Monday, August 30, 2010

Kitten dreams

Connie's kittens

Sometimes I just love web stats.. Someone did a search for Connie's kittens (was that you??) and I thought what an interesting search.  Wonder if it is someone I know who did it, or it is just a coincidence.

but.. ego boost that it is, I'm apparently first on the google search listing for "Connie's Kittens"


really good shot of her face
love me pat me
does this belly make me look fat?
beach ball or beached whale?
ha ha, just kidding!
I seriously thought she was in labor on Friday.  I almost stayed with her all night, but I wasn't sure that was the best move either, so I went to bed expecting kittens in the morning.  She was restless as all get out, appeared to be having small contractions, and she did NOT want me to touch her belly at all, where as normally she's ok with a rub.  No kittens Saturday, no kittens Sunday, and no kittens now.  I thought maybe she wanted company when she gave birth, so I've been spending more and more time with her, and that just seems to make her ignore me.  We went and watched a movie last night with her, and all she wanted to do was meow out the windows at her own shadow.  We ended up shutting off the light, and it calmed her a little, but she is still a very hyper kitty, and bordering on being bored.  She wanted OUT of the kitten room this morning.  I introduced her to Eli who is very passive at the thought of new kitties.  She ended up hissing something fierce at him (and he was all like "how rude!").  I keep telling her, pop those kittens out and you'll have something to do, but alas, no such luck.

Jack Bath Photos

is it mean of me to post evidence of the trauma?
Dude, what happened??
Well if this is how Mommy wants me to look...

Friday, August 27, 2010

Do you think?

Do you think she knows when the camera moves?
or if she just happened to be looking up as I moved the camera around the room to find her.  No one else ever seemed to know the camera was moving

I wonder if her being in the box means I might be getting kittens soon....

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Still no kittens

Momma kitty is still very much a kitten herself.  I was able to spend some time with her last night, and I sat down to pat her.  She crawled right up into my lap, shoved her nose into my chest and proceeded to kneed away from the next 10 minutes.  The poor thing is so small, fine boned, pencil thin tail, and so petite, I can only assume she is barely older then 6 months.  Still a kitten herself getting herself in to this mess.. I can only hope things go smoothly for her. 

Ive been feeding the living daylights out of her, and it's running right through her.  Poop the size of small kittens being produced several times a day. I can only hope she is able to get the nutrition she needs out of it.

mystery solved, and bath for Jack.

So a month or two ago we started having problems with someone pooping outside the box.  It was clear across the basement in the "media room" section of the basement, near the pool table and the treadmill.  Both my husband and I assumed it was Kit - the smallest of the kitties, and the biggest drama queen we own.  She is tightly bonded to my husband, and when things don't go her way she puts on a huge show of things, to the point we thought she was being tortured by the other kitties, until we got a good look at what was going on.

So her emotions are right on her sleeve, and she tends to not want confrontation, so we were thinking she was having problems feeling comfortable in the litter box area (we have three children sized wading pools as litter boxes) and thus was looking for a new spot. 

I put a new litter box in upstairs away from the mayhem in the back bathroom.  I showed it to Kit, made it a positive thing, had Daddy show her where it was and praise her for using it.  So she uses it.  But there would still be occasional deposits left in the basement.  I put up road blocks (extra cat beds spaced closely together) and put a fan to blow air across that area so as to make it less inviting.  Deposits were still left.  Plastic carpet protectors for chairs (the kind you get at the office supply store) were brought in and put up side down so the spikey bits were pointing up.  Alas, it did not matter.

Well last night I heard scraping on the carpet.  I looked over and saw Ollie.  He tends to want to cover when ever a klingon falls off of someone, so I assumed that was what he was doing.  I asked him what he was doing and he just looked at me with big round eyes - like I had caught him in the middle of something.  I said never mind, and tried to ignore him.  He continued scraping, and then proceeded to poop.

