Saturday, November 21, 2009

Dory and Roary or Pudding and Pudding Pop?

I went down this morning to feed Dory and I called her Pudding as a term of endearment. Just as I had finished my morning greeting, Roary jumped out at me, so I said "Hi Pudding Pop!". I thought those were really cute names, and am considering changing them.

I only called her Dory, because she was being fostered by a woman named Dory, and I came to associate that name with the cat. *shrug* we'll see what happens. Calling a little girl kitten "Pop" might not work out for me.

The kitten is getting independent and interactive. She is playing with toys now, attacking feet, and as of this evening able to jump up on the couch! she might be all of five weeks old..

I also found out she is interested in using the litter box. The area around the box had some spilled litter I just hadn't gotten around to sweeping up. Well there were several small urine puddles in the litter and one poop. So I cleaned and swept the area, and told her that if she can jump up on the couch, she can climb into the litter box :)

So, what do you think I should call them? Leave a comment...

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