Thursday, February 28, 2013

Lucy and the Dental

So yesterday Miss Lucy went back to the shelter for her dental.

Tuesday was interesting.  I immediately went and fed her when I got home from work to give her the option to eat something.  I went out grocery shopping and when I got home I spent some time with her.  Once again she chose not to eat.  Sadly she was back down under 8lbs.  I warned her that she was about to lose all food for the night, and she scoffed at me, daring me to do it, so I did.  She gave me the back of disdain and I gave her a kiss and went to bed.

In the morning she was oh so happy to see me, and did a little dance about where the food bowls had been and I had to laugh - not to mention I felt a little bad that I couldn't feed her.  So I plopped her in the carrier and off we went.

I was very fortunate to be able to observe the dental.  I was told she would be done at around 1pm so I went off to work and showed back up at the right time.  I had visions of taking all kinds of pictures to share with you but when the time came I just felt uncomfortable asking, so I just observed.

The tech did a bulk of the cleaning which is pretty standard. She was very efficient and did a wonderful job. She let me get a good look at Lucy's teeth and the tartar she had built up.. maybe not as good as I would have liked but I didn't want to be intrusive nor did I want to make it so Lucy was under sedation any longer than necessary. It was pretty bad.  The tartar completely covered the back upper teeth.  It was so bad it was causing some gum erosion and there was an excess of puss.  She used what looked like a pair of pliers and pulled chunks of it off.

One piece from one side,
and I don't have small hands
She made note of every time Lucy "chattered" when she touched a tooth.  Lucy didn't chatter, but she did move her lower jaw like she was chattering to a bird.  It is a pretty standard reaction to a cat during a dental when something hurts.

The vet came over and took another look at the teeth, paying attention to the ones the tech noted, and he proceeded to take her two rear upper molars - one on each side.  I watched the vet pull them out.  Some parts seemed to go very easily, some seemed to be a lot of work, so I asked if they were coming out easily, and he said they were very easy to pull out that the infection had worked up into the root to loosen them.

He said he didn't think she ever had any care to her teeth, and that the infection had to be brewing for months at the least.  He believed Lucy had been seriously hurting for quite some time.  The removal of the teeth left two huge gaping holes that he didn't want to suture up because he didn't want to sew up the infection and cause abscesses.  I left Lucy at the shelter to rehab there.  She will most likely be having bloody drainage for a few days, and a darn good chance her diarrhea will come back.  While it won't be as comfortable there as it would be here, she will have more eyes on her more often than she would here.  I told them if she freaks out or they feel she will do better out of the shelter she is welcome back.

I do have to say it is so interesting watching surgery.  The cats go under sedation so quickly, and the staff always work so efficiently.  They aren't delicate in it, so it can be a little disconcerting to watch them manipulate the cat, but you can tell they care and are very proficient in their job. I am beyond thankful that the staff at the clinic allowed me in to watch and get a better idea of what Lucy was suffering with.

So makes me want to pin all of my cats down and give them a good scrub to their teeth.

I wish you well Miss Lucy. You really are incredibly sweet and anyone would be lucky to have you.

So once again I'm foster free.  Spring is only 20 days away.. when cats start going into heat and mating will begin..  *sigh*  as much as I love what I do, I so wish I was out of business.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

It's Just One Litter

There is not a day that goes by that I am not hit in the face one way or another by the extreme over population of companion animals in this world.  Sometimes it is a really cute way, like when a kitten I am fostering paws at me for the first time.  Sometimes it is a really heart breaking way, like when a kitten I have been fighting to save dies from something that should have been preventable.

This is just in my world.  I live in one tiny corner of one tiny little town.  When I venture forth I see it everywhere.  Rescues overwhelmed with animals crying for help. People who are looking for places to place a stray or their own cat that they have to give up for what ever reason where they will have a chance to find a home.

Every day, actually to be brutally honest every eight seconds, a companion animal loses its life simply because there was no where for it to go.

Warning, image kept intentionally small - but I think everyone should see this.  Everyone should know.

I saw this image on Facebook a while back.  If I let myself dwell on it for any length of time my eyes start to leak.  I don't see broken unadoptable animals here, I see all of the foster kittens I've taken care of.  Before the shelter had a foster program, kittens too small to be adopted were routinely euthanized.  Many shelters still do.  Most open admission shelters have to euthanize regularly to keep themselves from warehousing animals or being financially drained and put out of business.  "No Kill" shelters are not funded or staffed well enough to take on the onslaught that open admission shelters have to deal with.

