Thursday, December 9, 2021

Blame it on the Boogie


Welcome to Jermaine (left) and Janet (right). These two came from the same location as Bowie and Crema and as such they are under socialized.  

Janet has broken with a URI and is quite congested.  Hopefully we can get that under control quickly. 

Jermaine really really wishes I would leave them alone.. he had a really bad reaction to being weighed but we got through the nail trim easily enough.  He even ate the food I put in his mouth.  

They are a little older than I would like to start socialization bit camp.. so here is hoping they are open to liking people

Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Taco Tuesday 🌮

I've finally decided on which kitten gets which name. Sophie Bell came easy as she pretty much claimed it for herself. The Catman and I had different opinions on the other two, but since this is my blog, I won ☺

Okay,  not the best photo ever,  but you try getting two kittens in a small cardboard box let alone take a photo.. lol

First up,  Julie Rose:

Ellen May:

And finally, Sophie Bell.. whose eyes are just too big..

They are doing well. I had to give them formula for about a week despite their being old enough to eat solids but they are now eating me out of house and home..

Sophie Bell is the smallest hitting 2lbs today so they will be going back next week to be neutered and adopted.  

Aren't they just the cutest??

Sunday, October 31, 2021

Julie Rose, Ellen May, and Sophie Bell

 I really was not expecting to get any more kittens this year, but then an email landed in my inbox and well.. 

I was told they just need a little time to fatten up, but at this point, they are not reliably eating solid food so it might be a little bit more than bit of time. 

They came with names, but I didn't get a copy of the contract and I haven't heard back from the shelter what the names were. I remember they were pretty generic so I don't feel bad changing them. 

I've got three little girls and when I googled this is what came up so.. this is what it is. 

Now, who is who?  Good question. How about you pick.. :) 


She is the one that is doing the best. She is feisty (in a playful way) and adores little furry mice. 


This little one was not really thriving after the first day and I realized she wasn't eating enough so I broke out the Tailspring formula and she loves it. It has helped her make some good strides and she is starting to feel like she's filling out. She is very much a lap cat, and really likes being near me (even before I started hand feeding her formula)


Despite this photo where she looks pretty big, this little girl is currently the smallest. She is also sneezing a bit.  She also likes hanging out with me, but she also really likes wrestling and playing with toys so she is a nice mix of the other two personality-wise. 

So who do you think should get which name?

Friday, October 22, 2021

September's Fosters #trickortreatkittens

 On September 9th, I drove down to the shelter and picked up a litter of kittens to foster.  Meet Corny Cornucopia, Tornado Tommy, Lemon Drop Larry, and Meowy Shelley (from top to bottom) 

They were feral and were on bite hold for 10 days because when they were found they resisted being captured in the only way they knew how. The safest option is to put them on "bite hold" and only allow people who have been vaccinated against rabies to handle them on that one in a million chance they were exposed prior to the bite. 

I was told they weren't eating that well when I picked them up.  It is so hard to assess feral kitties when you bring them home because they are so fearful.. are they not eating because they are ill or because they are feral? are they not using the box or having diarrhea because of the stress? 

I gave them some food that they could not resist, so at least I knew they were getting some calories, but they still felt very thin and the diarrhea was concerning.  I reached out to the shelter and got some dewormer and when things still weren't going in the right direction I pulled out some milk for them and they started turning the corner. 

Except Lemon Drop Larry.

He was still struggling. He was grumpy and stressed over being held and cleaned and tended to. Just when I started getting hopeful, he passed away  It was absolutely heartbreaking to walk into the kitten room to see him there. 

With that, I was not taking any chances and they spent a few days getting fluids and regular care and they started to pull through.  I waited another good week before the kittens graduated from the bathroom to the full foster room to be better socialized and on the off chance they had some major communicable disease, I wouldn't have as much to disinfect.

