Saturday, February 28, 2009

Photo Hunts - Thankful

I had the perfect picture in mind when I saw this week's theme. It was of a nice young man who came into the shelter I volunteer for who adopted one of my foster kittens. He was thankful for his new kitty, my kitty was thankful for a new home, and I was very thankful that people adopt, and that the kitty was getting a great home. Sadly, I couldn't find that photo.. so this was my next choice.

Friday, February 27, 2009

dropping them off..

So I went to the shelter last night, to drop off Happiness and Joy. It was so hard on me. The shy kittens always are hard on me.

I psyched myself up to do it, telling myself not even to think about it when I got home to pack them up. They hate the carrier. They know nothing good comes from the carrier. I grabbed them, gave them a little cuddle, put them in the carrier, grabbed the towel they were sleeping on, the cubby they hang out in, and their medicines and off I went.

They were VERY quiet in the car ride.

I got there, and they were huddled in the back of the carrier trying to be invisiable. The shelter manager help me set up their cage with their cubby and towel, and we put Joy in. Since they needed boosters, I kept Happy, and went to the back room with her she took her medicine like a champ. A scared little "this is not happening" champ. I put her in the top level of the cage and took out Joy. She too took her meds like a champ. When I was done with Joy, I noticed Happy hadn't moved. She was hunkered down on the towel trying to hide behind a slight fold. So broke my heart. I put Joy in with her, and Joy snuggled right up to her and tried to hide behind the same fold. They refused to move except to make the other more comfortable. Finally I couldn't watch it any more, and moved them down to the lower level so they could hide properly in the cubby.

I kept trying to tell them it would be ok, and that this was a good thing. How they would find their furever home and be able to sleep in a real bed, etc. After a while I knew I was talking more to convince myself that things would be ok. *hangs head* Yes, I am that kind of crazy cat lady.

Right before I left, I took one more look at them, and was a little heart warmed in the fact that while they were still hiding in the cubby, Happiness was actually looking out of the cubby taking in her surroundings. Much improvement from *MUST BE INVISABLE!*

The office totally needs to be cleaned, and sanitized. it stinks from litter that should have been cleaned out the day before they left, and cans that need to be recycled.. I need to dismantle the cage, and open up the door so my own cats can reclaim their territory. Poor Fleurp probably doesn't even remember what is in that room :)

Welcome back Boots

Wednesday we took in my husband's aunt's cat Boots. We cat sat for him last year. Last year I had kittens in my kitten room, so we put him in the office. He's loud and pretty much made a pest of himself there last year, so this year we cleaned out the kitten room and he's in there.

Which is nice for him, it's big and there is a nice comfy couch to lay on, and big windows with window seats in front of them for watching the birds play in the snow.

Its nice for me, cause I got to sleep through the night.

But *hangs head* he's so far away I don't want to go spend any time with him.

Hey, he's only been here a short time, I shouldn't feel that guilty.

and for those of you who remember him from last year, no, my aunt did not keep him on the limited ingredient food, and yes, the scabs on his body are back. And since he is front paw declawed, his back claws are horrendously long again.. *sigh* I wonder if they ever got clipped during the past year.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

easily amused AND mean

Well I turned my webcam back on this afternoon, and see three of my kitties sleeping.. So made me want to run home and be a kitty, sleeping in a warm puddle of sunlight on a big soft comfy chair.. But I couldn't. So I called the house.

and I woke them all up!

What I found very interesting, is my generally accepted Alpha kitty Ollie is on the arm of the chair. Jack, the second is on top of the chair. Usually the dominant kitty is in the higher position.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Weird stuff cats eat

My cats... they are a weird.

the other day I found some baby cookies (human) that were on clearance for very little money, that had good calorie stats, and were banana flavored. I thought what the heck. (actually they are pretty good)

I pulled some out last night, and Jack decided he *HAD TO HAVE IT!!!*

Jack has a horrific scream. ear piercing. Nails on chalk board kind of screams.. so I usually let him sniff what ever he's decided he wants. more times than not it gets a sniff and he walks away - temporarily - giving me enough time to eat what I'm trying to eat.