He perches on his tiptoes when he *does his thing* and I can only assume that it is uncomfortable standing in litter.  Probably needs muscles in his legs to be stable and those muscles are starting to be compromised by the tumor.  I feel horrible, but I so don't want him pooping on the carpet (fortunately due to feeding raw food his stool is so firm and dry that it does not stain the carpet in the least and can be picked up like marbles) I certainly don't want anyone else thinking that using somewhere other then the litter box is ok.  This is going to require some thought and probably some fancy sort of plan.

as for Jack, this is a fun story.  I did "day of beauty" the other day and saw a flea on his tummy.  I tried to nab it, but it was just too fast.  I looked around for evidence they were setting up shop, and didn't really see any, but I did see a second flea - which I was able to pull off of him.  I proceeded to clean his ears, trim his claws and comb him, with no real evidence he was infested, but since then all I can feel under his collar was flea dirt.  Not having flea product in the house, I decided to give him a bath.  Not sure this was the wisest move, but it was the one I had at hand.  I filled the tub, and then ignored it for a few minutes.  I grabbed an open can of food, a plate and Jack.  Jack was so interested in the food, and the possibility he might get it, that he didn't realize I was locking him into a room with a tub full of water.  I put the food on the counter and then went to put him into the water.  He let out the biggest loudest hiss (channeling his inner snake?) swearing at me - or the water I'm not really sure.  I hesitated, then proceeded putting him in the water, and got a second swear.  For a moment I was a little afraid of my boy, but in for a penny - in for a pound.  Unfortunately the water wasn't deep enough that it didn't cover all of his back, so I soaped that and his neck up, and let him sit in the water for five minutes, hoping to drown the fleas.  He was so pathetic, whimpering, and starting to shake. He certainly does know how to press my buttons. I then started to rinse him off, which panicked him and he tried to get out, but he couldn't get perch on the floor of the tub.  I let him put his paws on the lip of the back of the tub, then needed to move him to get the other side, so I let him hang over the spigot.  He so did not like this one little bit, and tried to get out.  Fortunately he loves and trusts me enough that when I showed him he needed to stay in the tub, he let me, and sat there and let me finish.  I was able to wring some of the water off him, but his fur is so unique, that it wasn't easy.  I got him wrapped in a towel and got the worst of the dripping off him, then gave him the wet food.  The tub was draining (making a racket) and Muffin was trying to get in to the food (making a racket) and he was miserable from being wet and shaking front and back legs all while eating away.  Nothing gets between that boy and his food :)  When he was done, I let him go into the house.  His hair spiked and was an unruly mess.  I think he decided not to groom himself to make me feel guilty so that maybe he'd get another treat.  Unfortunately for him I got out a comb and tried to fix his hair for him.  He wiggled out and walked away from me, and I had to head off to work.  I'm sure he's grumbling that such indignities so deserve a few more treats (but then again everything in Jack's mind deserves a few more treats.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Pregnant cat + web cam = new meaning of kitten watch

Ok, this is dangerous.  I have been watching my momma kitty, and she's been sleeping nicely in the large litter box they sent home with me for a bed.  I saw her starting to groom, and I started sitting on the edge of my seat until she settled back down and went to sleep.  darn.

So I went back to work, and just checked in on her..

Hey, where did she go!!!!!

Just getting a snack
 Yup, I'm feeling even more foolish :)

Jiminy and Cricket are gone.. New kitty has arrived

Well I have to say, I am a little sad and a little happy at the same time.  I was able to get Jim over his fear of people, and definitely made some major improvement in Cricket.  They both were interested in me when I showed up and Cricket didn't mind when I patted her if she was just sitting there (but please don't when I'm busy) I felt bad about having to keep them locked up.  When they had free run of the room, they peed on the couch twice (not sure if it was both of them or just her) so I covered the couch.

Which worked ok at protecting the couch, but not the cat beds (see the peeing across the room post) So I covered those.  They seemed to be ok using the box when they were locked in the cage (see image above far left) but I couldn't leave them in there all day, kittens need exercise.  So for an hour each morning I let them run around.  They seemed to be doing ok in the peeing front as of last night.  But this morning I realized it was a different story.

