days ago she found a drill bit... she was quite proud of herself and annoyed that we took it away from her.  DH joked that she might be iron deficient.  Considering her recent bout with anemia, I suppose I shouldn't have dismissed it, but I did.

This morning... another screw.

This evening?  She's digging around in the dirt of a plant.

I just weighed her, she isn't loosing weight.  so is she having issues, or was she just interested in looking at the plant that she hadn't paid attention to before?

So.. Guess we are just going to watch her and weigh her regularly and see if she goes after the dirt again.. If she is anemic again, I am quite scared to find out the reason..

No taking a pict of Fleurp with out me!!  says Jack
ME TOO!!! ~ Muffin
Finally.. a GFS.

Ollie - the Photo Book

Picaboo is giving away a free custom photo book and so I finally got to make one for Ollie.

If you would like to see it,  you can do so here

Eventually I want to make one for all of my kitties who have passed.  Unfortunately I don't think I have enough photos of Kodi, or Tig, but I definitely do of Em.  Have more of her then I do of Ollie.. but then again he was never a fan of the camera

You can get your own free photo book until 3/22

I've done several at SnapFish and love having an actual book instead of a photo album.  I can't wait to see this one printed out.  I ended up adding two extra pages, so it cost me $9.99 ($7.99 shipping and apparently $1.00 per page fee.. and a page is one side, to add one actual page is two pages)

Monday, March 7, 2011

biding my time

Well Peter and Tinsel were done their medication on Friday.. I've kept them over the weekend to make sure things don't flair up.. I wonder how long I can keep them before it is no longer kosher.  Tinsel is fast approaching his six month birthday, and Peter isn't that far behind (at six months all cats at the shelter become free to adopt)  it is a bit of a shame that they haven't found a home before now.  For the past few days when ever I go to take care of them, they end up getting me to snuggle with them for at least 30 minutes.  Yesterday was a bit different.  I wish I had my camera with me at the time, because the two of them were playing with a furry mouse.  There is a black one and a red one in the room, and they both have to play with which ever one is in motion.  If I throw the other one in the mix so they each have one, it is out and out ignored (or the one they were playing with is ignored for the new one)  They were tossing it up in the air and trying to pounce it like it was a butterfly.. which means EVERYTHING was flying.  Once they even body slammed in the air.

They also take turns wrestling.  Peter will pounce on Tin, then Tin pounces on Petie. 

I so wish someone who would keep in touch would adopt them.  I tried to get @Scully_Cat 's staff to consider them, as there was some talk of kittens.. but alas Scully will have NOTHING to do with it.  She's completely content to be an only kitty.  I get that.  I was so certain that I wouldn't be able to add any more cats to my household when Em became an only kitty after Tig went missing (back in the days when I let my cats free roam - but that too has a long story) She not only made it perfectly clear she was an only cat, she put that thought in practice attacking the few kittens that came to visit.  We couldn't turn down Ollie though, and with proper introductions, she became very accepting of him.  Then when we added Jack, she was content to be queen.  By the time we added Twee, she was queen mom, enjoying licking and snuggling with Twee and the others.  I do think she was much happier because of the addition...

ugh.. I'm rambling.  Sorry..

I do wish I could keep them, but then I go up and spend time with my own crew and get covered with four to six cats and realize there really is just no room.  I know Skippy would LOVE them, mostly because Peter reminds me a lot of him in personality... that and he sits in the window to the kitten room every chance he gets and watches them.

Maybe Friday... Friday is do-able. 

Then I'll swap out the flooring in the kitten room (I put cheap linoleum down over the foam floor squares that we replaced this year. I like it a lot, but it already has a tear in it, so I'll buy a thicker piece this time) and sit and wait for kittens.  Often they don't come in force until June..

Cat Moves In to Elementary School

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Free Iams

as you may (or may not) know I am NOT a fan of Iams food products.  After years of fostering and watching kittens eat only enough to survive then dig right into pretty much anything else after it, I have to conclude their food tastes pretty bad.  Then when I saw the ingredient label, I had to praise the kittens for being so smart.

But I do know many people use it.  And I know many people could use a little help right now.  So I intend to buy a bag and send for the offer and donate the bag to the local shelter.  The shelter funds a pet food pantry locally which I like.  Although the shelter is a fan of Iams and SD (they get so happy when they get a donation of it that I just have to smile and walk away)

Just so you know, they don't rebate the bag, but send you a coupon for a second bag.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


OMG, I just saw the cutest thing.. over at Must have Cute (go figure)

I so want a ton of these.  (grumbles about going out and buying a lottery ticket)
I originally saw this one...

which reminded me of Ollie.
Then I went to the website and saw this one
Which totally could be my Jack...
They are very reasonably priced for what they are.. It is just that I want so many of them..


it's daily double at
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