Tuesday, October 28, 2003

so cute it hurts

the kittens are doing well.. totally rambunctious.. and so utterly cute it hurts.. the little fluff balls prancing around, trying to act all big and tough, showing their sides when running towards another kitten so as to look bigger. I wish I could take a video to share with you all, cause it is so utterly cute.

*warning - poop update*
So they all had very loose stools when they showed up here, but after the last dose of strongid they cleared up. Fluffy's were quite stinky and loose, and he wasn't eating very well at all, so I brought some to the vet, and they didn't see anything but a possible tapeworm egg, so for now, he's on albon.

Fluffy's appetite started coming back, and he is getting very possessive of his food... so now I have to give them four dishes of food. George is still sneezing his head off.. hopefully, that will stop soon.

OT: there is a lady bug crawling on the ceiling of this room, it's freaking my kitties out.. they want to get it.. so everyone is just staring at the ceiling..

Monday, October 27, 2003

Eli and the tear duct flush and kitten update

I talked to the herbalist today.. she recommends starting out trying a tear duct flush for Eli.. so I'm going to schedule that on a day that the surgeon who has had some luck doing the procedure is working. I talked to two of the other surgeons, and they haven't had much success doing it, which is why I wanted to go the herbal route.. but hopefully the surgery will work well, and we won't have to worry about pilling him. Dr. S does surgery on Monday, Thursday, and Friday. I was going to schedule it for Thursday, but then I remembered that I have the morning off. I like the idea of his being there the next day as well if perchance something goes wrong, so we are going to wait till next Thursday. a week isn't going to make much of a difference since it's been going on for so long.. and his eyes are actually much better recently, so I think this works out for the best.

now for the kittens. I took another look at the little girls eye, and it seems fine.. must have just been a trick of light. The little fluffy one decided he didn't want to eat yesterday. I put a bit of food in his mouth, and he ate that but didn't eat on his own. He seemed to want to eat, but just wouldn't. He's not sneezing, and looks healthy, except for the lack of food. I forced some KMR into him so at least he had some nutriants. I said to myself if he didn't eat in the morning I'd bring him in with me to work, but he actually ate about three bites, then gave up.. so I forced some more KMR into him, and stopped to get some meds. Hopefully, I won't need to use them, and he'll be ready to eat when I go in there... right now.

Sunday, October 26, 2003


So we have kittens.. and they are four of the messiest kittens I've had in a while. It's not their fault.. they have stuff coming out of both ends they can't control, very watery stools and vomiting. Poor things. I took some pictures.. one concerns me greatly..

The one of the little girl looking at you, you notice one of her eyes is not looking right at you. I'm hoping that it's just a trick of the camera, because if not, its remind me greatly of Mew.. the little kitten that had a deformed stomach.. who vomited often.. who needed to be put down.

The big fluffy one reminds me of Kodi. He is a little skittish, so I started calling him Iran, cause he kept running away from me when I went to go see him. I didn't think that was appropriate, so I started calling him charlie just to not call him Kodi. There is a fluffy black one who's hair is tipped with a lighter color.. very cool.. looks a bit like a bear. Hubby wants to call him George.. because he went right up to him, and was quite curious about everything. That's about as far as I've gotten with names.. which means no one really has one :)

Need to go clean the cage. I'm also trying to decide if I should go down to the shelter today to get some meds for them. I really need to go in there one day and stock up on the general meds needed for fostering.. cause inevitably I need something I don't have, and I have to make a trip down there. It's not so bad when I'm at work since I'm mostly there anyway, but its a 35 minute drive one way just to get there.. Not a trip I make lightly.

Eli's Trip to the vet

I brought Eli in to see the vet on Friday.. Wanted to have the herbalist look at his eyes.. see if there was anything she could recommend. Not going to comment on the actual day, as she has to mull the info over for a while, but now that he's home, he's a lot more friendly.. almost as if he's thankful I didn't leave him there.

Like I'd actually do that.. silly kitty. But I do appreciate the extra attention!

Saturday, October 25, 2003

be warned

I'm going to warn you now.. will be posting some absolutely adorable kitten pictures in a day or so. I have four four to five week old kittens that are SO CUTE!

so steal yourself for the next time you come here..

Friday, October 24, 2003

in.. and out.

Hum.. Apparently I didn't even mention my last set of fosters. Last Thursday the shelter sent over some kittens to be neutered. Two of them were sneezing, so they didn't want to spay them. I took them home. They were really sweet.. I put them in the ferret cage I keep for orphan kittens and left them in the downstairs room. The orange kitties were occupying the upstairs room. So I left them down there.. locked up in the ferret cage, the next morning I went down there and the boy had escaped. Don't know how.. the cage was totally still shut. I was scared I wasn't going to be able to find him since we have started using the downstairs room for storage while we wait to redo the room for our new master bedroom. He was a bit of a scardey cat, so I didn't think I'd be able to find him, let alone catch him.. but when I called out he peeked out of the closet and came right to me. I named him Merlin, and the girl Morgana

I didn't spend a whole heck of a lot of time with them the first couple of days.. just long enough to give them lots of food and their meds. Once they moved upstairs I went in to cuddle with them.. they sat and cuddled with me for half an hour.. absolutely unheard of for kittens. They were purring and happy. :) they were also full of energy.. playing fools. they are ever so cute in personality.. not so much in appearance.