As I mentioned, they weren't eating well at all.  I tried dry food, I tried KMR, I tried loaf food, I tried shredded food, high gravy food (biggest hit) and fish food.  Still between the both of them they might have eaten 3 oz of food a day... not nearly enough for growing kittens.  They were losing weight.  The litter box had urine clumps in it the first few days.  I wasn't so concerned about no stool since they weren't eating much.  This weekend I noticed there was stool debris - as if they had diarrhea.  So I gave them some strongid. I thought if they had worms, it would account for the diarrhea and some kittens have poor appetites if their stomachs are full of worms.  It wasn't getting better, and this morning Cricket had diarrhea all over her back legs.  I called the shelter and gave them the story of not eating, losing weight, and now the diarrhea, and they wanted to see them.  I brought them in, and they think it is best if they watch them for a few days and hopefully get a stool sample to test.  it is a problem when it is pure liquid getting a sample in to them, as it is absorbed by what ever it is in, and is impossible to test.

So I brought them in.  I was thinking I'd get them tonight or tomorrow AM, but they think it is best to keep them for a few days, and since they didn't have an empty cage to put them in, they asked if I could take a new one.  Chances are J & C will end up with the manager and go from there.  I'm sorry I'm not going to see this one through, but when I cleaned up the room from their romp this morning, I realized someone went pee out side of the box again.  I went to put the litter box down for the new pregnant kitty I took in, and saw a pile of stool in the corner.  It was almost pure mucus... which is not good.  So on the upside, I won't have to deal with inappropriate elimination. I just hope they don't have some foreign problem that is going to infect the kitty I just brought in (because while I cleaned, I didn't have time to bleach every surface so if they have something hardy and long lasting, it could be an issue)

I set momma kitty up with a new litter box, and a new box for a bed, and she seems to like it just fine:

She doesn't have a name at this point.  She ate half a can of food, and enjoyed looking out the window as I was leaving. I'm hoping she pops out the kittens right quick and everything goes smoothly.  I know I can't see these kits till the end, as we are going to Florida in a month, but I can at least open up a cage at the shelter for a month.  *fingers and toes crossed everything goes ok*

I didn't check this morning, but I was in there on Sunday, and I saw the July fosters.  Cordi had been adopted, but Angel, Willow and Spike were all still there, and in a cage with a number of little black kittens.  It was so adorable, Angel and Spike were right at the front of the cage looking for attention, Willow was curled up in the back surrounded by little black kitties.  She really didn't want me to disturb her, so I didn't.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

peeing from one end of the room to the other

I let the kittens out of the cage this evening and let them run around.  I engaged them both in playing with a fishing pole toy, and Jiminy was very engaged, and loved the attention.  Cricket was not fond of being patted but at least she was playing with me.

After a few minutes (not more then ten) she looked in the cage, turned right around and then almost immediately went to a pet bed on the far side of the room and squatted.  I said "no" and grabbed her and transported her across the room and put her in the box.  She remained squatted, and finished peeing.  I praised her (not sure how much good it did since she's not all that interested in what I want)  She then went to the upper level of the cage, and I decided I'd put Jim away and feed them, so I reached over, kneeling to reach him, and grabbed Jim.  When I stood up, I realized my knees were spotted wet, and it took me a moment to realize that Cricket was peeing the entire time.  Silly kitten.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Final photos

I realized that Willow had chocolate dipped toes, and had to get some photos of it.  A few other good ones were taken as well.

Good bye little kitties.  May your new homes bring you love and joy!
See, chocolate dipped tootsies
Cordi, is this a punch or a wave?
Feelin Friskie!

see next post first

cause if you read this in order, it won't make sense :)

Looks like FF is a winner.. She's eating, he's playing

2lbs = 4 weeks??

When I was given these kittens (I'm thinking they are going to be Jiminy and Cricket) I was told they both weighed over two pounds (which they do) which means they are about 8-10 weeks.  Well they act very much like they are 4-6 week old kittens.  They are shy, they are CLUMSY! and they are peeing on the couch!!  I introduced them to where the box was (inside a cabinet that is very easily accessible and they have both been in it on their own) so it isn't like they didn't know where it was, but I think a lack of being able to see it caused the problem.  so I've now covered the couch with objects and taken the litter box out of the cabinet, so hopefully we won't have another issue.

They also aren't eating much of anything.  The first can of pate seafood was nibbled on, maybe 1/8th of that disappeared.  The second was shredded turkey, and I didn't notice any of that going. The water appears untouched, the dry food untouched.  So I went and got some kitten milk - ignored (although a few ccs were shoved into their mouths and consumed) and the A/D got nibbled on but I gave them less then 1/4th of the can and there was still quite a bit left in the bowl this morning.

