Tuesday, May 24, 2005

and we have two eating

I again tried to introduce wet food to the kittens. Scarlette and Cloud weren't interested, but Kau was. He very much liked it, but couldn't quite figure out how to get it into his mouth on his own. After a few attempts, he got the hang of it and started eating out of the bowl. Mom is so nice to wait until they are done eating then goes to eat. I truly appreciate a good mother cat. She gathers up her babies and puts them back in the 'nest' (aka cage) One of them went poo on its own during the kitten shower this weekend, but she takes total control of that now so that they don't have to at home. I appreciate it as there is less for me to clean up..

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

mmmm food

I introduced wet food to the kittens yesterday. only Zhannah had any interest at all... and boy was she interested. She ended up sucking my fingers, which was beyond cute. Her coordination is a bit better. She can walk now without totally falling over, but still even shaking her head causes her to loose her balance. I have to say after my experience with FIP, I am a bit quick to jump on the "there is something wrong" bandwagon, but I'd rather be wrong than miss something. Thankfully my vet understands that - even though he wasn't around for Kodi. Fortunately for this particular something is wrong thing I know there is nothing that can be done but love and care, so I'm not bugging anyone :D

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

we have teeth... and are starting to pounce

I just LOVE kittens at this age

we have names...

I was looking at the little tiger boy thinking how much he looks like the clouded leopard from the "Growing up clouded leopard" show on Animal Planet, and decided to name him Cloud. Then the little gray and white boy needs to be named Kau, cause he has the markings of a cow - sorta - and I have a friend with the online screen name of CloudKau. Then the girl tiger I'm going to name Scarlet because I think it fits her and because CloudKau has a cat named Scarlet, which leaves the black and white one with Zhannah. I swear sometimes coming up with names for kittens is the worst part of this.

Kitten shower is coming up this Saturday. Last year I spent my day in front of a display of foster kittens. I personally have so much fun talking about kittens and fostering, but it is so hard to fight the idea that people have that they couldn't do it because they could never give them up. Trust me, when you have five three-month-old kittens - or 10 at one point as I have had - by the time they are ready to go back, you are so ready for them to go back. Most of the time I know by their behavior more than putting them on a scale when they are of size to go. Yeah, there are those special ones that you worked hard with to get healthy but you know you can't keep them all, and if you tried, you'd have no room left in your life to help the next set that comes in.

Monday, May 16, 2005


One name down

I found a name at work yesterday that I really like, Zhannah. It belonged to an Italian woman. But, of course, I have no idea who is going to get it. I am convinced that there is something wrong with the little black and white kitten.. I was sorting through my stack of "Cat Nip" a paper newsletter I ordered, and there was an article about a cat who had a problem with an undeveloped brain. The cat could function, just had horrible coordination. The owner named the cat Bobbles. The other kittens are wobbly, but don't fall over and aren't nearly as uncoordinated as she is. I keep telling her to slow down, cause as long as she walks slowly she is fine... it is when she speeds up there is a problem.. but she has no patience. She wants to get where she is going now.. which of course leads to her falling over and taking even more time, but since she really isn't going anywhere at all, it seems pretty silly. They haven't even figured their way out of the cage at this point, which is perfectly fine with me... although I am considering putting "bumpers" up on the cage like they do for baby cribs, but while that would protect her from banging her head on the bars, it might possibly suffocate her if she worms her way under it.

On the home front, I really have to learn to not give into my Muffin. She is spoiled rotten. Very pushy and demanding, but so utterly uberly cute when she does it that it is hard not to. Last night I woke up and she had commandeered my pillows. She is SUCH a princess!

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Twee's obsession

Well, its official, my Twee is messed up in the head.

 I suspected this obsession for a while now, but I just found evidence of it this morning. Twee likes to chew strings in half. I first noticed it on a sweater that had the loops to help keep it hung up on a hanger. Then the hubby noticed his sneakers had laces that were 90% chewed through. I just found two shoe laces on the floor completely detached, like two little white worms in front of the shoe rack. *sigh* Oh well. guess this means all the shoes need to be kept out of her line of sight.

