Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Kitten collages from birth to now

The kittens have reached their 'fighting' weight and will be scheduled to be neutered soon. Interesting instead of scheduling an actual date this shelter calls and sees if there is an opening for them, so they are basically "on call" to be neutered. Not sure when, but I have some photos to share with you for the next few days.. and then we have a mystery guest... 😼

Monday, July 30, 2018

Just how far the kittens have come in ten weeks

Before I show you their photos for this week, let's see how they started.  Can you recognize anyone other than Brutus? (and maybe Zelda)

Aww.. how far they have come in ten weeks, I mean I see it all the time but it still amazes me those jelly beans turn into cats..

I iz stealth kitty - bein a ninja!

If you want to know who is who, highlight over the following lines of text:
(collage top row: Brutus, Zoey bottom row: Zena, Zelda)
(photo top to bottom: Brutus, Zoey, Zelda, and Zena)

Were you right?
Can't highlight the text, come back tomorrow to see progression photos

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Tongue out Tuesday - kitten outtakes

Summer asked how kittens can be boring. Kittens can be boring when they do the same thing over and over and there is no variation.  Now, granted, this involves kitteny-mayhem-goodness, but there isn't a whole heck of a lot to report outside of 'they are cute" and "they purr" and "they are eating".  You will see another photo of a kitten on Raffe and it reminded me a lot of the Star Trek Voyager episode Death Wish where everyone visits the Continuum and the dialog is as such:
QUINN: I traveled the road many times, sat on the porch, played the games, been the dog, everything. I was even the scarecrow for a while.
QUINN: Because I hadn't done it.
Q: Oh, we've all done the scarecrow. Big deal.
It is fun to watch kittens all do the exact same things as the litter before them.. but it doesn't make for a very compelling blog 🐱

As for Indulged Furries's questioning if outtakes are even possible.. check these out.  Keep in mind I was trying to get cute close-up photos of their faces.

Monday, July 23, 2018

Happy Eight Week Birthday, Kittens!

The kittens are doing very well. They are learning to wrap the humans around their little paws, they purr easily, enjoy snuggling and play very hard. Despite having a very low to the ground couch to prevent toys being shoved under them, they are shoving them under there. All in all this group is pretty boring, just as I like it. We had another round of soft stools, but that seems to have cleared up.

So, do you like the outtake photo posts? Should I share with you all of the 'fails"?

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

How is a seven week old kitten like a bottle of wine?

Both of them fit in the wine covers that Kohl's make. A few years ago I bought a fall sweater and it worked so well that when I saw this Hawaiian shirt wine cover I could not resist it. I wish I would have brought the hat into kitten room for the photo shoot because these kittens had a major case of clothing paralysis.

Now - before you all start in on me for dressing up cats I want you to know that I do this for their own good. The more new and unique experiences I can give kittens the better adjusted they will be and will be more adaptable to new and unique experiences to come. I monitor them and look for feedback and if a  kitten is really opposed to getting dressed up I stop.

This was the first set of cats that I've ever had that not only had clothing paralysis but acted like the shirt increased gravity tenfold.

At this point, I was laughing so hard that I had to stop trying. The Zelda and Zoey were running around like fools as well and I didn't want to interrupt their fun, so this was as far as it went. I think it went well although Zelda might have a different opinion... 

Monday, July 16, 2018

The kittens are seven weeks old now

Goodness time flies when you have kittens.. they are such amazing diversions.

They are now at the stage where they do not want to sit still so photos are getting harder and harder.

They are a little ahead developmentally - being almost two pounds at seven weeks as that usually takes until week eight. They should hit the two-pound mark in the next day or so. They are eating very well - but not really liking the dry food. I tried hand feeding it to them and that went well enough but they don't seem to be eating it out of the bowl. This probably also contributes to their being a nice healthy weight. 

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