So I hadn't heard them sneeze once, so they stayed on clavamox for seven days, and went in on Thursday to be neutered, and they are back at the shelter today and are up for adoption. I wasn't planning on going in for them since they were only here for a week, but the shelter called and asked me to take six four week old kittens, and I do have some errands to run tomorrow, so I think I'll head down that way for 11, and visit for a bit.

Sunday, October 19, 2003

quote of the day

"In my more depressed moments, I believe my cats suffer from
Stockholm syndrome. You know, where the hostage falls in love
with the captor, as an adaptive mechanism." --Betsy Salkind

Saturday, October 18, 2003

and they are gone in record time...

So I brought the terror four into work with me today so I could be there when they were available for adoption.. I'm glad I did cause they were all adopted within an hour. The first to go was Tobin, and he was picked out while I was still at work. I brought him out front to cuddle with him for a bit, and one of the clients who came in fell in love with him. I told her that he'd be up for adoption shortly after noon time.. and she showed up.. then another woman showed up with her daughter and her friend. She took Kodi and Anika. That left poor Tig all alone. I tried to get the woman who took Tobin to take him, but she already has two older cats, and she worried what they would think of two new kitties. Then there was a husband and wife with two young - school age - kids. I tried to pawn him off on them, but she said she already had an orange kitty and was looking for a little diversity. She ended up taking two of another set of fosters. Then a young guy came in took one look at Tig and said he was the man. :) it seemed like the perfect fit. I had such a good feeling about it that I didn't ask any of the normal questions.. Amy went and asked him, and he had all the right answers. He said he was a new home owner and he thought it was time. I was there when they went over the application and he was born in 1980!! oh my goodness I felt old then. But I just knew it was a good fit.

Pictures from the last few days

Ok.. we're back in a cage.. what's going on?

OMG.. do you know what they just did to us..
Man I'm sleepy.. 

What a beautiful day to be adopted 

oh no.. not ANOTHER car ride

Kodi: oh man what a long day

Tigger: I might have been last, but I like my new dad..

Friday, October 17, 2003

back in business

For those of you who don't know, I live in New England. We just had a massive autumn storm come through here.. wind.. rain.. the works. It took my power out, and the power of about 20 surrounding cities. I was without power for 27 hours, then without internet access for another 24. It wasn't pretty to be me. But I've now gone through all 200 emails, and I'm so ready for bed. Got to work in the morning, then bring the kits in to the shelter to be adopted.

I brought them into the clinic to be neutered on Wednesday. It was fun. I got a couple of really good pictures, but the camera is somewhere not near the computer at the moment, so I'll have to work on those a bit later. Brought them home Wednesday night.. realized I didn't have power. Gave them a small amount of food - cause they hadn't eaten all day but I was worried that they would be nauseous from the anesthesia. Left the room, tried to entertain myself.. and not let the kittens get burned with candles.. Went back into the kitten room later and gave them some more food.. you almost wouldn't know what they had just gone through. They were a bit subdued, but only those of us who spent any time with them would have noticed.

They are all of good health, except Ennui. She has a bit of a heart murmur. There was a bit of a disagreement of exactly how bad it was. They grade murmurs on a scale of 1 to 6. the first doc thought 2-3.. the other thought 3-4. I let Taz know when I got home, explained what the doctors told me about what that meant for her (that she could grow out of it, or it could mean some heart trouble and she'd live a shortened life) and let Taz and her family decide if they still wanted to adopt Ennui, and *yay* they did. So Thursday morning - sans power - I got ready and meet her at the shelter. Was so hard handing her over as she was so confused why she wasn't with her brothers anymore... but from the sounds of it, she's doing just fine in her new home - like there was ever any doubt.

Thursday afternoon, the clinic called the shelter about some kittens they were spaying. Two of them had URI, so they wouldn't spay them, so the shelter called me and asked me to take them.. so now I have those two in a cage downstairs.. it's not the most ideal setting for them, but its temporary till Saturday night when I can clean the kitten room, and move them upstairs. My friend Rachel who fosters has a sick kitten she wants me to take care of.. he's got URI as well.. and.. get this.. a "large penis". Not exactly sure what that means.. will have to have a nice discussion about that and the care when I see her this weekend.

speaking of those kittens.. I need to get off this computer and go medicate them.. I still have a bunch of things to catch up on, but they can wait.

