Monday, February 27, 2017

Adventures in cat sitting and a changeup in the kitten room

I received a message from Stephanie asking if she could come and get her kittens on Saturday night instead of Sunday as originally planned. Since I know that feeling of missing your kitties when you travel, I readily agreed.

Before she arrived, I was able to get the last of the mats off of Trixie, which I am quite proud of. I also had guests come over Saturday afternoon. Our friends Laurie and Peter stopped by to help celebrate the CatMan's birthday which is officially on Tuesday. Peter took a couple of wonderful slow motion videos of Nancy playing and I was able to get a copy and I edited it to the best parts.

I also want to thank Nancy for attempting to save me from the spider.

Then this happened..

Yes, I received an email and yes, I jumped at it.

My husband picked them up for me and found out they are from Mississippi. There is a girl (the solid tiger kitten) and a boy (the one with white) and are named Trina and Max, which I'm pretty sure I'll change. I was told they were in good health, and except for a few loose stools, things are going really well. They had to spend the first night in my bathroom because the girls were still in the basement. I found out rather quickly that they have a *LOT* to say about things. They woke me several times making suggestions about the accommodations (which was yet another reason I was okay with the girls going home a day early). They were very happy to move into the kitten room - warning, there is a bit of complaining at the beginning of the video.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Posing like a kitty should

I have to admit, this cat knows how to arrange herself for optimal cuteness. The first photo she is on my husband's gym bag. In the second she is in a basket I bought at a shelter fundraiser. I was hopeful someone would like it, but I know full when when I feel that way no one will use it... but somehow Muff thinks it is PERFECT for her and is in it frequently. Currently, the basket is up off the floor on my vibration plate (it helps my lymph system which is something that helps my lipedema) which basically makes it up on a pedestal. In case you were wondering, this indeed makes it the best place ever.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Dinner with Fleurp and Chewy #chewyinfluencer

I am picky when it comes to the food my cats eat. I prefer that they eat raw food, but there are times when I need to rely on a can of food. Sometimes because there isn't enough raw thawed out for my six cats to eat, or because one of my cats isn't eating well and I need to entice them with something novel.

Fleurp has been falling under that latter category for a few weeks now. I am not sure I will ever understand why she will eat canned but not raw when her anemia starts acting up, but she does and I am willing to work with that.

When offered up a new and interesting canned food from Solid Gold in their influencers program that didn't have a lot of plant based ingredients I jumped at it. Solid Gold has created a line of food called Purrfect Pairings, a whipped mousse-like moist cat food that comes in a case of six 2.75 oz cups. I chose the Chicken and Goat Milk flavor.

She was none too pleased having to wait for me to take the photo and then open up the cup of food. When Fleurp hears me touch those little plates she becomes like Pavlov's dogs.

By now she was singing. She thought more photos were completely unnecessary. When I opened the cup I noticed a little bit of discoloring where the air sat in the container. I am used to this as it happens with meat baby food too. The ingredient list isn't perfect in my mind. I'm not a fan of pea protein in cat food, nor do I like it when they put fish in non-fish flavored foods. The flavor I tried did not have carrageenan, though, opting instead for guar gum.

Fleurp wanted me to know if I was going to go too slowly she was going to help herself.

Muffin really liked it, but Fleurp liked it so much that she decided to save a little for later.

Fleurp would like to thank Chewy for the opportunity but she's a little busy enjoying her little snack at the moment so I will say Thank You Chewy! 

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Adventures in Cat Sitting - part three

Yesterday was almost all about fun. I spent a little time holding each kitty until they asked to be put down and then we played.

These girls like to fly.

Their dynamic is very interesting. They have never been apart and the only other instance of siblings I know of is my own Muff and Eli who have a very contentious relationship because he loves to push her buttons and goat her into wrestling and she does not like it.

Trixie won't play if Nancy is on the playing field and Nancy won't play if Trixie is. Occasionally, they will but they are very cautious of one another, not wanting to start sparks which can happen if they both go after it at the same time. It is nice that they are respectful of one another.

I've been working on trying to capture just how orange the girls' eyes are, they are still light in these photos. I'm hopeful I can do it before they leave on Sunday.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Adventures in Cat Sitting - part two

The girls are much more comfortable with me now. They really like playing with the mouse on a string toy and that makes up for a lot. Unfortunately, they aren't really food motivated, and they are free fed dry food so I'm not all that exciting when I show up.

Trixie still has some rather large mats on her hind end and she is still not all that interested in letting me take them off. I've gotten two and I was working on the third last night when she told me that she had more than enough of my shenanigans. I keep trying to tell her she'll feel better but she is not buying it. We ate dinner in the kitten room last night and my husband tried to offer them a little bit of his meat and no one wanted it. He didn't believe me when I told him they wouldn't be. A few minutes later we found Trixie investigating his plate.

Nancy likes to fly through the air. Unfortunately, her landings aren't always the most graceful. I'm hoping to catch a recording of it, but since she gets up to three feet in the air, she'll most likely jump right out of the viewing range

They are here until Sunday morning. I am hopeful that before they go they climb up into my lap for a little cuddle time, but if not, that is okay too.
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