Thursday, January 18, 2007

Update on Em

Yup.. kitty life is pretty boring. Yes, I still want a seventh, but no I don't think I'm going to do that to myself or to them.

The other night I was using a heated blanket to warm up to go to sleep. I left it on, and ended up with six cats pinning me to the bed. Guess they like the heat too.

Em woke me up coughing the other night. I haven't heard it since. I can only hope that it was because she had a piece of fur stuck in her throat.

She's losing weight again. I missed a dose of her thyroid medication shortly after upping the dose. The new dose seemed to be working, and I had gotten her up to 11lbs 12 oz.. but now she's back at 11 8. sigh. She's starving all the freakin time.. I was going to give it one more week, but I missed last nights dose as well, so I'm going to wait another week and see what happens. Hopefully, she'll get regulated again and we can deal.. if not I don't know what's next. I've also decreased her insulin. we aren't giving her as much dry food, so hopefully a lower dose will help with the always hungries.. *shrug* who knows.

Btw.. my aunt's cat will not be coming to stay with us. She found it a new home. they travel a lot, and she thought it would be best. :( Oh well. Kitten season will be around soon, and if I'm that needy for new kitties, I can always start fostering again. I suppose I really should talk to the shelter manager (one of the co-managers) about my experiences with the other co-manager, and why my heart just can't take being told no - you can't get treatment for kittens..

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