Monday, February 15, 2010

Update on Doug & Boots

Well I checked in with Claudia, and Doug is doing well in his new home.  He was in isolation for a few days, but she noticed - much like I did - that Doug really wanted company, so she slowly introduced him into her home sooner then she was planning.  He integrated very well, and is enjoying life with other cats again.  He's still on insulin - and about the level I was giving him, so I don't feel like I completely failed him.  Learning a new insulin on a cat I had no history with was very challenging mentally and emotionally.

Boots is ... well he's Boots.  He loves to yell at me as most Siamese cats tend to do.  He's eating a lot.. DH feeds him a can of fancy feast in the AM and if it is all gone when I go down to see him I give him another one.  He gets a third can in the PM.  DH doesn't mix the food with water which is good to know he will eat straight food.  He's still drinking a lot (to me) and peeing a LOT (again to me) but he's putting on weight (although it is a bit slow for my taste) so I'm not going to push that he see a vet.  His mom will be back soon enough, and if he doesn't take a turn for the worse, I'll let his health be.

It's funny how I keep thinking of Boots the cat, but I keep calling him Doug.. I am constantly having to correct myself.

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