So this morning they got a can of gravy lovers fancy feast.  If they don't eat that, I'm going to have to break out the raw and hope they've been introduced to meat.  I can't deal with them not eating much - seeing how much I love watching kittens eat.  They are healthy, active, not mucus covered, so I suppose they just don't need as much as the last group (NO one really needs as much as the June group ate.  Zander and Oz were a little excessive in their love of food)

They are still freaking out when I hum.  They don't mind me when I first come in the room to love over them, but trying to get them used to me also freaks them out.  Cricket will play with me for a bit (all be it very much like a 4-5 week old kitten plays) then goes and hides.  *shrug*  I just need to remember that every kitten is different :)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Christian Zwicky is a hero

Christian is a 17 yr old boy scout who is working to help neuter kitties.  It's a great story!


I tried out Eli and Elizabeth on the kittens last night, and they just didn't seem to fit.  So I'm looking up twin names, and saw Cinnamon and Spice, which really made me do a double take because I had a dream last night I was visiting a neighbor that I had when I was growing up, and I mentioned the woman down the road who owned a set of kitties named C & S.  I even commented in my dream about the kitties.  Unfortunately that just doesn't seem to fit them either, but I'll have to keep that in mind for future kittens.

I thought of George and Gracie, and thought a nice love match would be nice seeing as they are almost always on top of one another, but that doesn't seem to fit them either.
Kiara & Kovu came up, from the Lion King II.
Jimminy & Cricket?
Ozzie & Harriet?
Oohh.. Desmond and Penny??  (lol)
Peek & Boo?
Robin and Marian?  Kinda like that one..
Fred & Wilma?  interesting..
Griffin and Sabine
Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth?  no, if I don't like Eli and Elizabeth, that's out.
my co-worker just suggested Bella and Jacob.. ha ha ha.

Monday, August 16, 2010

I should be working - aka kitten cam

Hey, where are you!?!?
THERE you are!
Gonna get you!
*wreskle wreskle wreskle*
love you!!


I'm sure that most people who read this blog are fully aware of ICHC, and probably saw this and the other ones I share on here, but sometimes there are captions that are just so cute or perfect that I can't resist.

feeling a bit better

I was thinking of B, Z and O last night, and I realized I was happy about their adoption.  I guess the pain of losing them  sending them on really was wearing on me.  I guess I'm just being overly emotional for what ever reason.

the new kittens are quite the pair.  They really like one another.  Here are some photos from the web cam this morning, The shots I took of them this morning will have to wait until I find the cord for my camera that I'm sure one of my cats ran off with..

I went to snuggle them a little bit and I started humming to them, that was apparently just the freakiest thing EVER, because they really didn't want me to do it.  They got used to it, but it took some time, and I could hear them saying "please stop that!!" very distinctly :)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

and then there were two

The July fosters went back this morning.  My intention was to hang around for their adoptions, but I soon learned that it was probably not a good idea.  A woman and her husband and dog and child came in and she wanted a "short haired female" kitten that would go outside.  I'm assuming short hair because people think they shed less (my DSHs shed way more then my medium or long hairs) and female because she heard they were friendlier. (total myth btw) When I told her that I have an even mix of genders and some of each are friendly and standoffish, she was ok with a male.  She really liked the idea of Angel, but then she talked about letting him out - which of course set me on edge, and I went into the explanation of the dangers, and tried to be as non judgmental as I could about it, but being emotionally invested in these kittens and knowing Angel as I do, I don't know if I was.  The mother was quite odd, and I was surprised she was there to get a kitten.  She would not let her child nor her dog walk on the floors of the shelter.  She asked about germs and it was explained that the floors are sanitized but being as active as they are there very well could be something - so the dog and the kid stayed up off the floor.  She talked to me about care of a kitten and was wondering if she would be "overwhelmed" .. well yea, THEY ARE KITTENS!!  *sigh*  They picked Angel, and my heart broke.  I went to find the shelter manager about their information and I couldn't find her, and when I went back into the adoption lobby the couple was gone.  They had gone outside to discuss it, and realized they were going to visit friends and there might be litter box issues..   so they decided to hold off
you know, I feel that people who worry too much about litter box issues really shouldn't have cats, let alone kittens.

