Friday, July 31, 2015

Slow it down for the weekend - kitten style

Takin it easy 

Remember a few weeks ago when Lion's Mom and Dad came over for a visit with the kittens? Well they sent me a couple of slow motion videos that he took of the kittens.

I think these are a perfect way to start one of the hottest weekends we are probably going to have all summer..

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Throwback Thursday - Remember when?

When we first met the kittens 
Their first Wordless Wednesday
Celebrating International Box Day
and when they received their names
But don't worry, they are here for probably two more weeks..

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Jack and the great big case of what the carp?!?!

Last week I noticed something was wrong with Jack. I couldn't put my finger on it, but I knew something was off. Since he has a history of bladder issues, I gave him some of the supplement I have for him for such things and waited to see what happened. The next day I was more concerned. I thought he might be limping, but I couldn't really tell. He seemed very taught in his mid section, so I gave him some more supplement and hoped that what ever was going on would present itself a bit more clearly then the major case of ADR (ain't doin right) he had going on or, preferably, would resolve.  Thursday night his midsection was very taught, and while he didn't seem lethargic he wouldn't get up to get treats.  He ate them happily when I offered them.  I was majorly confused. I was about to lock him away in my bedroom with a litter box to see what was going on but when I offered it to him he went right in and went pee.

Okay, so he wasn't blocked. He was attention seeking and eating. I couldn't be sure he was or wasn't limping. It was nothing really conclusive, and by the time I had convinced myself I saw it, I had also convinced myself he hadn't.

Friday morning I got up and Jack was in his favorite spot, next to Mirror World looking out the window on to the front porch. This is his morning routine.  He laid there while I talked to him.  He laid there while I offered treats to his sisters, and he laid there while I gave him treats... now he usually stands to eat his treats.. however when he is blocked he lays quite differently and he won't eat.

I had a major case of 'what the carp'  His belly was quite taught, but he had no symptoms of pain, he didn't whimper or snap at me while I was manipulating him. He did get up, and he did that 'is he limping??' walk, but then he laid right back down.

That was it, he was going to the vet. His strong reluctance to stand up got me an emergency appointment as long as I didn't mind waiting (I never do), so I packed him up and off we went.

I had actually planned to call the vet next week to get him and Fleurp in for blood work rechecks. He was due for this thyroid panel, she is due for checking her anemia and make sure it is gone. Fleurp is in the week post pred, so I wanted to wait another week and make sure she was holding her RBC... you know how it goes, you plan cats laugh.

So we get to the vet, we happily wait because we know we'll be seen long before the first available appointment they had. He gets examined and his bladder feels very large. He is walking just fine at the vet, not a hint of a limp. Vet jumps to the idea he might be blocked. Don't think I didn't get there on my own. She takes him out back to draw the blood for the bloodwork and to do an xray of his bladder to make sure there isn't a stone. After they take him I think that if he is limping he isn't going to want to walk down the stairs to use the box, so I ask the staff to give him a litter box and they said they would.  Well low and behold he used it and left them a nice deposit to clean up. Phew, not blocked.

But what is going on?? The vet wondered if he didn't get into a fight or an accident, and since we haven't had any discord in the house in months I can't imagine it is a fight issue. One suspect clue is that his weight is now nearly 15lbs.  He has put on a LOT of weight since his I131. He should be around 12. His bloodwork came back on Saturday and his thyroid level is 1.2 (0.8-4.7) which the vet treating him thinks is ideal, but I wonder if it isn't too low for him. Weight gain is a sign of low thyroid..

So, what we are speculating happened is because of his weight he jumped down from somewhere and gave himself an injury of one type or other. The vet gave him an injection of pain meds there and gave me three days of meds to go home (although it is an eight hour medication and she only gave me two doses, so... not quite three days, but I'm guessing they just wanted to help take the edge off)

We brought him home from the vet and he went right back to his corner and laid down. He was there two hours later when I got home from work. He was still there a couple of hours after that, but that evening he was running around after us looking for attention.

The next morning Miz Robyn was stopping by, so I got up nice and early to give him the pain meds, and by the time she got there he was himself - which was so nice for me and Robyn :)

I noticed he hadn't been getting up on the bed, so we went and got the cat stairs we made years ago for Em, and that we broke out again for Ollie. I am happy to say I have gotten my morning licks, but he has been spending way more time than what is normal for him on it.

I put a litter box in the bathroom for him so that he doesn't need to go downstairs, but EVERYONE is using it.. (my cats are so lazy) but at least he has somewhere to go, and his bladder is happy for that. If he isn't better soon I will be bringing him back for more xrays of his joints.

