Thursday, June 30, 2005

kitten enema

In case you haven't guessed, this is a poop post, so if you're easily grossed out, you should move on.

Now I told you about the gross squeak toy incident. Well, things weren't seeming to get any better. Scarlet didn't eat the other night, but she did the next morning... however that morning there was watery vomit in the room. I came to the conclusion that she was the one vomiting once a day. Because I have had kittens who were deformed and were vomit-ers, I felt the need to bring her in. The uber nice Dr saw her and took a picture of her (x-ray) and found out that she was constipated. The leaking stuff must have been stuff pushing its way around the blockage. It was very late in their day, so he offered to give me an enema to take home to give her. I had never given one before, so I asked for instructions. He said to lube up the end, stick it in about half way (cause it was made for an adult) and to give her about a 1/3 of it. I asked how long I had to wait for results, and he said it should be immediate. I then asked what happens if nothing came out, and he said he should see her in the morning.

So I took her and a clean litter box into my bathroom and put them in the tub. I did what I was instructed to do, and it went all too well. I put her in the box in the tub, and she immediately jumped out of it and started walking around. I hoped that she wouldn't go on the actual tub, but a few moments later her tummy made a gurgling noise and she went right for the box and out came a nice strand of poop. She covered it up, walked around a tad more, then squirted out some 'debris'. I'm sure it felt very weird, cause then she started cleaning her behind. I'm going to leave her in there a bit longer to make sure she's 'cleaned out' before putting her back in the room with the harder to clean areas.

Monday, June 27, 2005

PSA before photos

The other day I stumbled across a link to an "advertisement" for a Ford product. It was a UK ad. It showed a cat climbing up on top of a car with a sunroof, the cat looking in the sunroof, then the roof closing, the cat going limp and sliding off the car. The ad ended with a little statement calling the car the evil twin.

I was SHOCKED. In this day and age, I can't believe ANYONE would think that pretending to harm an animal is a good way to sell a product. In research for protesting, I found there was a second ad for this vehicle that involved a pigeon, and revenge on it for stuff that pigeons are known to do around cars.

I wrote to PETA about it. As much as I am not in favor of their over the top antics in a lot of instances, I knew they would jump on the is bandwagon. They wrote and told me that they had already dealt with this issue and that the clip was never 'supposed' to 'leak' out and ford was 'very sorry'.

I wrote to Ford. I got this in reply:
    Dear Connie,

    Thank you for contacting the Ford Motor Company Customer Relationship Center regarding advertisement for the Ford Sportka.

    We find this unofficial "advertisement" totally unacceptable and reprehensible. Two video clips featuring the Ford Sportka were proposed by our advertising agency, Ogilvy, as part of an internet campaign. Ford accepted one of the video clips, but this second clip was definitely rejected by Ford. A full investigation has been ordered by Ford and Ogilvy to determine how this unapproved material found its way into the public domain.

    The video clip, which is known in the advertising industry as an example of "viral" marketing, is by its nature difficult to contain once it is published on the internet, officially or unofficially. The clip does not appear on any official Ford website, but it is appearing elsewhere on the internet. The action in the video clip was totally computer generated, and we would like to assure customers that no animal was harmed in its making. Ogilvy has indicated to Ford of Europe its regret that the unofficial video clip has been accidentally released. Ford of Europe apologizes for the offense it may cause.

    We consider the satisfaction of our customers one of our most important objectives. If you have any other inquiries or concerns, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to address them for you.

    Customer Relationship Center
    Ford Motor Company

Yea yea yea.. all well and good, but in my opinion, since this Ogilvy is STILL their advertising agency I refuse to ever even consider buying or owning a Ford product. Computer generated or not, is not the issue. Money was spent to portray harm to animals. And surprisingly enough, it was 'leaked' onto the medium of choice for their target audience. I can only pray that no one who saw that said, oooh.. cool.

Now, as promised.. photos!

That toy scares me, so I'm as far away as I can get!

Um.. hello :)

This is comfy

MOM! I want to nurse!!!

Twee, get out of the baby room!!

No, this is not a trick, her leg really does look like that.

Mom, are you done YET?

Saturday, June 25, 2005

a really gross squeeze toy?

I've been noticing that the kitten's poop has been loose and smelly, and I've done the standard deworming, so I figured they had something else. I took a sample to the shelter to be checked out, and they saw nothing. They offered me some Albon, which is good stuff in my opinion, and off I went.

I got home tonight and someone had vomited in the room. I went about cleaning, then stepped out to get some claw trimmers. When I came back in, I noticed quite a few loose poop droppings around. Scarlet was leaking. I went to pick her up, but she scooted out of my way, so I went about cleaning up before everyone stepped in it all. When I was done I went to pick her up to help her clean off, when she panicked and for a moment there it truly seemed like I had a really gross squeeze toy. Poop came flying out of her and all over the floor. It was so foul smelling too. Again, went to clean that up before everyone figured out they could walk through it and make a bigger mess.