Well he decided that he had to rub his lips all over the cookie and give it a lick. Now since Jack suffers with crystals when he has too many carbs, I wasn't thrilled with the idea of his eating the cookie, but I couldn't imagine he would. So I let him take it.

Well with all the fussing, Fluerp came over to see what was being doled out. When the cookie hit the floor she shoved Jack out of the way and started nuzzling it. I couldn't believe either cat would actually eat it.. I mean it was basically a banana flavored cracker for goodness sake!!

Well moments later Fleurp walked away licking her lips, and no cookie remained on the floor.

Guess that will teach me to assume cats won't eat things when there is a Fleurp involved..

Saying goodbye

Well it looks like Thursday is the day that Happiness and Joy are going to go back to the shelter *sob*

I know I can't keep them, but I always fear for the ferals. Will the new owners understand the unique needs of such kitties? Will they appreciate the joy of one of these kitties simply looking at you and purring, and what a mile stone that is? The shelter they go to is good, they will understand and explain, but it doesn't stop me from thinking about them.

Several years ago I had some ferals over Christmas. Two little black kitties who took a ton of work to get out of their shell. They were still reserved when they went back to the shelter, and the people who adopted them were people who came to the shelter when I had my previous set of kittens up for adoption who wanted to separate a bonded pair. We turned them down and they left in a huff, only to come back and take these two little scared kittens. I think of them often, because originally they were so adamant that they knew what they were doing, even though they thought nothing of separating a bonded pair. (among other arrogances) This time they were quite contrite, they listened and agreed with all the suggestions. And part of me always wondered if they just said yes to get the kittens, maybe with the intent of sharing the partner with a friend or family member. I asked the manager to call them personally to check up on them. I never did hear what the outcome of that was, but I felt better having asked.

I love the ferals and the undersocilized. I love winning their trust, and getting them to choose to love you. but there are a few who while they make that leap of faith, still keep one paw in the "reserved" category that break my heart when I have to let them go and leave them to face their new families all alone.

They are special. I pray that they find a home that recognizes it.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Photo Hunts - Warm

Warm, now that was easy... most of my photos are full of warm fuzzies.. but I liked this one

Nautical was hard. I don't own anything boat like, and my cats are so anti-water, that I just didn't do it. Hopefully that will be the last one I won't be able to do for a while

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I was wrong again

Last time I was wrong, I thought Fleurp had a polyp. But her ears have been fine after the last longer does of antibiotics..

this time I was worried about H&J's incisions from their spays. H growed at me when I touched a certain spot, and J's looked like someone stuck a superball in there.

I just got back from the shelter. H didn't growl, and she looked fine. and they looked at J and said it is just normal swelling.

I am glad to be wrong.

I don't like it.. but I was glad :)

Monday, February 16, 2009

set back

Since H & J were doing so well, I asked the shelter if they thought they should stay with me for J's 3 weeks of pred. Since she's easy to pill, the shelter thought they could come back any time for adoption. I'm sad at that thought, but I went in to give J her pill and start saying goodbye.

I looked at Happy's belly and noticed there was a lot of extra glue and the incision looked a little wonky, so I tried to pull a little of the extra glue off her tummy. She growled at me. I immediately stopped and looked at her, and she looked hurt. I said I was sorry, and asked her if that hurt (like I was expecting a reply) I said I'm going to try again, if it hurts again growl again.. and I very gently touched her tummy in several different spots, and then in that spot and she growled again.

So I was bummed that she's got something going wrong, but I let her down to play some more. I picked up Joy to medicate her and look at her tummy and everything seemed to be healing just fine.. no excess glue, incision looked like it was healing well, so I medicated her then went to give her tummy a kiss, and that is when I saw a superball sized protrusion from her incision.. great.. another hernia.

what is it with my foster kittens and hernias lately? they have been done at different clinics. Some came back home with me, some went straight back to the shelter.. I don't get it..

Sunday, February 15, 2009

another big step

I was on my computer in the office where Happiness and Joy are hanging out. They both sat out in plain site (which is HUGE) and sat and looked at me and purred. I talked gently to them, reached out to them, and *was able to pat them*

Just huge..