Corny came around fairly easily.  He was not a lap cat, but I didn't really tighten him that much anymore. Meowy Shelley and Tornado Tommy were less than thrilled when I was walking around but in the end, they realized that humans were a good thing.  When they made weight (to be neutered) I was a bit hesitant about sending them back not 100% fully socialized, but I thought it might be a good idea that they get into their homes and let their people love on them, which would be more frequently than I could

They were quite playful and awful cute.. it was totally fun to be part of their lives. I am guessing I am done fostering for 2021.  I am considering investing in some new flooring for the foster room as what is in there really isn't kitten proof and the water is getting into the joints of the flooring and we have a little warping, but I'm not sure when or even if I am going to do that.  I do want to do some more catification in there with shelves and other climbing options, but then again I also want to do that for my own cats.

Saturday, July 24, 2021

Renaming day for the Fluffernuggets


This post is a bit overdue.  Mostly because I couldn't wrap my brain around the name my husband picked for Miss Mouse and I only recently started calling her by her new name without having to think about it. 

It is a little bit sad as I like the idea of a cat named mouse,  but I feel she needed a stronger name to try to help her overcome her fears.  She's a rather timid kitty and we rarely see her during the day.  She does like to come out at night and is quite demanding about being pet and getting attention.  It's nice for me because I'm really uncomfortable letting more than a day go by without us putting hands on a kitty in our home. 

Anyway,  the Catman decided that Miss Mouse was going to be Xena - the worrier princess 

As for Mr Darcy.. I tried name after name for him and nothing stuck until one day I came in the house and for some reason called our "Toby!!" And he came running over,  ever so happy to see me.  His official name is Tobias,  but I call him Tobes, or Tobes McGoats, or Toby.. 

He brings me an inordinate amount of joy.  He loves throwing himself at my feet and he often makes walking across the room quite difficult.  He is trying very hard to fill the large holes left by Muffin and Jack

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Naming day has been postponed

 I have settled on names for the kittens and went to take photos of them to post here, but I was cocky enough to think I would remember which kitten was which when I took the photos.. and I don't. So you get to look at cute photos of kittens today and I will get more photos and post for Friday.. 

Sunday, June 27, 2021

The kittens are growing like weeds


Grimmkin is doing a wonderful job raising her kittens.  The kittens are quite rotund and I joke they remind me of fuzzy potatoes.  We had eyes open pretty quickly and they have even started walking practice all in their own. 

Mom isn't making it easy as she doesn't want any bedding in with her.  She's shunned all of it from the beginning.  That blanket there was bunched up long before the start of this post,  but I wanted it for the photo. 

If I'm not mistaken,  the first two are the boys and the second two are the girls.  I'm going to work on names for them this week and how to tell them apart..

Thursday, June 17, 2021

Tailspring for kittens


Momma Grimmkin didn't like the breakfast I served this morning and was feeling a little dehydrated (not concerning,  just a bit) so I wanted a good source of calories for her. I also knew if I gave the kittens a little formula it would reduce the demand they put on her for a little while and let her catch up. 

Tailspring sent some samples a few months ago.  I actually used one can for Millie, my last mother kitty who had the same issue.  

Normally I prefer to use goat milk, but having this on hand is convenient. I noticed a slight issue and I could quickly fix it. 

Grimmkin approved 

The kittens are going great.  They are getting fat and are quite happy.  

Grimmkin doesn't seem to like the blankets I put down,  but I keep straightening it out.. I'm hoping I can get her into the basket soon.. but with all things,  it's her call

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Four happy and healthy kittens

Grimmkin's minions are a pair of match sets





When I walked up to the kitten room,  Grimmkin hissed at me. When I opened the door she was laying on the floor right in front of the door and basically said "oh, good,  now feed me!!"

I was able to look at three of the kittens while she ate.  Despite their not making any noise, she showed up and crawled in the box with the last one.  She eventually came back out for some attention and I was able to put her in the bathroom for a quick peek at #4 and to change out the bedding which had a little bit of kitten poop on it. 

For fun, I put them in the basket.  I hour she keeps them there,  but I'm guessing not. 

It also appears my webcam is on its last legs so I need to do some research and find something that broadcasts.. any ideas? 

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