I had tried to talk her into an adult cat, as I think that would be a much better fit for her paranoia needs and her family, but no go.  They are going to come back in the next few days (or maybe next week) and pick one then.  Hopefully they'll find a good match for their home.

I felt a little uncomfortable that I might have been a little unPC talking about going outside, and I was such a mess from the thought of Angel going outside, that I decided to go home.  I found the shelter manager and explained how I was feeling, and how I was not even going to have new kittens to distract me.  She suggested a short term foster, and I went to go see what she was offering.  Two little tuxie kittens that are two pounds, and I took them.  one short haired (but fuzzy) boy and one medium haired double pawed girl.  They aren't nearly as people orientated as the last set, and that is probably a good thing.  I'm sure if I shove them full of food that they'll be ready to go by the end of the week.

I was thinking I'd call them matching names.  The boy looks a lot like my Eli so I was thinking Eli and Elizabeth.  I haven't settled on that though.  They do remind me a lot of Happiness and Joy.  Happy was a tuxie, but Joy was a tabby with white so I'm not quite sure why I feel the connection... they aren't feral, nor are they even that fearful.  *shrug*  I'm sure something will come to me.

Friday, August 13, 2010

And then there were four

OK that was way harder then even I thought it was going to be.  I woke up four times last night thinking of them.  it was foolish, but then again I've never been one to not be emotional, so I've just got to put on my big girl panties and deal with it.

I went and got the kittens at noon time and brought them into work.  They were very disruptive and a tad destructive - not having spent a lot of unsupervised time in an unkittenproof room, but it was fun.  I did bring them over a bit too early, as by the time the day ended a few "boxes" had been found for elimination purposes.  Got to give those kittens kudos for using a box though.

So I met the new "mom".  "Dad" didn't come in, but "Nana" and "Poppa" did.  It was really very cute.  And on paper and in the self contained moments that were their adoption, I should be thrilled.  But the woman who adopted them was someone I knew from high school (odd thing they told me the woman was from the town we went to school in, but she does not live there any more).  Now I have such bad memories from that time, that I'm sure it clouded my judgment on things, and I just have to focus on the here and now.  As I said, in the here and now, she is the ideal adopter. I don't think there was anything (aside from the history) that I could have asked that she be or do.  She previously owned a cat for 16 yrs until it became too ill (not just a little ill), and she has since had the kitty tattooed on her leg (great likeness too!)  She tears up at the mere thought of mentioning her kitty.  Her co-workers threw her a "kitten shower" with gifts for the "triplets".  She has a seven foot scratching post, already had food, litter, etc - meaning she put a LOT of thought into it.  She was going to take my suggestion of one room - and she made it her bedroom so they could sleep with her.

so the only thing that I could have asked for was to keep them at my house :)

The July set will be going back on Sunday.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I'll admit it, I'm overly emotional

I did a write up for Buffy Zander and Oz in the hopes of finding them a home together.  The shelter posted it with some photos I sent over and today someone called.  Sounds like a good home.. so why are tears rolling down my cheeks? 

I know these kitties aren't mine, and I know they can't be.  I've resigned myself to the fact that they are only in my care for a short time, but these two litters are exactly what I want when I imagine the joy of fostering.  They are fun, loving, wanting attention, wanting to be in my lap, wanting to interact with me, healthy with just a smidge of needing care, and with purr boxes that can shake the walls when they are happy.

The ideal fosters don't come around very often any more.  Either they are so sick that it is scary, or they are so independent that I don't feel as if I am much more then a food dispenser and litter scooper.  The latter certainly makes it easier for me to give them back, but it isn't nearly as much fun.  Guess I forgot that when the fun ends, there is a hole.

DH is going out of town soon, so this means I will be kitten free for a little bit... which will probably make that hole a little deeper and a little darker.  I was so hoping that they would last out until next week.  If all goes well, they will be in their new home by the weekend.

We findz home soon.


I have always loved the show Futurama, and when it showed back up on TV, I set the tivo to record it.  The first few episodes were complete flops in my opinion, but they've slowly regained their footing and things are going swimmingly.

