Monday, March 30, 2015

A Natural Dry Cat Food Option by @onlynaturalpet #PawNatural #Sponsored #ad

This post is sponsored by Only Natural Pet®, and the BlogPaws Professional Pet Blogger Network. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about Only Natural Pet Feline PowerFood, but Tails from the Foster Kittens only shares information I feel is relevant to my readers. Only Natural Pet is not responsible for the content of this article.

Only Natural Pet contacted the BlogPaws network to get the word out about their new dry cat food. I hesitated a bit before signing up since I am such an advocate for species appropriate foods, but then I told myself that I willingly feed dry food to my foster kittens and I am all for 'know better, do better' approach to nutrition. I know a lot of people are still feeding dry foods for a variety of different reasons, and I think many of them would appreciate knowing there are options out there beyond the brands they can get locally.

"Only Natural Pet Feline PowerFood Dry Cat Food" (You can pre-order here, but it currently says available after May 26th, available for purchase exclusively on,, and starting on April 1st! ) was created with the help of holistic veterinarian Dr. Jean Hofve. Dr. Hofve who is a part of the website Little Big Cat which was instrumental in getting me started down the road of proper cat nutrition. Prior to my finding that website most of the nutritional information I consumed about my cats came from my vets and I had no idea that my vets had very little nutritional training when it came to the needs of cats and I saw no need to change what I was feeding my cats even when someone I knew online mentioned she as going to try raw food for her cats. When I saw Dr. Hofve's name attached to this food, I said sign me right up! I was accepted and I was given the Poultry Dinner to test.

Only Natural Pet wants you to know that this food is grain and soy free and has no corn, wheat, oats or potatoes.. all great things and it can help make it an allergy-friendly cat food. It is also 76% animal-based ingredients. Each piece of kibble is infused with their proprietary Powerboost Blend™ which is a special coating of mussels, pumpkin, sea cucumber, probiotics, and enzymes. The first three ingredients in both the poultry and the Fish & Foul recipes are animal based. I like that they focus on protein and fat to help the cats thrive.

And of some importance.. it is made in the USA. Only Natural Pet believes in manufacturing in small batches so the food is never sitting around for long periods of time and they are taking steps to be planet friendly; from the use of 100% wind power to a zero waste initiative..

This food arrived just as I was taking on my new foster kitty, so I brought the bag of kibble down to her to give it a go. I had previously given her some Wellness kitten kibble and she wasn't that interested in it. When I offered the PowerFood, she dug in and ate some right away, which she did not do with the Wellness. Over the course of the days she has gone back to it, but she has not finished off the first bowl; she has been very picky. She has scoffed at a few of my attempts to get her to eat foods she was not interested in. Right now she is all about the kitten food, and since she is producing kittens, I'm all for feeding it to her.

I thought you might enjoy some photos of my cats checking out the food. Fortunately Jack was sleeping in front of the fireplace so I didn't have to worry about his getting any, since I'm still so paranoid about his getting any dry right now.

One nice thing about Only Natural Pet, is they are currently offering this food in one pound bags so you can give this a try without a huge commitment. They offer one pound bags for $3.99 but they are currently on sale for $1.99 and ten pound bags for $29.99 on sale for $23.99. Shipping is $6.99 but it is free if you spend $79 - which I am sure would be very easy to do since they sell a wide variety of treats and toys and holistic vitamins and supplements as well as litter and grooming supplies. Or if you are in Colorado, you can stop into their store!

And of course, you can always check them out on social media! They are on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and YouTube.

and if you are bipetual, this brand also makes a dog food.


  1. We only feed dry as a treat, but we love that there are healthier options coming out for it. And we love that they are producing it with wind power. That's unique in the industry, I think.

  2. Everybuddy looked like they enjoyed the food! We tried it and loved it too!

  3. everyone here liked it....we were waiting to see what you had to say :)

  4. I like that they manufacture in small batches and the food is grain free!
    We get some supplies through this company and I think their customer service is pretty good :-)
    Love the pictures, especially the last one where kitties are eating together!

  5. I only get kibble at night as a treat so it helps if its healthy kibble.

  6. Wow, wind power? Pretty cool!

  7. We still eat dry food, so we were really glad we had the opportunity to try it out. We really did like it.


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