Saturday, July 24, 2021

Renaming day for the Fluffernuggets


This post is a bit overdue.  Mostly because I couldn't wrap my brain around the name my husband picked for Miss Mouse and I only recently started calling her by her new name without having to think about it. 

It is a little bit sad as I like the idea of a cat named mouse,  but I feel she needed a stronger name to try to help her overcome her fears.  She's a rather timid kitty and we rarely see her during the day.  She does like to come out at night and is quite demanding about being pet and getting attention.  It's nice for me because I'm really uncomfortable letting more than a day go by without us putting hands on a kitty in our home. 

Anyway,  the Catman decided that Miss Mouse was going to be Xena - the worrier princess 

As for Mr Darcy.. I tried name after name for him and nothing stuck until one day I came in the house and for some reason called our "Toby!!" And he came running over,  ever so happy to see me.  His official name is Tobias,  but I call him Tobes, or Tobes McGoats, or Toby.. 

He brings me an inordinate amount of joy.  He loves throwing himself at my feet and he often makes walking across the room quite difficult.  He is trying very hard to fill the large holes left by Muffin and Jack

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Naming day has been postponed

 I have settled on names for the kittens and went to take photos of them to post here, but I was cocky enough to think I would remember which kitten was which when I took the photos.. and I don't. So you get to look at cute photos of kittens today and I will get more photos and post for Friday.. 

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