Why?  Well there are the stray, feral, and unowned cats reproducing, but often it is because people insist that their kitty should reproduce.  Their kitty is unique, special, loving, sweet, kind, loyal... beautiful.  Their kitty deserves just one litter.

No.  They don't.

Nor do they want one.  Cats are not like humans who ache to have kids, cats are ruled by the hormones that course through their body thanks to their ovaries or their testies and as a result that is all they want or thinking of it other terms, they are slaves to their hormones.  They *must* procreate.  If you have ever seen a cat in heat, you know she is not comfortable.  Have you ever seen a cat mating?  Think there is anything enjoyable in that?  The penis of an intact male has barbs on it to rip the lining of the uterus of the cat.

Then there is the fact that there is a darn good chance that your kitty's kittens are going to be nothing like your kitty.  Unless you have pure bred cats on both sides of the equation, than you are playing a genetic Russian Roulette. So many factors go into each individual cat, and litters can run the whole gambit of colors and personalities.  Even with pure bred cats, you are not guaranteed the personality you might want.

Just one litter means that you are "littering" and adding to the over population of the world.  The excuse I hear all the time: "But I will find homes for them!!" yes, but those are homes that could be adopting cats already IN the world.. Just one litter often means that three to five more cats die.

Just one litter means a harder life for your cat.  Being pregnant drains the body's resources and leaves them vulnerable to health issues.   Issues that are transitory like upper respiratory infections and more serious issues that are more likely to occur down the road like mammary cancer.

You want to see witness the miracle of birth?  Head over to YouTube, you can find anything and pretty much everything there.  Want to be a part of it, volunteer for your local shelter, chances are they will be more than happy to let you foster so you can be a part of the solution and not part of the problem.

You may only see the cuteness and the joy when you think of just one litter.
What I see is all the kitties that didn't get a chance.

Monday, February 25, 2013


I have been hearing about the CatCam for a while now.  I thought it would be so much fun to get one and put it on Jack.  I thought he might be able to even start his own blog!

But I put it off.  There were other expenses that were more pressing.  *shrug*  But then Ingrid at the had a giveaway of one, and I was so excited.. and when I won I was thrilled.. and a little scared.  Thrilled because I would get to see what Jack did all day, and scared because I'd get to see what Jack did all day.

It showed up pretty quickly, but it took me a while to get it to work.  The small pamphlet of instructions weren't overly helpful, and each time I thought I had it right I was rewarded with no pictures.  Finally I just googled it and found very helpful instructions and we were off.

I first put it on him at night.  I had set the camera to take photos every two minutes.  I tend to only have lights on in the house in the room I am in, so a lot of the photos were completely black.  :(  Next I put it on him Sunday morning and went about my day.  Unfortunately I didn't consider what a camera dangling from Jack's neck would do when he ate.  No pictures of him eating (that I'm aware of) but a lot of food debris ended up on the cam.  Looking at the pictures was fun, but then we had a lot of black shots followed by a picture of the pillows on the bed, then a long span of more black pictures while he slept on top of it.

I tried putting it on Fleurp, but she tried to eat it.  It was uber cute to watch her, because she sat up on her hind legs took it in both of her paws and then went to nom on it - much like a bear might.  While I had changed the setting to take a photo every minute, the camera didn't go off at this time.  You can set the camera to go off from 2 seconds to 8 hours or anywhere in between.  There is setting for seconds, minutes and hours, so if you like two hours, two minutes and two seconds, you can do that :)

Sadly the camera isn't the highest of quality.  If the cat is moving the picture is fuzzy.  While I call this a negative, it is also a pretty interesting positive, I got some really interesting shots of light dances.

This is opposite of the entrance to the kitchen..
he spent quite some time sitting here
a bad capture of his considering MirrorJack...
but I think MirrorJack only is worth considering if the doors are closed
Fleurp Cam
Fleurp considers the snow.. 8 inches at this point

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Adding my voice

There is a pet store in Maine who sells puppies.

I am sure you know where this is going.. yes, she gets her puppies from a "USDA commercial breeder".  Recently several of the dogs sold there died, the most recent one died from parvo.

There is a group who has been keeping up on this and scheduled a protest in front of the store on this past Saturday.  I thought it would be nice to show up and be a part of it - even if I am all kitties all the time.

