Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Jack, the great hunter

well, my Jack has never been one to shy away from a great hunt. He loves to stalk his prey and corner it when ever he can. He often cries to me to let him hunt - which can grate on my last nerve as his meow is more of a screach/screem.

Last night we went out to the store. In our absence Jack found his prey to be susceptable, and made his move. His attack came from several different angles, and it was mangled beyond repair. Finally he had success, and he was rewarded for his effort by a tasty snack.

There was a line of kitties waiting to partake in the spoils of his effort. Poor Muffin didn't get any, and when I was cleaning things up, she was beside herself saying how pathetic she was, and how she should be able to have some..

Little did the kitties know how totally annoyed I was because said prey was actually the bag of food my aunt left for Boots..

Looks pleased with himself, doesn't he?

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