Thursday, July 23, 2020

Catching up with the kittens

Luigi, Mario, Princess Peach

Princess Peach

Princess Peach and Mario


Luigi, Princess Peach, Mario

The kittens have been with me a little while and are doing pretty well. There have been a few issues overall, but they have generally been well-mannered kitties who haven't been much of a problem at all.

Princess Peach has been dealing with digestive issues. I think they are all set at this point as I haven't seen diarrhea in the box in a couple of days. She has been very slow to gain weight and has only just cleared the 2.5 lb mark where the brothers are racing to see who can reach four pounds first. 

I have also been dealing with some issues with Luigi. He was very timid at first and still startles easily. His first thought is to hide, which will make him a great companion for a quiet home. His insecurities have probably also led to his second problem which is nursing on his siblings' genitals. This is something orphaned kittens often do for comfort since they nurse and get liquid, but it can cause some serious problems if left unchecked. I have not seen it last this late into kittenhood, but as we like to say every cat is different. Mario doesn't put up with him for very long and kicks him in the face or gets up and walks away but Princess Peach puts up with it, so I have felt the need to separate them when I am not in the room. Luigi doesn't seem to mind at all and has not been the least bit destructive while isolated.

I asked my husband what he would say if asked to describe their personalities, because other than Luigi having a little less self-confidence they are pretty similar to me. He said, "they are cute, playful, affectionate and everything you could ever want from a kitten".  

I will say they are not the most graceful kittens to ever take a turn in my kitten room. Heck, I would probably rank them pretty low in the grace department.  Watching them jump up to catch a toy you would wonder if it is their first day with new feet.  They rarely land upright when playing, often falling over and looking quite ridiculous. Mario has an obnoxiously long tail that wraps around his paws and then some.. 

It is pretty rare that I don't have stand out features for a kitten. Usually, a kitten will have a preference for a toy or have a unique way of snuggling, something that sells them as "different" but these kittens are all very similar.


  1. We they have something else in common, they're all totally adorable!

  2. They are also amazing at posing for photos!

  3. So cute. They hit that long lanky stage

  4. They are very cute! I guess all kittens are, though!


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