I was a little hesitant to pick her up again, but I found her cowering in the corner. She seemed so confused. I cautiously picked her up, and gave her tummy a little squeeze to make sure it wasn't going to come out anymore, and then carried her into the bathroom where I ran her under some water. She seemed fine with it, probably happy to get the poop off.

She and her siblings all had their first dose of albon before that, so hopefully this will be the last of it. Keep your fingers crossed for me, cause if this happens again I know I'm going to hurl!!

Update on Em. I did one test in the middle of the day. not the most accurate picture of her health, but it gave me a ballpark, and it was 149!! yea!!

Thursday, June 23, 2005


It was way too early in the morning when I went and opened the glucometer. I went to package it all back up to bring back to the store when I realized that the reason it wasn't IN the package, was it was ON the package. That wasn't an image on the front, it was the meter. Yes ,it was sticking out, yes it was obvious after a bit more sleep. Yes, sometimes I feel like a complete idiot.

I just tested em. For once she actually bled for me. Way more than I needed, but hey, more is better in this instance. Her reading is 149!! granted, high, but NOT nearly as high as I thought it was the other day. I had been giving her herbs regularly instead of weekly, so that might have something to do with it. I wonder if I keep it up on a mostly daily basis if I can get her sugars under 100. that would be awesome, and worth pilling her for. Sometimes I can get them down easy, sometimes it's a struggle. I hate ruining her quality of life, as we did in her past with pilling for a heart murmur, but she seems to forgive me almost immediately - mostly cause I give her treats afterwards, and she's just as food motivated as her mom. ;)

Ok really.. I have GOT to clean the house!!

wouldn't you know it

I went out to the kitchen to open up the glucometer, and the stupid glucometer isn't there! everything else is there, but not that. Grrrrr!!!

a round of updates

Jack is doing well. I, however, am a bad mom, and keep forgetting to give him his antibiotics. I think I have a new system down where I pull out the pill the night before and put it on the counter. I'll see it there and know I have to give it to him. I've been trying to monitor his urine output, which is very hard, cause it requires that I separate him out. Not a very nice thing to do in the cat world. He seems to be going very frequently. In an 8 hour period the other night he went three times. Each time wasn't that much, but in all I'm satisfied. Hopefully, the next time I do it, it won't be so frequent and he'll have a big output like the rest of my kitties.

Emmy is also having her issues. I tried to do a bg on her the other day. Her AM sugar was 299, three hours later it was 319. It is supposed to go down not up. But her glucometer was wonky, so that might have been it. I went out for new batteries and test solution, and ended up with a whole new meter, since this one tests with WAY less blood. Em doesn't like to bleed so I think it worked out for the best. oh wait.. I wanted to do a bg on her today with the new meter. Guess I'll have to open up the package right quick. She also started limping Monday. No idea why. None of her joints seemed painful. Nothing was swollen or out of place. I started making sure I did her cosequin more regularly (see Jack's meds) and that seems to have helped. You know, some days (some days? who do I think I'm kidding. read every day) I just want to be a stay at home furkid mom.

The kits are doing well. Kau is a toe biter. I went in with socks.. he chewed. I covered my socked feet with towels, he climbed under them and found my toes. I gave him hubby's toes, he came back to mine. Obsessive little boy. Scarlett seems to have a crooked front leg. Doesn't stop her at all, but it does look a little off. I'll make note of that when they go in for neutering. Kau is two pounds, the rest are about five ounces behind him. Gizmo eats like Tweedle used to. Starting before anyone else can get their nose in, and finishing LONG after everyone else, then wandering off then coming back for more. She ends up with a belly bigger than her head.

well the sun is coming up (yes, at 5 am) and I'm up, so the kids think it's breakfast time. they soo should know better, and they should know I won't give into the guilt! (really.. I won't)

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Happy birthday to me

It started this morning at 12:01... I swear. Muffin woke me up to give me attention. Em started in at a reasonable hour. Jack came out of his 'seclusion' and was ALL over me.

Yeah.. probably reading more into it that there was, but you know what, I'm happier thinking my 'kids' care than thinking they are just sitting on me cause I'm warm. and I'm happy in my little land of denial.. :D

btw... do you think I should change the name of this blog to the tails from the cat lady??

Sunday, June 12, 2005


I've been having fun surfing cat websites from a piece of spam called I found on my cat newsgroup. I couldn't resist. I normally shun all things like this, but it seemed so innocent - till I got so caught up in it all, and wasted several hours just looking at cat stuff. gifts, graphics, etc. This one I had to share.

