Sunday, February 29, 2004

Some good news

Alex. the last foster mom I had got adopted last week. The new owners said they would come to the clinic I work at, but I have not heard her make an appointment.. oh well.. at least she got a good home. Jez probably will too.. if she ever spits out these kittens.. she's very affectionate and loves to climb in my lap to be patted..

Sunday, February 22, 2004

and so it begins again

I have a pregnant cat.. I got her on Monday.. one of the girls at the shelter thought she could go anytime.. and she hasn't.. however, her stools got quite watery so I had to bring some in to be tested, and she has roundworms, so she's being treated for that.. have to be very careful what you give a pregnant cat.. but it seems to be working. She's cute.. white with spots of tabby.. some black.. Im calling her Jezzy.. short for Jezabelle.

*crosses fingers she gives birth soon*

On a side note.. my friend Tracy is going in for surgery tomorrow to biopsy what they believe to be cervical cancer.. She has four young children... please add her to your prayers.

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Sad News

I just got an email that Gracie, the sweet little kitten that was littermate to The Fluffinator and George, and Shirley died on Saturday of a heart attack. Makes me wonder if she was George's littermate.

How unbelievably sad..

Treads' Valentine

Friday, February 13, 2004

Life, or something like it

I could have sworn I blogged somewhere between this post and the last post, but alas, it is not there..

I ended up boostering everyone's FeLV vaccine.. figured what the heck. Brought Eli in because his eyelid had swollen up a bit. Realized his vaccines were overdue.. did his, brought home Muffin's to do. Emmy got a clean bill of health.. going to do a bg curve on her this weekend, and then start her back on the herbs. The herbologist at work did Ollie's vaccines. We got to talking about what a grumpy gus he can be, and she offered some herbs. At first, I thought they were doing really well, but he's getting mighty territorial.. he gets really annoyed when anyone gets in what he considers his space. If he jumps up on me for some petting and someone else is already there, he gets pissy and leaves. If I put a food bowl down and he thinks it should be his, he gets pissy at whoever else might put their nose in it.

I got Jack's FIP titer results back when ollie was in for his dental. (his teeth were a bit covered in plaque, and his breath was bad. I only recently started brushing kitty teeth.. so I wasn't surprised) Jack is negative now. *Yahooie* so I had them pull some blood on Ollie. Ollie, however, is not negative.. but he is a lot less positive than he was. The titer test is such a weird thing.. 1:32 to 1:64 is considered negative. the next reading is 1:128, then 1:256 then 1:512 then 1:1024 and up from there I guess. Ollie's original positive was 512. we then tested again in six weeks, and his next titer level was the 1024. His reading from earlier this week was 256. So he's a lot less positive than he's ever been! Hopefully, soon he'll be totally negative.

Now again, the titer test doesn't tell them a whole heck of a lot. Only that his body had reacted to exposure to a virus that may or may not mutate into FIP. but then again, that is what the experts are saying at this particular point in time. Doing research on FIP is like trying to find out what the English were thinking when they built Stonehenge. One expert says this, another says that most of the stuff I can find is from the early 90's.. which means its more than 10 years old. It's horribly frustrating!! but from what I can tell, just because they have been exposed to the virus does not mean they are going to come down with it, but I do like the fact that they are working on being negative.

On a side note.. I got the cutest thing in my email today. The woman who adopted "Peanut" and "Gonzo" who has changed their names to Treads and Miles, sent me a photo of Peanut today, she made a little valentine out of it. It was ever so sweet.

Friday, February 6, 2004

Emmy's turn

Took Emerald into the vet today to get her shots and recheck her bladder infection. Her infection is gone, which is good, her sugars are high which is bad - but manageable. I'm going to increase her insulin to 6 units of PZI twice a day for a week or two and then put her back on herbs. The tech recommended vaccinating her for FeLV.. so I did.. Can't wait to see this bill when all is said and done. Ollie is going in tomorrow for his vaccines.

Thursday, February 5, 2004


So I brought Jack into work today, and because of the location of the lump, they recommended that we remove and biopsy the lump. So they did..

Turns out it was just a cyst.. so there is nothing at all to worry about, except taking the stitches out..


There is even better news. While he was there I asked them to test him once again for Felv. As longtime readers know, Jack is FeLV +.. or at least he was.. he's NOT ANYMORE!! YAHOOIE!! *does silly happy dance* So for the fun of it, I had them retest his FIP titers. We won't have those results for a couple of days, but hey.. a girl can hope.

I'm going to bring Emerald in tomorrow for a follow up on her bladder infection, to get an accurate blood sugar reading, and her vaccines. Now the question is, should I booster her FeLV vaccine?

(update 2016 - "FIP titres" are a waste of time and money don't do them. They are pointless.)
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