Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Dear Santa.. what's this?

Hey, look! Santa came!

Two little boys who have already been neutered and who just need a little time at finishing school.  We have "No Socks" and Chester.. I was thinking of renaming No Socks to Field.. but the CatMan poopooed that idea.. so.. what do you think I should name the solid black one?

They are both unsure of humans. When I walked in No Socks hid behind the couch and meowed at me. I called him over and he came out. Chester stayed in the carrier and it took quite some coaxing to pull him out, but once he realized we were cat people .. well..

We have some behavior issues, and some litter box issues which might need some serious retraining - I hope not but we'll see how it goes. Chester started peeing in the bedding and when I grabbed him to put him in the box he continued to pee all over me, all over the floor on the way to the box and once we got there he finally ran out of urine 😹

He is incredibly curious and really liked watching me wash out his urine from the bed.. Both need an extra dose of confidence, but that will come with time..


  1. Yay, kittens! It sounds like they do need some work!

  2. Chester...Field....we like it

    Those boys are in good hands.

    Merry Catmas

  3. Oh, how wonderful to have kittens to fill the room again. They certainly are a challenge but you will work your magic with them.

  4. They're beautiful! <3 <3

  5. I do believe "No Socks" looks like a Winston, or perhaps a Preston? I like Spencer or Parker too.

  6. YAY for Santa!! We know these boys will do well with you.

    The Florida Furkids

  7. Replies
    1. Yes I like those names together!


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