Monday, October 13, 2003

We have solid poop!!

yes.. yes yes.. I know you're all totally thrilled.. almost took a picture of it to share with ya all.. :) FINALLY mom's stool is nice and solid and looks like it should She left it right on top of the litter so I'd see it.. lol (ya'll will never look at butterscotch pudding the same way again!)

Kittens are going to the vet on Thursday barring any complications. I called the shelter to let them know they were ready and the clinic could do them. Taz is going to adopt Ennui.. for the few of you who visit here who don't know Taz, she's a friend of mine I met through Neopets We found out a while back that we live fairly close to one another.. when another of my sets of foster kittens were available for adoption, and she ended up taking two - Domino and Isabell who she named Minou.. and now she'll have three - of mine, four altogether. I'm very glad that Ennui is getting a good home, and that I'll get to see her from time to time. :) (now if I can only convince her hubby to let her have Tigger as well)

I bought my own kitties some kitty ice cream.. its high in protein low in sugars.. Jack liked it.. but Muffin loved it. My kitties are so silly.

Saturday, October 11, 2003

reasoning with a cat

I just went grocery shopping.. before I left Ollie really wanted some kitty lovin.. it was so hard to try to tell him he could have it when I got back..

of course now that I'm back and I have yet to unpack the groceries (yes.. I'm silly.. I wanted to check my email) Now Emmy wants some kitty lovin..

Man they are so hard to say no to, and you know they won't be around when I'm ready for some kitty lovin.. not that I'm ever not ready for it.. its just some times its so darn inconvenient - which of course makes it that much more appealing to the kitty, now doesn't it??

Friday, October 10, 2003

Stool issues

so I went into the kitten room yesterday and was in there for a while. Mom went poop again, and there was a bit of formation, so I was getting optimistic, but then she went again and it was very very loose. again with the freshly made pudding. so I brought in yet another sample.. still negative. The doc consulted with the herbalist, and she recommended feeding her mice. Yup. The perfect cat food.. honestly. It has all the nutrients a cat needs.. like it was made to eat mice. But alas, I can't do that to the poor little mice. She also recommended white fish. but I don't do fish. She recommended pork.. now that I can do. so I run out to the store and get some pork.. torture my own kitties cooking it, bring it in the kitten room, torture the kittens by giving it only to mom, who does not want it. Poor thing. Although she did go poop once again and this time it was actually formed. So.. now do I give up and let the kittens eat the pork, or do I leave her alone with the pork and hope she eats it?

The kittens are all growing up wonderfully.. they are calming down a smidge.. almost to the point where I wouldn't call them obnoxious anymore. Not there yet, but close. Starting to become considerate and cute and cuddly... starting.. :)

Wednesday, October 8, 2003

we said.. DINNER TIME!!

it's 7:30. Hubby has a late meeting, so he isn't home to feed the kitties. I haven't gotten around to it yet. I had to go to the bathroom, so I got up from my chair where I was checking my email and went to the bathroom. I proceeded to do what it is one does in there, and a kitty or two showed up. Nothing out of the ordinary. I never shut the door completely (less we have company) cause it's just me and my hubby.. so anyway.. I started cleaning Eli's eyes, because they were bad, and I feel muffin crawling into my pants.. something she used to do at every opportunity, but hasn't done in a while. I look up and all five kitties are in the bathroom with me. That never happens. guess they were trying to tell me something.

Monday, October 6, 2003

the kitten cuteness can be overwhelming

The kittens reached the age a week or two or three ago where they start becoming overwhelming. If you've never had five 8 week old kittens in the house, then it really is mayhem. The other day they learned they could jump on the computer table and use that to get on higher shelves on the shelving units in the room. I keep the bottom shelf empty, but since they normally can't get to the second and third shelves, those are full of stuff. Well, the other day they got up on the shelf and pushed all kinds of stuff off it and into the litter box, which they then proceeded to use. It couldn't have been comfortable, but they knew it was mayhem, and thus needed to be done.

They also enjoy looking out the door to the rest of the house. I keep a gate up so they can't escape easily. However, they are at the point that if they tried they could get past the gate, fortunately, none of them have tried up until today when I saw Anika on the top of the gate about ready to bound into the rest of the house. bad kitty. So if they don't go back soon, my hands are going to be super full.

speaking of going back.. I weighed them the other day and I could have sworn that Ennui was 2.25 lbs.. today (and yesterday too) she was only 2lbs. Yesterday I figured it was just because they ran out of food and she ran herself silly.. and a whole bunch of other excuses. Now I'm wondering if the scale wasn't off when I weighed her. I'm hoping that it's nothing. She seems in great health.

Today after I fed them, I picked Ennui up and cuddled her. She's into cuddling and immediately started drifting into a kitty nap. Tigger stopped by and I started cuddling him. After a few moments, he started drifting too. Kodi stopped by.. I snuggled him into the group.. oh it was a site.. I wish I would have been able to take a picture for you.. although Kodi liked attacking my necklace, and my earrings, and then when those were no longer an option, my nose. How can such terrors be so overwhelmingly cute??
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