I've also emailed the clinic that gave him the I131 with the issue of the weight gain and how it is bothering him. They questioned if it might not be the food, although none of the other cats have put on two pounds and they all eat the same,  and also suggested a test that might see if we need to do something else for him. I'm currently looking into that option and hope we have answers soon

Monday, July 27, 2015

Dinosaurs don't eat Pizza, but cats do

We had a visitor his this weekend..

who's feet are these??
it must belong to this lady...
Some of you will get the original reference, some of you won't. Our visitor was my friend Robyn who runs the blog Love and Hisses, also used to run a blog called Dinosaurs Can't eat Pizza which is an absolute riot and I STRONGLY suggest you go when you have some time and start at the beginning.. the comments make the blog that little extra special so don't miss those.

It's me! Robyn!! In a cat shirt!

Robyn has roots in Maine and several years ago I commented that the next time she was in the area she should let me know and we could plan a meet up. Well friendships evolved and the planets aligned and we had plans to meet for a short time before her family get together on Saturday. She brought her mother with her, which was an extra treat.

I asked her if she wouldn't mind being this week's prop for kitten photos and she graciously agreed.

Frasier needs kissin
Every kitten loves a basket, and every person who sees it MUST pick it up.
Robyn, are you encouraging them to wrestle?
wrestle, wrestle, wrestle
Holly needs kissin
Frasier needs a cuddle
Holly apparently loves jewelry 
"must.. have.. " Holly
"I'm so gonna get that!!" Holly
Hey Lady.. 
Hi Mimi
Mimi received a snuggle
and then checked out the bed behind her
Mimi thinks Robyn is pretty
Robyn and Mimi
and yet another cuddle
Angelo is going wonky eyed from all the fun
and Frasier is down for the count.
It was an absolutely lovely visit that was WAY too short. (and apparently Robyn doesn't know how to be a good prop to show off the kittens, but that's okay as I think this was a far more interesting post.) I have a couple of other photos to share on Wednesday, as they make a good wordless post.

And as I said..

Jack wants to know if they aren't going to eat the pizza, if they might want to be his minions.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Another good photo of Twee

You know, it always thrills me when I am able to get a nice photo of Twee. She hates having her photo taken almost as much as I do, so I don't force photo shoots on her.  Sometimes I try to sneak one in, and most of the time it is a huge fail... I say this one was a success.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Monday, July 20, 2015

Because kittens need #Minions

Mimi and her Minions 
Angelo and his Minions 
Holly says she wants Angelo's Minions
Your Minions fall down on the job
Romeow and his Minions
Holly says these are HER Minions
and don't you dare think about giving them to Frasier 
Frasier and his Minions
Angelo doesn't think Mimi should have any Minions,
she is hard enough to deal with now
My job here is done
Where are my Minions lady!?!?
The kittens are doing well.  Most of them are growing like weeds.

Frasier is going on a bit of a hunger strike, and I can't figure out why. When I returned Katie to the shelter all of the kittens were eating very well. When we had visitors he was feeling a little lighter for his size so we picked up some goat milk for him. He ate that very well and was feeling heavier. Then he started eating canned food again and that came back up. He went back to just the goat milk, but then that started coming back up too and he started losing weight again. I brought him and Romeow into work on Friday and when I got out I brought them to the shelter and had them check him out. He ate some AD for them, but only when it was offered on fingers. That night he ate some more, eating so voraciously the next morning that his brother put his paw on his head in an attempt to slow him down... I thought all was well, but come Saturday night he didn't eat... not even goat milk... I thought I was going to have to take him into the shelter again, but Sunday morning he ate well again. Once again I thought we were out of the woods because he was holding his weight, but Sunday night he was down an ounce and stopped eating again. He will eat if I force it into his mouth, and did lick a few pieces of food off my fingers, but he is acting like he is stuffed. He is active and playing and wrestling... in other words he isn't acting like he is sick, but he feels 'less than' his brothers.

Holly has come around to think I am okay, which is nice. She is still hesitant and unsure of things, but she is willing to give me the benefit of the doubt. Mimi thinks I am the best cat toy ever, and LOVES to play with my fingers if I wiggle them in front of her. She is very gentle and kind, biting every so slightly when she gets her mouth on me, and is very gentle with her claws.

They are all very kind with their claws which is nice. When I go down without socks on they attempt to 'take me down' by wrapping their paws around my legs, but they never use their claws.

The boys are all about two pounds and the girls are smaller, so they will be with me for a few more weeks.
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