Saturday, April 23, 2005

and we have kittens... sorta

Got a pregnant mom today. Should have been able to get her yesterday, but she escaped and was loose inside the shelter on Friday. they recaught her and now she is here. She is an absolute love, but not much on the other cats. You should have heard her hiss when Tweedle stuck her paw under the door. She's black and white and looks quite a bit like Eli, in a waif-y type way. I think Im going to call her Eliza. Eli is looking at me right now totally unimpressed. I totally need to clean his face, but I'm going to let it go. He quite often is good enough to get someone to help him out.

Back to Eliza. She seems like she is ready to give birth now. I fed her some wet food, and she sniffed at it as if interested, but then didn't eat... but who knows... could be another week or two.

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