Monday, February 21, 2005

Fun with helium

I bought a helium balloon at the grocery store today. They were selling them for a quarter to raise money for the United Way, and I've always loved balloons. When I got it home, Tweedle was fascinated by it. She followed me around the house till I let her have the string. She grabbed on to it with both paws, all wide-eyed and cute. She soon let go of it trying to bite it, and was all sad when she couldn't. Eli could, and I joked at Tweedle telling her if she were a bigger kitty she could get it. She just stared up at the balloon. I tied an extra piece of ribbon on the end of the string and she was in heaven. She played with it for over 20 minutes. It was so cute. Jack even got into the act. Too bad the balloon is going to be deflated in the morning.

I had the strangest experience tonight, which is why I'm up blogging at 3 am. I was sound asleep in the middle of some ordinary mundane dream when I heard what sounded like someone cooing over Tweedle. Well, there is only me and the hubby in the house, and he was snoring. I was wide awake, and I could still hear it, but not as clearly. I sat up and shh'ed my hubby, and listed more. It was gone. I thought that maybe my Yahoo messenger had come on and someone was being silly. I made motion to get up out of bed and realized Emmy and Tweedle were curled up in my legs. Now this is going to be the real bizarre part. I had a thought that I heard Emmy cooing at Tweedle. Tweedle loves Em and often is cuddled up to her. I gave them kisses and came to the computer, which was off. Very strange.

Thinking about computers and Tweedle, she's going to need her own web page here. Now that she's officially part of the family its only fair. (see dots across top of page for web pages on the other five)

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