The store chose not to open for business on the day of the protest.  They were under quarantine because of the parvo, so they weren't selling dogs at this point anyway - not that they want you to know that though, the sign on the window said they couldn't sell dogs because of "renovations"

There were about 70 people there. There were a few news people as well.

There was a lot of honking from passers by which was really nice.  One guy had "Dixie" play when he honked, he went by twice :)  They even got a few woofs

Photo by  Chelsea Thompson, more photos here 

It even made the CBS local news, but unfortunately I can't embed nor link to their version of the story. If you are interested in seeing it you can view it here

Responsible breeders do not sell to pet stores. They want you to see the sires, they want you to know their blood lines. They want you to ask questions, see what is going on, they make you sign a contract and not a bill of sale. They also want to know about you.  They want to know the dog (or cat) will be cared for, they want to know that you have the resources and the authority to have a dog (aka not living in an apartment that won't allow dogs) It might feel intrusive if you expect to just go into a store and plunk down money and bring home a dog, but it is the RIGHT way to bring a dog (or cat) into your home. If you can make a decision to get a dog, and then get one on the spot, then you have a puppy (or kitten) mill.

Are there "good" USDA commercial breeding facilities? *shrug* guess it depends on your definition of good. These dogs are kept in cages, they are bred continually, they do not live in a home, do not know anything of the love that you will be bestowing on their offspring.  The good ones are fed regularly and have water. The good ones don't stand in their own feces and urine and don't have matted fur.  Is that good enough for you? It isn't for me. All dogs (and cats) should be loved. They should be cared for. They should have no less than what you are willing to give their offspring.

if you are looking for a specific type of dog, look to a rescue, check out, or find a reputable breeder.  Just looking for a dog, check out your local shelter.  

Friday, February 22, 2013

No means No.

Sorry, no kitties on this post.  It's my blog and I'm gonna rant if I want to.

I have a very strong aversion to having my photo taken.  When I see people with a camera I tend to run and hide.  No one around me really understands it, and I can't really explain it, but a good part of it boils down to the fact that I can not stand to see myself in photographs.  Just having a camera go off in my general direction makes me EXTREMELY uncomfortable.

My husband is constantly telling me to relax when family has a camera because they want record of my being around and I won't ever have to see the photos, but inevitably I see them... and I hate it and resent that people don't respect my feelings.

My work is redoing their website.  They took photos of all of us (except me because I refused) last year.  They want to redo them for the new website.  Once again I declined.

Well my boss - the owner of the company - brought his camera in to work today and was taking photos of people.  I hid out of view when I saw that he was pointing it towards me.  Everyone laughed.  Oh silly Connie, she's just silly.  No one seemed to care care that I didn't want my photo taken.

At one point he stood on the far side of the room with his camera, and so I hid.  It was hard to finish up my work (have you ever tried to work while hiding behind your desk?) so I kept peeking to see if he had moved on.  He hadn't.  He sat there waiting.  I told him no.  I told him I would have to leave.  I peeked again and heard the click.

I suppose I should have been a little more forceful in my no.  I should have said things that I would have felt was very rude especially since this man signs my paychecks. But these should haves are akin to 'blaming the victim'.

After I finished up my work I went over to his desk and told him I was extremely uncomfortable with his taking my picture.  He blew it off and said that no one knows who I am because they have never seen me. I told him I like it that way.  I tried explaining that I had been harassed pretty badly online once before and one of the few photos I have shared was brought into it, and he said that someone used his photo to complain about him too and he just blew it off (cause your feelings have anything to do with mine!! grrr and having someone complain about you is NOTHING like the harassment I went through) and so I went back to I am very uncomfortable with my photo being taken and I did not want it going anywhere.

He seemed to tap dance around it... throwing out words that indicated to me he has no intention of deleting the photo.  Not in a mean way, but very much like an adult talking to a child who is asking something silly.

Why can't people accept that no means no.  I don't care if you don't understand why someone is saying no.  I don't care if you think they really mean yes (like when you offer them coffee or something to eat and you fear they are only saying no because they don't want to be a bother - aka "are you sure?"  I'm pretty sure that if someone say no, they knew what they were saying) To continue on with your 'harmless" activity after someone told you no...  is simply wrong.

Please.  The next time someone says no to you, accept it and respect it.  Even if you don't understand it.  Especially if you don't understand it.

Former Foster Friday - Radar!!

Remember our sweet boy Radar?  He had two brothers Hawkeye and Trapper.

When I brought them back to be neutered I was told that Radar had caught the eye of an employee and would not be going up for adoption but going home with her.

