Thursday, May 13, 2004

Food issues

I'm getting perplexed. I have three 2 lb kittens.. they should be eating up a storm, but they really aren't. Combined, they won't eat the 5 oz of food I give them.. it's more like 3 or 4. (I feed them twice a day.. so they are probably getting 2-3 oz a food a day.. ) Not nearly enough for growing kittens. Last night I had given them the fish food they scoffed while they were at the clinic. Hannah took two bites and started covering it up and walked away. And the food from that morning was still half eaten. I was starting to consider deworming them again.. but I saw a jar of veal baby food, and decided to try that. Well, that was a HUGE hit. Even got Tanya to lick it off my fingers.

So I'm going to head over to the shelter today and see if I can pick up something that might be more to their liking.

I'm going to pump,*clap* them up!

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