Sunday, October 31, 2021

Julie Rose, Ellen May, and Sophie Bell

 I really was not expecting to get any more kittens this year, but then an email landed in my inbox and well.. 

I was told they just need a little time to fatten up, but at this point, they are not reliably eating solid food so it might be a little bit more than bit of time. 

They came with names, but I didn't get a copy of the contract and I haven't heard back from the shelter what the names were. I remember they were pretty generic so I don't feel bad changing them. 

I've got three little girls and when I googled this is what came up so.. this is what it is. 

Now, who is who?  Good question. How about you pick.. :) 


She is the one that is doing the best. She is feisty (in a playful way) and adores little furry mice. 


This little one was not really thriving after the first day and I realized she wasn't eating enough so I broke out the Tailspring formula and she loves it. It has helped her make some good strides and she is starting to feel like she's filling out. She is very much a lap cat, and really likes being near me (even before I started hand feeding her formula)


Despite this photo where she looks pretty big, this little girl is currently the smallest. She is also sneezing a bit.  She also likes hanging out with me, but she also really likes wrestling and playing with toys so she is a nice mix of the other two personality-wise. 

So who do you think should get which name?


  1. OMG, they are so precious and adorable. If you lived in Hawaii, you would never be without kitties. I see so many of them needing fosters and it just breaks my heart. Thank you, Connie, for all that you do for these furry angels.

  2. I would have to say that, in order, the name should be: Sophie Bell (Sophie just feels like a feisty name to me), Julie Rose (delicate as a rose), and Ellen May.

  3. Oh my, they are adorbs! :)

  4. I have to agree with Adrian N. about which name for which cat. Will I remember which is which? Probably not. So glad you got some kittens for your kitten fix. They needed you.

  5. We are terrible at names! (Remember, my human picked out the names Binga and Boodie!) I know you'll wind up making the right decision for them. These cuties are so lucky to be with you.

  6. I think B should be Ellen May, because she's a lady lap cat.

  7. I can't choose, but they're all very cute!

  8. We agree with Adrian too. Purrs

  9. A) Julie Rose
    B) Ellen May
    C) Sophie Bell

  10. A Ellen, B Julie and C Sophie
    They are so cute. XO

  11. I'd just toss their names on pieces of paper in the air and see which one landed closest to which kitty! So much for not fostering again this year, right? I'm glad this group is friendly and responding to food. Can't wait to see all the cute pictures.

  12. A Ellen, B Julie and C Sophie

  13. A) Julie Rose
    B) Sophie Bell
    C) Ellen May

    I want to snuggle them forever, whatever you call them!


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