Thursday, December 17, 2020

2020 Christmas tree


I was feeling Christmasy this year but I couldn't face decorating the tree without Muffin this year so the Catman put it up for me.  He put a few actual ornaments on it this year instead of just cat toys..

We are also trying it out in a new spot.  I do like it there.  

The ghosts of Christmas past are heavy this year. I miss Jack and Muffin terribly. Ollie as well, as he used to love to sleep under the tree like he was born to do it and we were horrible people for only letting him do it a few weeks out of the entire year.  

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Fancy Feast Advent Calendar


I saw that Fancy Feast was doing an advent calendar and I sent my husband to the store to snag one of the few remaining ones (according to the website) on his way home that day.  He actually snuck it into the house so it wouldn't ruin Fleurp's surprise 

Since today is the first.. we broke into it and there was much rejoicing 

24 whole days of canned food.. Fleurp is going to be spoiled that is for certain 

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