Thursday, August 24, 2006

Trip to the vet

So I finally broke down and told the foster coordinator my concerns about the kittens...

*eating, but not eating as well as previous fosters at this age
*extremely small anuses and almost no kitten poop in litter box.
*sleeping a LOT. Not lethargic, just sleeping way more than I am used to with kittens at this age.

So she thought they should be seen. Having previously worked at the vet clinic that they were being seen, I knew without some obvious symptom, they weren't going to find anything, and they didn't. But the one good thing about the trip to the vet was that they didn't use the litter box all day, so they had to when they got home.

There are the two with tails, a boy and a girl, and the two without tails, a boy and a girl, names are still very fluid at this point, except Willie, the runt boy with a tail.

Willy has shown me he can produce very normal poop, so I wasn't worried about him.
The girl with a tail went pee, but didn't poop.
The girl without a tail pooped just fine!! YEA!!
and the boy without a tail produced a very thin, VERY yellow and mucus filled poop which is going back to the clinic to be looked at.

Mom also ate up a storm... which is encouraging. It may be that she didn't get breakfast at home, and didn't eat that much in such a strange place, but I'll take my victories where I can get them.

So at this point, it is a wait and see kind of deal. Hopefully, everything will enlarge as they do and things will flow well.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Just call me paranoid

So, I went in to feed mom today (these cats soo need names) and there were no kittens in site. I called, but nothing. They were in the carrier sleeping, but paranoid me starts thinking something went very wrong and they didn't make it through the night.

No reason to think this.. everyone was happy and healthy last night.

But I didn't have the strength to reach in the carrier and possibly find dead kittens, so I asked my hubby to check in on them later (as I am trying to find a way to leave to get some errands done this morning)

well a few minutes later I opened the door to where the kittens are, and see the little boy with leg issues. I grab him for a hug, and walk in to see my hubby and say look, this kitten isn't dead.. and my husband knowing how silly I feel over all this says "Yeah, we like not dead kittens"

This is all too true.

When I put him back, I saw the other "not dead kittens" wrestling..

Everyone is fine, and apparently, I need to chill just a little.

While typing this, Emerald JUMPED from the floor to my lap. Something she has not done in a long time. She put on a little weight the other day. Since I don't know if it is the thyroid meds or the zantac doing it, I stopped giving her zantac. We'll know by tonight tomorrow at the latest, if she's still nauseous. She is still EXTREMELY hungry all the time.

Dr. B is opening his doors Sept 25th.. Thank goodness!!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Well this is odd.

I just added a new map thingie to the bottom of the page to show where people are visiting my website from. While doing that I visited my current statistics. I like to see what people are searching for. Someone did a search on kitten enema and my site came up (from the time I had to do one ages ago). Sometimes I view the searches that others have done to see where I land, and to see what others have to say on the subject - I have learned some very interesting things that way.

So I viewed the search on kitten enemas, and came across the story of little bit, who had a rectum that was too small to pass stool, and how his owner took extensive measures to save him (and was successful.. with two surgeries to expand the rectum)

I was just starting to think that one of my tailless kittens has a VERY small rectum. I am hoping I am wrong, but this kinda freaks me out. Well not freak as in bad.. just weird.. you know what I mean?

Maybe I'll take him in this weekend for a second opinion.. Or maybe I'll wait till we have an official problem.

Unexpected Heartache

Well I went in yesterday to see Sara and Sampson.. but they had been adopted (and no, I had not been told)

They went to different homes. The manager could only find the paperwork for Sara. She went into a home with three cats and a dog.

I should be thrilled, but I am heartbroken over this. Actually cried while leaving the clinic. I have NO idea why.

Sunday, August 6, 2006

Adoption day

This one was hard on me. The shelter wasn't as busy on a Sunday than it is on Saturday. I should have brought them back then.

Sasha went first. A nice older couple who just lost their cat of 19 years. Indoors, willing to listen to ideas on food.