The kittens went on a little journey yesterday. I took them all up to work so the girls could see them. They were a big hit. One woman acted as if she knew EVERYTHING about cats and kittens and was saying how it was best to hold them by the scruff. Not true. She kept holding them only by the scruff, and it kept freaking me out, so I kept reaching over to support their butts. Watching mother cats carry their young around, they actually very rarely do it by the scruff. And they only carry for short distances. its better to give full support and only scruff when you need to for exams or baths.

Em is still doing well. I tossed my new bra on the bed, the one I actually shelled out real money for, and which I totally love, and she "pounced" on it. Her version of pouncing is to tag it with her foot. I picked it up and she swatted at it, and pulled it toward her mouth to bite. I played with her with it for a few moments, then remembered we had an actual cat toy in the bedroom, and went and got it. She wasn't interested, but my bra was a big hit. :)

Sunday, May 8, 2005

Checks temperture in hell

I swear it has frozen over.. I was getting breakfast this morning and someone (looks at Tweedle) left a cat toy in the middle of the kitchen. I swatted it out of the way with my foot, and Emmy went after it. Yes, my log of a cat actually went after a toy. When she got to it, she swatted it, and watched it go under the chair, which caused the other kitties to look, and she became intimidated.

She actually jumped up on the bed the other day too. I swear that cosequin is a miracle.

The kittens are doing well. The black and white one seemed hungry, so I made some KMR. She liked it, no one else did. I left the rest for mom. That kitten is WAY too precious. *makes note, seven kitties is way too many

no seriously, I need to get a life

I was tired, and wanted to go to bed, but I wanted to cuddle a kitty. I knew mine weren't going to be up for it, so I went and nabbed a kitten. I took the black and white one. She's cute. She was rooting around in my shirt for a place to nurse and went up in my sleeve. It's amazing how sharp kitten claws are. Twee was VERY interested in the kitten. So was everyone else except Jack who hissed.. and loudly. I think he is sick and tired of more cats coming into his life. fosters were fine until they started staying full-time.

When I was done, I went to the kitten room, and put the kitten on the floor by the door. It screamed at being all alone on a cold floor. Eliza looked concerned but didn't want to leave the others alone. I asked her if she was going to come get her, and Eliza just laid down on her other kittens as if to say "I trust you will bring her back" I told her to come and get her kitten and started to shut the door, so Eliza got up, came across the room and picked up the kitten and brought it back to the others. It was so cute it hurt.

I so need to come up with names... Help! or the grey and white one is going to be called bruiser, and the tiger and white will be princess

Wednesday, May 4, 2005

why do I have six cats?

If it isn't one thing, its another. Jack was urinating blood last night, so he's spending the day at the vet's today. I'm so glad I've got good friends there who will bring him home for me since I have to work till after they close.
As promised.. kitten pictures.

Tuesday, May 3, 2005

we have eyeballs!

The boys have opened their eyes! sorta. The white and grey has, but the tiger is just peeking at this point. The two tiger kittens still have their cords attached. Last time that happened to me, we had a hernia. Hopefully, they just don't want to let go at this point.

Promise, I'll try to get pictures soon

Sunday, May 1, 2005


Oh, what cute things they are. Actually, they are just squirming balls of fur that scream when you pick them up at this point. The eldest boy is huge, well, they are all huge, but he is ginormous. I swear you can see his testicles already... in fact, I swear you could have seen them on day three. That was when his cord fell off. The last girl's did too. (the black and white one) The two tigers still have theirs. It's only day eight, but since they are so big I keep expecting their eyes to open any minute now.

Mom is taking exceptionally good care of them. She was off her food the day after giving birth. She ate that night, but then didn't, and Wednesday I found blood in the box, so I brought her in to the vet who said she had a bit of a temperature, but that in general she was fine. I force fed her a bit on Wednesday and Thursday, then she went about eating on her own. She is totally not into wet food, which is too bad cause it is so much better for her, but alas, what can I do. She's eating a ton of dry.

I'd post pictures, but I misplaced my digital. I took a few during birth and a few the day after. so you'll get some eventually.
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