Well she found me earlier in the week and sent me some photos of him.  She renamed him "Blue"  (aww.. darn.  I kinda liked Radar.. but Blue so does seem to suit him - so totally can't complain!)

Poor Blue, he looks so darn stressed!! ;)

Doesn't he just look like he's got a bit of mischief in him??   This is what she had to say
at the end of winter break my family adopted one of your fosters, "Radar"! I figured I'd send you a message and some pictures since I know, at least from personal experience, it's always nice to see how they're doing!
His name is now "Blue", and he's an absolute gem. I've never met a more social, happy kitten. He loves to play with our dogs and cat. He's just a love bug. Thank you so much for all you do for AWS, and thank you for raising Radar so well, as well as his brothers and so many other kittens I know you have fostered for us. 
Aww.. It is nice to see how they are doing..  Blue looks so beautiful..  Thank you so much!

(photos used with permission)
I also thought I would share that I heard through the grapevine that "Hawkeye" went home with a family whose last name is "Pierce".  Wouldn't it be incredibly awesome if they kept his name?? (not that it would be horrid if they changed it, but I can just giggle at imagining the vet records for him)

Well this closes out the February Former Foster Friday posts.  I would so love to keep this up (anyone reading this have one of my kittens?? my email addy is right there on the side bar) but I haven't heard from anyone else in a while.  I do have to say, I loved doing it.  Paws crossed that some more find me soon.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Make Mine Chocolate

Having been a rabbit owner for almost 15 years (would have been longer - Bri died way too young) "Make Mine Chocolate" is a cause dear to my heart.

Easter is a wonderful time; full of thoughts of Spring, and chicks and rabbits and candy and fun.  It is also a time of renewal and reflection and reverence.  Easter is the celebration of the rise of Jesus after the crucifixion, but like Christmas, it has been "watered down" with pagan symbols to make it more palatable to non-Christians in hopes that it would make converting them easier... hence the eggs, the chicks, and the bunnies.

Sometimes people think this would be a great time to introduce a rabbit into the household.  They aren't completely wrong. It can be done if done right, especially if it is a life lesson for those involved and everyone wants the animal.

But all too often it is done without considering the lifetime commitment a pet rabbit needs.  Pet store rabbits are NOT wild rabbits, and should not be just let free once the novelty of owning a rabbit has worn off, doing so pretty much ensures that it dies a horrible death.

Rabbits are not 'easy' pets.  They do need room to roam and hop around.  They have a fairly specific diet that includes lots of hay, minimal pellets and a good variety of greens.  They need to chew constantly to help keep their teeth worn down so they can continue to eat, and they need to dig in order to wear down their claws.  Even when given appropriate toys to chew on, they will often go for inappropriate items such as electrical cords and baseboards.  If teeth and claws are not worn down naturally, they will need to be trimmed - which is not easy because bunnies are prey animals and as such have a fear of being held down, let alone having a paw held to trim claws.  They also need to eat constantly to stay healthy, so they need hay all of the time.  As a result of eating constantly, they poop continually.  Fortunately, their stool is very dry and 'pellet' formed so they are easy to clean up but they will be everywhere.  Rabbits can be trained to urinate in a litter box which is nice, but their urine is quite strong smelling and without constant maintenance, your rabbit's home can quickly smell pretty badly.

I do believe rabbits are wonderful pets, but they are also very fragile.  My Brianna passed away quite suddenly from a simple respiratory issue that is easily treatable in my cats.  It was measured in hours from the time she was healthy until she was gone.  They can easily break their own back trying to get away (they have very powerful back legs) and you should not only read up on the subject but talk to a bun owner to see if owning a bunny is really for you.  What a wonderful project to take on with your kids and have them make the decision - there is even an online quiz to get you started.

Previous posts on the subject:
2012: "Make Mine Chocolate"
2011: Rabbits and Easter

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

a bit of progress

Last night I posted on FB that I was hesitant to go down and see Miss Lucy.  Before I open that door every possibility is possible (Schrodinger is in full force) and I could imagine that she ate every bit of food and was begging for more.

Finally I put on my big girl pants and went down and sadly most of the food still seemed to be there.  Maybe an ounce was gone.. maybe.  I turned and saw that some of the dry was gone - which is something.. junk calories are better than no calories at all.

Then I saw this

first firm stool since I got her!  YEA!!  Nice to know I was right about the Clav.. and just when I was starting to doubt that might have been it..   Sadly she did vomit, but it was 90% hair, so I'm not going to worry about right yet.