Sebastian and Suzie Q went next. An elderly woman came in with her kids. She wanted a new cat since hers just died. I'm not as thrilled with this adoption because I think Suzie is going to be too much for her.. but she was insistent that she only wanted one and she only wanted a kitten. Suzie is a sweetheart, but she is a spit fire, and without another kitten to play with, I think she'll overwhelm the woman. I hope I am wrong. One of her children ended up adopting two kittens. Jerico a kitten that was thrown from a car, and Sebastian. They did say they were going to let the cats out, and they said declaw.. they were talked out of both.. (I hope, you never know what people will say when they just want you to stop talking about something) I explained why Sebastian shouldn't be let out.. again, they seemed to understand. *prays*

Sara and Sampson are still left.

The whole crew did exceedingly well there today. I was so certain that they were going to revert to their feral ways. Sampson was very shy and overwhelmed with it all, and spent most of the day shaking. The biggest brute of a kitten, it was odd. Wasn't expecting him to be the baby.

I can't keep them all, and I have to trust in the world to take care of them.. (Only problem with that is that it is the world that created too many kittens in the first place)

Saturday, August 5, 2006

A victory and a defeat

Well, I was so worried about the little gray kittens, and today when I went to see them, one of them actually made it into the litter box and left a deposit!! It is so fun to watch them run around.. they are still getting used to their feet, so their front feet and back feet don't always match up.

The littlest boy with the bad legs is still behind, but he was walking so much better yesterday. I am hopeful.

The defeat? Emerald. She vomited this afternoon. She won't eat her dinner. Her bg was almost 400.. she vomited again this evening. I had stopped giving her zantac thinking the thyroid meds were working. Apparently, the zantac was helping. Why on earth is that?!?!?!

I just noticed I didn't give you an update on the vet visit. $300 later, and there is 'nothing' wrong with her. Blood work is fine, fructosamine is fine, xrays were fine. Dr thought maybe just possibly her thyroid needed help, so she's been on thyroid meds for a week now, and she seemed to be holding her own.. but I think it was the zantac I was giving with it that was doing the most good.

The older set was neutered on Thursday, came home Friday morning. Friday night they were into cuddling. Sat morning a little, and tonight they had so much energy they had NO idea what to do with it. There was wrestling, and surprise attacks, and running full tilt around the room. They are going to be soo lonely if they are separated tomorrow. I was thinking I could convince people to take pairs, but that still leaves an odd kitten out since I have five. I KNOW I can't keep them, but I do NOT want to let them go.

Tuesday, August 1, 2006

update on the babies

Well, last night when I went in the bathroom where the little gray kittens are, I noticed they were feeling thin and 'scrawny'.. not that they were, but I could tell they were losing something.

Mom is eating, but not all that well. She would go 12 hours without producing anything in the litterbox.

I had to wonder if she was losing her milk. So I broke out the KMR. They ate 5 ccs before giving up. They all had to pee pretty badly too. Not sure if mom is taking care of that at all.

This morning they only took 4ccs before giving up. I left them outside of the box they were in so they could get to mom even if she was across the room..

I came home to a huge pile of poop.. So mom isn't taking care of that. I cleaned it up and gave them some lunch.. only 2 ccs this time.. so they aren't starving...

Tonight when I checked on them, one of them walked off the nest area, and started pooping.. walking and crying and pooping, So I helped it along.. very watery. Someone else had pooped on another one, this one was like toothpaste..

I am very concerned.. I stopped by the shelter after lunch time, and picked up some new food.. stinky stuff.. and some clavamox. Hopefully, this will help.

Two of them are missing tails and a third has swimmers legs.. that he MIGHT be able to control in a few weeks.. once he gets control over his claws.. they all have very odd looking feet too.

Please don't let me loose any of them!!

The older set is going to be altered on Thursday.. I am going to miss them horribly.
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