Sunday, November 23, 2014

Simple Solutions 30 Day Never Scoop litter - a review

This is another not sponsored review post. I also won this litter that another blog was giving away, and this too I find very fascinating.

The sales pitch:
Introducing Simple Solution 30 day cat litter that is 300% more absorbent, 50% lighter and has 30 day odor control. The pure attapulgite clay, found only in North Africa, is so effective it absorbs the urine without clumping and neutralizes the odor so you no longer need to do daily scooping. The 30 day litter is strong enough to eliminate litter box odors in even the toughest multi-cat households. It is infused with a chemical bond that binds and neutralizes the Malodor not just masking the scent. 30-day litter is 3 times more absorbent than other litters, so it works faster and better. It also weighs less than standard litters, giving you more odor-fighting power in a smaller box.

Okay, so we are still dealing with a clay litter.  Personally I do not mind, but I do know other people are looking for clay alternatives, so I am not sure this would work for them. If that is not the reason you are looking for a different litter, then this might be on your radar.

I tested this litter with Jack during his one of his isolation times. He took to it very well and since the original test several other cats have jumped in and had a go, so compliance is not an issue. In fact in taking photos for this post, all I had to do was open up the litter box and I had a willing volunteer.

First thing you should know, this litter is pink. It does have a scent to it and it is floral/perfume-y. I have a very sensitive nose to scent, and I didn't think it was horribly offensive. A few people on Amazon did though, but really this one is a matter of preference. I do prefer my litter to have no scent, so this was a negative on my end, but it was not nearly as bad as some other litters I've tried so not a huge negative.  I also did not notice a dust cloud when pouring the litter, which I did really like as those really do bother me and my allergies.

Thank you Skippy.  Now it should be noted this is the same litter that Jack used nearly a week, and as peed in several times afterwards by different members of The Crew. It looks exactly like it does when it is poured out of the box.

Now the litter claims to be super absorbent so you do not need to scoop. The photo above is directly after Skippy made his deposit.. the one below is about an hour afterwards.

It does not appear to be absorbing at all, so I started taking it upon myself to stir the litter to help it absorb better.

I'm not a fan of this because no matter where the cat steps now it is stepping on "used" litter. Now if you have been paying attention to my post you will notice that no one seemed to care, and frankly when using regular clay litter while you do scoop out the clumps sometimes bits fall off and there is used litter left behind, but some how to me this seems like more of an issue. Also the not scooping is a bit misleading, because you aren't going to leave the cat's poop in the box for a month.

Full disclosure, this box was not 'in use' for a month but a few weeks, but the first deposits in the litter box were over a month ago, and the scent is very similar to what it was when I first poured it into the box so it is controlling the odor fairly well. If you have one kitty, you could probably get a month out of it before you need to change it out, but multiple cats would not unless you had multiple boxes.

Another con is the price. Since you have to throw all of the litter out after a month you will need to buy quite a bit of this. Currently a box of 15lbs is selling for $16 on Amazon. This is also not an ecofriendly product but neither is most litter.

So I was more pleased with this product than I expected to because of the number of cats that continued to want to use it.  The cats didn't fling the litter out of the box, and the box stayed relatively clean.

Personally I'm not switching, but I will continue to use it as an isolation box option if need be.

Yes yes, Thank you Skippy for helping.. 


  1. The idea of having a month's worth of pee in the box grosses me out. Thanks to Skippy for the demonstration!

  2. Thanks for reviewing this stuff, I've never heard of it. The idea of not flushing for a month seems a bit gross, that means more chance of the cats tracking urine-soaked litter around the house - yuck! I usually empty the boxes twice a day and I think we'll keep doing that!

    One positive I take away about this - that the litter box engineers are still hard at work trying to improve the litter box experience for cats and humans - that's a worthy cause!

    Kuddos to Skippy for being such a sport - peeing on demand is a gift! My Nahum loves to be the first to pee in fresh litter. He can barely contain himself when he hears fresh litter being poured! Cats! - so weird!

  3. Thanks for reviewing this! If the litter box were used by a single cat I would definitely consider switching to this, but it sounds less ideal for high usage multiple cat situations.

  4. That's interesting litter. We still like our clay Dr. Elsey, so we don't know if it's worth switching, but we'll give it some thought.

  5. Interesting product. I've never heard of this before.
    Skippy is such a good assistant :-)

  6. Thanks for the information. I had seen this litter and wondered what it was about. I think I'd rather it clump.

  7. Thanks for your great review ! And special thanks to Skippy, you were a great help ! Purrs


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