Tuesday, March 1, 2005

Electrostatic kitty

Sadly it is that time of year where most of my cats don't like to be patted for extended periods of time due to the dryness of the air and the shocks they receive from the patting. However Eli LOVES to be shocked. He will let you pat him and pat him, all the while making mountains of electricity. He almost sounds like a bowl of rice crispies. Most cats will get into a petting and end up further away from you when they started. I have always thought they do this to see how much it means to the human to pet them, to see if they will follow. Although when Eli is getting his "shock treatments", if he gets too far away and you stop, he'll turn around and come closer to you.

Tonight I got up and went to the bathroom. It was the middle of the night so I didn't want to turn the lights on. Eli wanted to be petted and I could see the static. It was very pretty. I wish I had a way to take a picture of it. It really looked like a field of fireflies.

Tweedle has decided to come supervise this post. Good thing since I'm not wearing my glasses and could be making major typos. She is fascinated with the cursor, and will often attack the screen. I've read books that say that cats don't have the best eyesight, but if that is the case how can she see the little flashing dot? I'm getting concerned about Twee again. She's been sneezing a lot lately, which I've often attributed to the fact that she gets covered with dust. If there is a dust bunny in this house, she will find it. I've seen her crawling out from under my dresser, which hasn't moved since I brought it in the house (well except when I painted the walls) but now one of her eyes is starting to wate4.575111111111 Twee, get off the keyboard.. as I was saying, one of her eyes is starting to water. She seems in good health otherwise - well except the wheezing which she still does. She is continuing to grow up. The other day I noticed her head looked much more like a cat than a kitten. It was amusing since she still had a kitten body. Although just now I noticed her body is starting to look more adult too. She is still rather petite just much more grown up.

On a side note - or should I say actually back on topic of this blog - there has been a major reduction in the number of cats at the shelter lately. They have four cat rooms, which are usually full, and recently they have only had to use two of them. There have been no kittens at all. Part of me wants to throw a party at that, but then part of me really misses having kittens around the house. I was watching the animal planet the other day and they had kittens on. They mewed, and my heart went out to them. I love that sound. I so need to work on my kitten room so it is finished when they start showing up. At this point, I need to start looking into radiant floor heating. I want to see how much it would be since the room is in the basement and little kitten feet can't stand too much cold.

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