Thursday, December 30, 2004

All about the Twee

Well I previously mentioned we were considering taking Tweedle down for an ultrasound. She stopped wheezing, and hasn't started up again despite being taken off the medication. I'm hoping she just had something stuck up her nose, and nothing more will come of it. (although she does tend to 'snore' when she's sleepy) I figure if it happens again I'll take her down.

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

kitten games

The kittens have "invented" three new kitten games. The first is wrestling. Not new in the world of kittens but they have just really figured out the bonus of wrestling with each other and will go to town on it. The second is Kitten Boxing. I wiggle my hand in front of them, and they will stand up on their back two feet and bat at me with the front two. Cheryl likes to stop in the middle of boxing to lick me. The third is Kitten Pong. I bought some ping pong balls for them, and they are obsessed about batting those things back and forth. I can be in the middle of a big boxing match, and if someone flings the ball to the other side of the room, the kitten will fly in that general direction :D

On a side note, I got bit by a cat at work today. It was just a peanut of a cat, about 6 lbs. The owner said she had been close and cuddling with it the night before. She looked a little freaked so I was taking extra precautions, but while putting her in the cage I got nabbed. Just enough to break the skin and make me bleed. I have not been vaccinated against rabies (but I am against tetanus according to my doctor who didn't call me back for over 5 hours, then didn't mention anything but tetanus) but I'm not all that worried. The owner said she had been with her for a month previous to this (quarantine is for 10 days), but to be on the safe side we are quarantining her for 10 days. I feel bad. Not to mention my finger (where I got bit) hurts. *sigh* I think I really need a vacation.

Friday, December 17, 2004

major happenings

I took the kittens in to work the other day for an exam on "Mona"'s legs, and for them to get their shots. While weighing them, I introduced Mona to "Owen" a dog of one of the staff. Mona did NOT like Owen at all and proceeded to growl the rest of the afternoon. We did take an x-ray of her, which she did not like, and bit me as I was holding the top end, so I put on heavy gloves and tried again. The Dr. thinks it is hip dysplasia, and there isn't anything really they can do about it. They might try to get a better x-ray when we sedate her to spay her in a few weeks. They weigh about a pound and a half, which is a little on the small size for their nine weeks.

I have pictures of the trip, but I'm not really in the mood to edit them. Two reasons, one being Tweedle's health, the other is the moron clients I have to put up with. I'm in a major bah humbug mood... so I'll get to the photos soon. I promise.

Tweedle, however, well I don't know what I'm going to do. Wednesday morning I was checking my email, and she came up to me wheezing. I took her right in to work. They took an x-ray, and nothing abnormal showed up on it. Because of her history when being spayed, they are recommending an ultrasound. For the time being, she is on Prednisone and Clavamox. Not the most fun thing in the world trying to pill her... and worse I have to pill Eli too who is still on meds for his UTI. It is a free for all here in the morning!! We are trying to set up an ultrasound with the clinic in NH, but they aren't getting back to us. In the meantime, I was playing with Twee, and she quickly runs out of breath. :( Hopefully, it is nothing and clears up before we can even get an ultrasound appointment!!

Wednesday, December 8, 2004

It's amazing what the right food will do!!

I have been stuck feeding the kittens low-quality adult wet cat food cause that is all there was at the shelter. I have been angling for a year now trying to find a supplier of kitten food at cost. Well, I finally found one! I bought a couple of cans and put in an order for 17 cases. I have enough money for 35 cases, but I didn't want to overwhelm the shelter.

I swear in the few days they have been on kitten food they have almost doubled in size. Okay.. maybe not doubled, but they are HUGE!! The wonderful owners of Downeast Pet Supply have agreed to sell me the food at cost. And I didn't even have to ask!! I mentioned I wanted to buy for the shelter, and the owner just gave me the price at cost!!

Not only that but they are going to donate 10 cases as well!!!

Now if we could just keep the shelter in kitten food I'd be happy! I can't imagine constantly buying it for them. I raised about $500 through Ebay selling off some items I had around the house, and a few I found at a local clearance house.

Wednesday, December 1, 2004

cute picts

Mom, there are kittens behind this door!!

Let us OUT!!

I weighed them last night and they are 1 lb and about 3 ounces. I so need some good quality kitten food! will have to make that a priority tonight. Mom's belly is nice and full, but you can feel all her bones. 
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