Its amazing what simple things become huge mile stones in under socialized kittens. i so hope they find a home with someone who understand the joys of being able to pat a kitten

Thursday, February 12, 2009


I shouldn't laugh so loud, I'm scaring the kittens, but Happy is just so darn cute..

she's trying to bury the food and there is nothing to bury it with, so she'll pulling dry food out of her bowl, and trying to use that to cover with..

I asked her what she was doing after I heard the first set of scraping. She stopped and looked at me. I just kept watching, and saw her pull food out of the bowl. I said "HEY!" and she stop and froze and looked at me as if to say "What?" pulled more food out of the bowl, and proceeded to attempt to bury the wet food..

just too funny

Happiness and Joy, what a pair

a slightly blurry photo of Joy's stitches..

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

one step forward, two back

So this weekend we seemed to make signifigant progress with Happiness and Joy. Both of them were at the front of the cage wanting to interact with me. They did not shy away when I opened the cage and when I reached for them. I was so thrilled!

But Sunday I realized that Joy's face was NOT getting better, so I brought her into the shelter on Monday. Monday morning I guess they knew something was up, because they both cowered from me. I scooped them up and got them in the box, and off they went to the shelter where they went to the vet. They wanted to biopsy Joy's nose, and so they kept them over night. I got them yesterday. They spayed them to boot.

Joy has four stitches in her nose. I only found out this morning because when I got them home last night, she bolted out of the carrier (very bold for her) and ran to get into the cage. I hadn't opened the door because I had planned on looking her over and making note of how her incision looked, so she was cowered next to it. I opened the door up for her and she bolted in and hid.

I got a look at Happy. She was also quite timid and fearful. But she sniffed around her dinner bowls, so I fed them and left them alone for the night.

This morning all the food and water was gone, so I refilled them, and brought both out to be examined and for their dose of buprenex. Neither one reacted too much to it, which was nice. Joy purred and shook at the same time.. so not sure what is going on.. Happy refused to raise her ears the whole time I held her.. finding them a new home is going to be so difficult on them... and if Joy has Eosinophilic Granuloma, it is going to be even more difficult to find someone to take them. I hope it is just a fungus of some sort..

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Long time readers and friends will know that I have had a past experience with FIP and I absolutely hate the disease with a passion. I hate that in 2008 we not only don't have a 100% accurate test for it, we don't have a cure, we don't have a vaccine, we don't even know why it happens (although it is thought to be something genetic that helps with the mutation)

There is research being done out there.

I ran across this website today. Just thought I'd spread the word.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Photo Hunts - Bridges

This one ranks up there with chipped :) But.. I build bridges all the time with kittens just entering this world and learning about the love of a good human.. so ..

My entry: Building Bridges!

and my kitties burns their bridges all the time :) I'm usually yelling at them not taking their photo though. This one says a lot though...

Thursday, February 5, 2009

I am too easily amused

Joy and Happiness are at the shelter today. Joy's face started to swell. I have no idea what is going on, but clavamox is NOT helping it.

poor Happy really didn't like the idea of going to the shelter again, and when I was holding her she started purring, but then realized what I was going to do and pulled her scared cartoon kitty look (eyes open wide, ears completely back so all you can see is her round head with her round eyes) I felt so bad, but I do have a small hope that all these trips are helping her adjust to new surroundings. I mean she is going to have to find a new home at some point.

So while they were at the vet I moved the web cam to the sun room to spy on my kitties. I tried to check it this morning but it was very slow to load, so I thought that maybe it wouldn't work on the other end of the house (even with a wireless booster thing my DH hooked up) but I just checked it again and I set it up with out looking this morning, and low and behold I got a great shot.
Click to enlarge

What you can't see is Eli in the top of the cat tree sleeping in the little box up there. Kit is on the chair, and I believe that is Jack on the platform.

is it wrong of me to want to watch kitties sleep all day?

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Its Official!!

Well, today I officially adopted my little Fluerpy Face. I went to the shelter with Happy and Joy and the manager asked me if I was bringing back Fleurp. I said no. So she processed the paperwork and I paid my fee.. now she's officially mine.. all mine..

but of course she's currently all cuddled up with Jack..

and she is getting closer to Tweedle which is nice.
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