Totally off topic: I broke a nail while gardening today (I have acrylics). I came to a realization. I hate gardening. There is only one thing I like about it, and that is having flowering plants, or nice plants, near me. I don't like being outside. I don't like working in dirt, I don't like running across ants the size of cars, I don't like finding insect pupa, I don't like flying insects that want to bite me, and I most definitely do not like the sun.

I also fed Jack his dinner, which he ate most of. I opened a jar of chicken baby food which he shunned (the world is coming to an end!!) and cuddled him a bit with his collar off. His urine again went from clear to bloody, so I popped his clavamox in him and put him back. He was NOT happy... but its in his best interest.

oh the guilt trips cats can lay

It's amazing.. it really is. Last night we were out late, so the kids didn't get their dinner till almost 11. Eli and Jack get fed wet food upstairs - because of their previous history with crystals, and the rest go downstairs to get dry. Well, Eli dug right in, and Jack sniffed and walked away. He then proceeded to do what looked like a pee pee dance, or for more official terminology, he looked like he was trying to spray. I felt his bladder, it didn't seem that big, but he was dribbling a bit, and looking very uncomfortable, so we took him to the new local emergency clinic. Almost 400 dollars later, he's here with a catheter in him being very pathetic. I set up a cage for him because the catheter is causing him to leak urine uncontrollably, which is a good thing for him, but not so good for wandering the house. He also has an E-collar on, which makes him act very pathetic. I took the collar off him for a while and went and cuddled him in another room with a towel, but he didn't want to sit there, he wanted to go conquer his domain. I feel bad, but I'd rather he be here than spend the day at the emergency hospital.

As for the guilt trip, last night when we called the vet, Jack gave a startled expression when we mentioned the vet clinic. Yes.. We are probably projecting. Then once we got there, he cowered in my arms making me not want to leave him. Which was his plan all along, but since I AM the human, I knew better and did. After the tech took him away, he started crying out, but when I didn't come to his rescue, he hushed, and the tech said he settled in great out back and was purring away.

We picked him up this morning, brought him home. I took off his collar and he ate some. I then left him alone for a bit while I caught up on some sleep. Then the cuddling, which of course caused me to notice that the urine coming out was now pink not clear as it had been. I can't help but wonder if all his moving around caused the catheter to irritate something so now he's bleeding. So I'm going to leave him alone in his party hat in his sad little cage till dinner time. It's amazing how docile he is in that hat.

As for the fosters, they are doing really well. I dewormed them. I think there might be a different parasite involved than what nemex will kill, cause their bellies are still very round, and their bones still are very evident. I'm going to try to catch some fresh kitten poop next time I'm in to get analyzed. They are really very cute and friendly. Their thing is to crawl into the couch. The couch is a base, with two pillows to sit on, then three for the back. The back ones are movable, and the base pillows don't stay tight to the back, so it creates caverns. They love to sleep in that. They are still VERY messy but are looking very good. Gig's is doing well too. Still a bit of a wobble, but she is climbing the scratching post thing, and being a terror.

I smell like urine. I need to do some gardening, so I'll probably just head outside, and hope no one just drops by.

Saturday, June 4, 2005

Hug Your Cat Day

I got an email today saying today was hug your cat day. I googled, and found today was, yesterday was, and so was May 15th. So come on people.. get a huggin.
  • Maximum people love cat, so if we spend a day on our lovely cat then it will became beautiful. For this reason every year we celebrate Hug Your Cat Day on 4th June, so open your arms and hold your dear cats closer to your heart, and celebrate this day with your sweet cats also encourage all the cat lovers you know among your friends and family members. However don't miss this day without celebration

Friday, June 3, 2005

kitten update

oh they are so cute. sadly they are too fast too. For example, yesterday i went into the room and Kau was sleeping in the dry food bowl, but the second he saw me he got up and ran toward me. Cloud was sleeping on the couch but also on the pillow, so he was practically upside down, but again moved by the time I even thought of getting a picture. Scarlett and Zhannah - who I'm changing the name for now to gizmo, are both very affectionate. Scarlett in an "I'm a princess, adore me!" kind of way, and Giz in an "I like it when you pat me so I'm going to walk all over you" kind of way. Giz still obviously has issues. It's not IMMEDIATELY apparent, but it is pretty quick. I suppose if you weren't used to what kittens do, you might just think it was young kitten uncoordinated, but I know better.

Cloud finally started eating the other day. I once again put food in his mouth and he tried to spit it out, I put it back, and out it came, but by the third try, he figured out it was supposed to go the other way and he liked it.

on an off note, Kau is starting to remind me of a previous foster I had named Domino. it's cute.

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