Thursday, June 9, 2022

Gabbi, Geoff and Gina

Sometimes fostering doesn't go the way you want it to.  

I don't like to admit defeat and I'm pretty bad at admitting that something that fell like defeat really isn't. 

I know this post is starting as a downer, but you'll understand why I'm a bit. 

When I brought Arthur Dent to the shelter for his final checkup before being neutered, I asked for more kittens.  I was offered a pair of kittens: Geoff and Gina
and would I mind taking a third kitty. Gabbi was a young (six to eight months old) cat who demanded that the kittens be put with her.  I was happy to take the little family. 

Sadly, it wasn't that easy.  Gabbi was totally freaked out and hid on me immediately.  When I wasn't in the room she cried horribly, pooped on the middle of the floor and peed in the middle of the couch.  It was two days before she ate.  I was about to return her thinking it was damaging to her to be here.  I've fostered feral cats before, none of them were THIS upset. 

As I was considering it,  she ate.  I know it can take a few days, so I decided to give her two more days and if she wasn't showing signs of improvement I would reasses.

When finally
She decided I wasn't half bad.  She would still hide when I entered the room but she came out and was attention seeking.  I still had issues because her eyes were still "hard" (wide, round, unblinking) and she was twitchy. She would turn on me, never trying to bite but using that same motion. 

And that is when the real problem started. Last night I found this
She was literally chewing on the window.  I attempted to block it off overnight but she went right through it and was even more destructive. 

I don't blame her.  I feel horrid that she is being driven to it.  I can only assume that she's in heat and she was trying to "sneak out" and find a man.. (even though other cats in heat have not done this) 

Part of me feels selfish for sending her back so she stops tearing up my house.  You hear "people in rescue" tell people how mean they are for "giving up" on a cat because of a little disorder. That guilt spills out all over me making me feel like crap. It doesn't help that having her rip up the window had me thinking that is going to be stupid expensive to replace... if it has been just the sill that is easy to replace I probably wouldn't be feeling so bad...

But I have to focus on the fact that chewing up the wood was not good for her.  If she ate any of it, it could be bad.  It was clearly a sign she needed more than I could provide. I could have put her in a cage, but bringing her back and getting her spayed, logically seems like the kinder option.

I will remind you I'm in an area that no longer has an overabundance of unhomed cats and the shelters have the resources to do what is in her best interest. The chances of her being euthanized over this is minimal.  

More on the kittens later...


  1. Sometimes they need something we just don't have. That's not a fail but a learning curve.

  2. Anonymous9:52 PM

    You are just want the best for her. Making sure she is safe and not destructive. That is what you always do! Hopefully her surgery goes well and she feels better.

  3. You could do any number of things to ease her behavior along but No. 1 Best is a spay and let the shelter see what her personality is like after that. I always spay first, unless they are already. Hormones seem to heighten reactions, physical and emotional. Maybe you'll see her again.

  4. We don't blame you and we can imagine how sad you are. We purray a spay helps calm her down so she can find a forever home, whoever it is with. She is a beautiful black kitty.

    1. Geoff and Gina are wonderful too. They will be staying with you ?

  5. Oh my.................
    Not your fault these things just happen at times

  6. Hopefully she will calm down when she gets fixed. I had a feral get out when the window was open a crack and then she pushed the screen open, but none ever tried to literally chew their way out.

  7. I hope her spay helps whatever was going on with her, and she goes on to find a home. Sometimes you can only do so much.

  8. Goodness, Gabbi certainly was willing to go to great lengths to get out. Hopefully she'll be more calm when she's been spayed. Paws crossed she finds a purrfect furever home.

  9. Thank you for introducing us to Geoff and Gina. I look forward to watching them as they develop. As for Gabbi, sometimes fate wants them elsewhere. I hope you can find out about her future progress and let us know how she's doing.

  10. Well, thank you for trying. We do hope that she will do better and be more relaxed after her spay.

  11. I think you did the best for her.


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