When I finally watched last weeks episode last night, I could NOT stop laughing, and I had to pause the tivo when I saw this, some how I just knew it would end up on ICHC, and look, low and behold it did.

funny pictures of cats with captions
see more Lolcats and funny pictures

Monday, August 9, 2010

pet food

can you stand more posts on pet food?
I hope so

cause it really is a soap box of mine.  What you choose to do with the information is up to you, but I will do what I can to provide the information that is out there.


Well I'm calling it.  The kittens are officially sick.  Cordi broke with a bad eye before they were neutered, and I figured if I hit it hard it would be over with before it started.  I guess it was brewing and being neutered was just too much stress for those July kittens, because Cordi, Spike, Angel and Willow have all sported a snot nose in the past few days.  I figured they'd come right out of it and be ok, but it is lingering, so this morning I broke out the antibiotics.  It isn't bad, just annoying and to the point that medication would be a good idea.  While I am quite thrilled that they aren't going back quite yet, the down side of caring for them (the 10lbs of litter a day that they use and the 10 cans of food they go through) is getting a little excessive.

So easy to over look that through when you have seven kittens clamoring to get on your lap, purring at full volume wanting love and attention.  that really is a great way to start your day!

I sent a little blurb and some photos over to the shelter to get the June kittens adopted together.  I am both looking forward to and dreading when they leave.  Zander is a right little pain in the tushie.  He REALLY wants to save me from that silver thing hanging around my neck with the dangling stone on it.  Unfortunately he ends up biting ME when trying to get it, and pulling VERY hard once he does.  I could deal with him playing with it, but he is a little obsessed, and a little more then a bit excessive to get to it.  One day I had to take it off.  The other I had it on under my shirt and still he needed to get it... NEEEEEDED to get it..   Lets just say he's worse then Jack with the thought of a cookie.  Buffy still sidles up to me and looks for attention which is all too sweet.  *sigh*  I so hope the right home is out there waiting for them.

Mixed Messages

I wish my crew would get together and form a censous on what I should do each morning.  Ollie is of the thought that I need to get up... not just get up, but *GET UP NOW!*.. he walks right up the bed, puts his nose to mine and meows at me.  When I pat him he starts slamming his tail around.

When I start to stir, several other cats show up.  Jack is usually at my back, but Muffin will start at my calf and walk up my body and sit on my chest and insist that I stay in bed.  Fleurp is of the stay in bed variety of cat too.  Twee and Kit generally want to play.  Skippy shows up from time to time and sits on me and drools.  I don't think I've quite figured out what his agenda is, although I'm sure it changes randomly.

I have to tell you, it is very VERY hard to get out of bed when you do not want to AND you have 40+lbs of cat on and around you.  This morning I asked my husband to help me out, and he called to them and tried to get their attention, even so much as going into the kitchen which excited Ollie and Fleurp, but Jack and Muffin were NOT BUDGING!  I think nothing short of breakfast would have gotten them off me.

So I got up, and shuffled down the hall - my entourage in tow.  It really is quite amusing that where I go they go.  It is more dramatic in the AM when they think that food might be involved.

This morning while treating Ollie, he tried to jump up on the lounge and missed.  His tumor is definitely wearing on him.  I realized the other morning he hadn't jumped up over the fridge in quite some time.  DH hadn't noticed him up there either.  (surprisingly none of the other kitties who used to get up there have done either)   Just another sign post on that road.  Of course no one has told Ollie this, and he refuses to accept where he is going I think.  Last night we heard quite a bit of cat calling.  Twee does it when she gets lost.  Jack does it when he finds the fish.  Muffin does it from time to time when she feels she's not welcome on the bed with me (because she's stepped on my head three times in a row and I kept tossing her off - so she waits till I invite her back up)   Last night it would not stop despite calls that the humans were in the other room waiting for what ever need was needed.  DH commented that they were trying out for the glee club.  A few moments later I got up for something in the kitchen and saw Ollie biting Jack on the neck in that dominance stance that became all too familiar since Em passed.  Guess Ollie is just not ready to hand over his "King Ruler of All' crown.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Long story

home again

So, the kittens went off to be neutered on Tuesday.  I have to say it was not an easy thing for me.  They went to a different clinic then I've used before (actually my first rabbit was actually neutered there 15+ years ago).  I dropped them off at 8am, and went about my day.  When I have kittens neutered at the clinic closer to my work they are ready to go home at 1pm.  This one wanted me to call at 4pm.