Lucy, like most girl kitties and quite a few boy kitties, has developed a thing for my husband..

Probably because he doesn't medicate, he doesn't groom, he doesn't poke nor prod.. I can't blame them.  He helps me water her but patting her and distracting her.  Last night I was able to get it all in her the first try with no leakage.. all in all a good night.

Now if she'd just eat, and eat heartily..

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

24 hrs clav free

Well so far no change.  her stool is still pretty liquid, she still has quite a bit of gas when she 'starts out', and she still isn't eating all that well.  I did weigh her when she showed up and got 7lbs 8oz.  I'm now getting a reading of 7lbs 12.5 oz which I can't complain about.  She gets fluids once a day.  I should do it twice a day but she doesn't much like it and she leaks every time I do so it takes quite a bit of time to get them in her.  My heart aches for her.

I did try to force feed her some yogurt, she acted like I was trying to poison her.  I tried to slip some into the food she wasn't eating and she didn't eat it.  *sigh* she is a difficult one that is for sure.  I suppose I could force her, but the stress isn't going to help the situation in the least, and I fear that it would do more harm than any good I could with anything I could give her.

She is not a lap cat, but she is a "next to a lap" cat.  She likes being patted and I'm fairly certain she will come to like having her belly rubbed.  She starts to turn to expose her belly when I reach for it, but as soon as I have my hand on it she remembers what is going on and stands up.  She is a really sweet cat.

Besides bad teeth, low weight, matted fur, and the dehydration she is dealing with, she also seems to shake on her hind end when she stands to eat - which is probably why she doesn't eat much at any one time. Since she is so sweet I am not sure if she is painful or just weak.  I will mention it when she goes back and see what the vet wants to do about it.  Part of me is hoping that the procedure will be done somewhere I can observe, because I would LOVE to get a good photo of her teeth to show you what lack of dental care can look like in a kitty as well as I would love an opportunity to get all of those mats off her belly.

She really could use some purrs to help her get through this.  What I would love is for her to put on a pound or more, but what I will settle for is firm stool..

Monday, February 18, 2013

Lucy vs clavamox

So when Lucy came to me, I was given fluids to give and clavamox to dose her with to give her a head start with the dental, which I have seen done often.  I also know that clavamox can lead to diarrhea in some cats.

And wouldn't you know it, Lucy is one of those cats. :(  I didn't worry about it much at first, but come Sunday she had it all over her pantaloons and I couldn't much deal with that, so I went into the shelter to see what else could be done for her.  I know there is an alternative antibiotic to give, but I couldn't remember what it was, and I'm not really sanctioned through the shelter to tell them what medications to dispense anyway, so even if I did remember that it was antirobe (aka clindamycin - I looked it up after I got home) I'm not sure I would have gotten it. I was given some suggestions on what to give her, but none of them were really going to work since she is not eating very well at this point.  I left with not many options, but I got a call a bit later to take her off the clavamox, so hopefully by now her stomach has settled some and her stool firms up.

While I was at the shelter I checked on the kittens.  Owen and Shortcake were there, Clyve, Victor and Anubis were at the local home show.  I can't tell you how badly I wanted to go up there, as I was told they brought harnesses for them - and oh what cute pictures those would have made to share - but it was snowing and the roads were kind of bad and even if I had left immediately there is a chance I would have missed them anyway.  *sigh*  I emailed the woman who brought them, hopefully she has a few pictures to share.  As of noon on Sunday, only Clyve had been adopted.

When I went exploring the shelter, I saw they brought up some more kittens from the south.  One little black and white kitten apparently made everything around her great.. (it was the description on her cage card) How cute is that??

A little brother and sister pair were underneath her.  Squiggy and Zorro.  Squig had a few things to say about being in a cage..
Do you have a tin cup to spare?
and then there was this..
Poor little 2 yr old girl is pregnant.. and apparently a little uncomfortable about it (notice the leg)  I so wanted to open up the cage and rub her belly, but I was covered in "other kitty cooties" and I didn't want to pass anything to her or from her.  I can't tell you how badly I wanted to snatch her up and bring her home, but I'm not sure Lucy would appreciate it (or maybe she wouldn't appreciate Lucy) and there are other foster homes who can handle a simple pregnant cat - where as there only only a few comfortable giving fluids and pilling a cat with bad teeth.

