Friday, July 21, 2017

Why I don't say congratulations to a kitty when it is adopted

So, I thought I would take a moment and address something that I think is important. I know this is a very minor thing, but words matter. Words we use about cats and dogs can also make a huge difference in how they are perceived by others

Often, when hanging out on social media, I see posts about cats looking for homes. When I see that they are adopted people often say "Congratulations" to the kitty. I never will.

Way back when I was getting married, I was told by someone that you offer best wishes to the bride and congratulations to the groom. The reason being that it is a bit offensive to imply that the bride needed luck to catch herself a groom.

"Congratulations" to the bride implies that she is to be congratulated for being lucky enough to land a husband, when the luck is more properly assigned to the husband for getting such a wonderful wife.

When I thought about it, I realized this applies to cats as well. They are beautiful creatures that all deserve a home. Whoever adopts them should consider themselves lucky to have been able to bring such a beautiful creature home. This is why I always say congratulations to the people and I send my best wishes to the kitties.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

My cat is lucky he is so cute

Jack is still having some health issues and as a result, he is peeing inappropriately again. It is so frustrating because I know he doesn't mean to drive me up the wall, he just is really good at it.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Connie Can Craft - a gift for a friend

When I met Stephanie (who adopted Nancy and Trixie) I was in a position to help her adopt. She was about to move and her daughter had brought her into the shelter to get her to start thinking about adopting some kitties. Stephanie fell in love with my little foster kittens but didn't feel comfortable adopting two small kittens when she was about to move, so I offered to kitten sit for her, my only requirement was that she adopt them and make it official, which she was willing to do.

I was blessed that Stephanie has continued to share her girls with me and I wanted to give her a little gift to celebrate the girl's first birthday. Unfortunately, the timing didn't work out so she received this in honor of their gotcha day.

This project started out with a frame I found when my neighbor had a yard sale. I didn't realize that the silver paint trim wasn't complete until I got it home. I also was thinking I needed to do something with the backing.

The first thing was to paint the missing silver (see above photo, top left side) I dug around in my supplies and found a silver paint and so I tapped off the frame and gave it a go.

Unfortunately, my silver was a little too gray, so I decided camouflage was my best option. I dug around in my supplies again and found some Modge Podge and some white glitter.

While that dried, I thought I'd attack the back panel. More digging and I found my stash of scrapbooking papers and I found a pretty print that was large enough. More Modge Podge and that junky backer now looked really pretty. No one will really see it, but I'm happy to know it now looks pretty.

So I printed out a nice kitten photo of each of the kittens and then assembled the whole thing once it was dry.

Stephanie really appreciated the gift and the girls really enjoyed the box and the tissue paper. I was happy to be able to do something nice for her.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

More baby pictures


Jack and Eli

Jack, Catman, Eli

Muffin after a bath

Muffin enjoying our return from Walmart

Muffin her sister and her mother.


Muffin and Eli - back when they liked each other

Muffin and Kodi and the Catman



Twee, her mom and her siblings




Saturday, July 15, 2017

Skippy - then and now

Skippy - 2009
He was making himself at home on one of his field trips to my work

Skippy - 2017
I finally got a photo of him not looking like I just severely disappointed him.
not sure this is much better.. 
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