So I called, and the boys were ready, but they hadn't even finished the girls.  They needed to spend the night (arrgh) and the clinic wasn't opening till 10 the next morning so I couldn't pick them up.  DH was going to pick them up after his thing, which was going to be closer to 4pm.  Well someone working at the clinic thought they were doing the shelter a favor and brought them to the shelter.  So now they were in a cage at the closed shelter and I couldn't get them until the next morning.  My goodness it was such a long process (not to mention they came home with actual stitches that need to be removed)

It was Thursday before they got home, and it was a fun reunion.  The girls were quite anxious to investigate to make sure nothing had changed, while the boys were anxious to sniff them to see where they had been.  Finally they settled down to have breakfast.
Once again another reason why I feel the need to try to keep the June kitties together.

They are just so darn cute.  I didn't put them on top of either post, they jut hang out together.
Buffy Snuggling

Willow and Angel
Buffy and Zander
You need a new do!
Zander: Bedroom eyes or "stop taking picts and play with me!"?
Don't you just love this expression?

Ollie & Skippy and Bri

Here again is King Ollie, sitting on his new throne.  Just this morning he went to put a stop to a fight with Skippy and Fleurp, it was rather cute. My dad came over yesterday, and once again he didn't run.  In fact he not only didn't run, he wandered around the house and interacted with the other cats.  Everyone showed up but Muffin.  Dad came to look at my car and my microwave.  It was nice to see him.

As for Skippy and Bri, I woke up the other morning to see them actually snuggled up together.  It was so unbelievably cute, but by the time I got my camera, I had obviously distracted him and they weren't as close.  I sat around for a while, and while they were interactive, they wouldn't snuggle.  I did get this shot though.  They are so darn cute

Monday, August 2, 2010

Time for the Vet

Well the kittens finally have an appointment to be neutered, it will be Tuesday the 3rd.  Wouldn't you know it that Cordi broke with a huge eye infection as soon as I got the appointment!!  Green goop oozing out of her eye conjunctiva all inflamed.  I went to the shelter over the weekend and got some terramycin.  The manager was reluctant to hand it over - which surprised me as I used to use it all the time, but apparently it turns teeth yellow among other side effects.  But since this is green goop, I really wanted it and she had nothing else since the trioptic ointment is on back order so I got it.  When I got home from the shelter her eye looked absolutely HORRIBLE, so inflamed that it was hard to see the eyeball.  I put in some then and there, and a few hours later when I went to feed dinner she looked much better.  I gave her some more that night and this morning she looks almost normal. 

I also asked the shelter manager what the chances of all three of the June kittens going together.  She said what I suspected, slim to none, but then she suggested that we do a write up on the website and see what happens.  She's out of the office until Thursday, so I'll probably write it up on Wednesday after they've been neutered and are back home.

I think I am going to take a short break from fostering.  My husband is being sent out of town for work, and taking care of the household with out him is taxing.  Throw on some fosters on top of that and it gets overwhelming.  He's gone that third week of August.  I'll have these guys at least through this week, so it will only be two weeks - but then there is the thought that the June kitties will stay with me until someone sees them on the website and wants to adopt them, so maybe I'll have them a little longer then that.


Well there is good news, bad news, and just plain ol news.

The good news is he seems fine.  He's doing all his normal activities.  His weight is down to 10lbs but that is with in the "normal" for him.  He's taking his treatments just fine - almost seeming to ask for them.

The bad news, well it is to me.  We had company over the weekend, and he did not run and hide when they came in.  This is HUGE.... no wait.. HUGE!!  No one has seen him outside of family and the cat sitter we had the last time we went away since he was a kitten. Em's behavior changed as she faced her end of life stages, and I fear this is just one more thing.  Hopefully it is more of an older kitty thing, and not so much a dying thing.  He even sat there while the company came right up and patted him.  I was absolutely floored.  I'm trying not to let it break my heart, as it might not be a direct correlation to the cancer, but I can't help but thinking it is.  I also realized this morning I haven't seen him on top of the fridge in quite some time.

as for the news, he's been on herbs for a while, and he's taking them very well.  I realized though that chicken baby food is not enough of an enticement to get him to eat it, so I went out and bought ham, beef and turkey.
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