There will be more kittens in my future - of that I have no doubt.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Goodbye... Hello

I got word on Thursday that I could bring the kittens back any time.  I almost brought them back Thursday night to prevent having to get up early on Friday, but I just couldn't do it. I needed one more night with them, and they were perfect.  They were cute and cuddly, but not nearly as cuddly as they had been.  It felt like they were ready to move on even if I wasn't ready to let them go.

It is silly, because several members of The Crew are super snuggly, so it isn't like I am snuggle deficient or anything..  I guess when it comes to kitties, you can never have enough snuggles..

It was made a little harder on me because the shelter has a few events this weekend that they wanted to bring a kitten or two to.  They kept asking me to pick one or two.. how hard is that.. to prevent them from the opportunity to go home with their siblings.. I wanted them to take them all!!  Keep them together.. *sigh*  but knowing that no one is going to adopt all five of them, I ended up picking Anubis and Clyve - so they are going to the museum and then to the home show while Shortcake, Victor and Owen will stay at the shelter to be adopted.  Anubis and Clyve will join them on Sunday afternoon.  None of them can go home this weekend since they aren't neutered.  They will be adopted and then neutered on Monday and then go home.

On Thursday I was also told that they had another kitty who needed some help.  10 year old owner surrender who has bad teeth, but she wasn't eating at the shelter so she needs a week to de-stress and get on the Connie Plan of Weight Gain.. She is on antibiotics and fluids twice a day - well the fluids are until she she starts eating well.  Her name is Lucy.  I have no idea what I was expecting, but I was a little surprised when I saw this

Is this going to be a black and white year?? :) She is really sweet, quite talkative, and she hasn't met a door she hasn't wanted to walk through.  I brought her to work for a short time and she walked around and around and tried to get through ALL of the doors many times.  One is glass that goes out into the hall and at one point a mother and child walked by.  Lucy took one look at the child and quickly turned and walked away.  The child took one look at Lucy and she almost couldn't be pulled away from the window, it was really cute.

She was also quite matted.  I took her back to the shelter instead of heading home to get the mats shaved off.  They took off some, but not all, and she so doesn't want me to comb them out, so I'll have to make note for the vet who does her dental.

Speaking of her dental, oh my goodness. Her poor teeth.. well I think she has teeth under all that tartar... there is so much of it that it looks like she is wearing a retainer

She ate one treat out of three while at work.  She ate a quarter of a can of fancy feast (some fishy smelling food) she turned down the raw and the dry food offered.

She is fluffy, she is sweet, but she is bone-y and has many small mats all over her belly.. and for some reason I keep calling her LucyLu..

Friday, February 15, 2013

Former Foster Friday

Spooky - was Petra
Peanut - was Miriam
A year ago I brought home Meira and her kittens.  These kittens had such sensitive systems that if they ate anything other than raw food they developed horrible diarrhea.  I feared for them.  Getting people to make the leap into raw isn't easy.  But I lucked out, with in just a few hours of their being up for adoption, all four of her kittens found a home - and in pairs.  It was wonderful.

Miriam and Petra went with a very nice woman "C" who so very kindly sends me photos and videos from time to time. I still have every single email she has sent me :)

They are doing so very well, they look great and are happy.  Seriously, does it get any better than that?? Well a bunch of videos of how cute and goofy they are.. that's better.. ;)  

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Thankful Thursday - Love Edition

Happy Valentines Day everyone.  For me a Valentine's day isn't filled with hearts and flowers.. as the kitties eat the first and knock over the second.. but I do make it a point to remind those around me that they are important to me.  although that is something I do my best to do that anyway - but it never does hurt to have an outside reminder to do it :)  So let me take a moment and thank you my dear dear reader, thank you for stopping by and spending a part of your day with me and the kitties..

The kittens are doing so well that they aren't snuggling with me as much.  Where as before it was scream scream scream, eat eat eat, groom, beg for kisses and cuddles, then play, now it is scream, play, scream eat, play eat, scream, groom, kiss, play, eat.. etc.  Yup, they are so ready to find their homes.. and while I don't want them to go, it is a little easier now that they aren't demanding so much attention.  it is so much easier to walk way from a kitten that is off having a great time with out you than one that is curled up in your neck licking your chin.

I don't think Victor likes this next paragraph.. 

So I sent an email in and we are just biding our time.. which is probably good because I'm running low on food..

Anubis finally found the joy of feet.. I'm both glad and annoyed by this.  Glad because she is doing something other than sitting on my chest licking my chin which will make it a little easier to let her go, and annoyed because..

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