Wednesday, December 8, 2004

It's amazing what the right food will do!!

I have been stuck feeding the kittens low-quality adult wet cat food cause that is all there was at the shelter. I have been angling for a year now trying to find a supplier of kitten food at cost. Well, I finally found one! I bought a couple of cans and put in an order for 17 cases. I have enough money for 35 cases, but I didn't want to overwhelm the shelter.

I swear in the few days they have been on kitten food they have almost doubled in size. Okay.. maybe not doubled, but they are HUGE!! The wonderful owners of Downeast Pet Supply have agreed to sell me the food at cost. And I didn't even have to ask!! I mentioned I wanted to buy for the shelter, and the owner just gave me the price at cost!!

Not only that but they are going to donate 10 cases as well!!!

Now if we could just keep the shelter in kitten food I'd be happy! I can't imagine constantly buying it for them. I raised about $500 through Ebay selling off some items I had around the house, and a few I found at a local clearance house.

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