Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Four happy and healthy kittens

Grimmkin's minions are a pair of match sets





When I walked up to the kitten room,  Grimmkin hissed at me. When I opened the door she was laying on the floor right in front of the door and basically said "oh, good,  now feed me!!"

I was able to look at three of the kittens while she ate.  Despite their not making any noise, she showed up and crawled in the box with the last one.  She eventually came back out for some attention and I was able to put her in the bathroom for a quick peek at #4 and to change out the bedding which had a little bit of kitten poop on it. 

For fun, I put them in the basket.  I hour she keeps them there,  but I'm guessing not. 

It also appears my webcam is on its last legs so I need to do some research and find something that broadcasts.. any ideas? 

Monday, June 14, 2021

And then there were five


Some time early this morning,  Grimmkin finally had her kittens. As is often with kitties,  not all survived but we do currently have four healthy babies. More info to come this evening.. 

Monday, June 7, 2021

Meet Nadya

Nadya lost both of her people (old age) and she couldn't find a home. Her vet kept her in a cage for a few weeks trying to seek out a possible owner among their clients. After about a month, they asked me if I could find a placement for her and one of the shelters I work with graciously agreed to take her on.

I say graciously, because Nadya has a few issues. The main one being her age.. she's 14. The other...

Now I'm not willing to say she's twice what a healthy weight for her body  would be,  but man if it isn't close.. fortunately she likes low carb canned food.. 

She's only here for a night.  I'm driving her to her foster home tomorrow afternoon.. 

She's a love and I'm sure if we could just get her to drop a few pounds a lot of her other issues would no longer be issues..

She will make someone really lovely kitty..

Sunday, June 6, 2021

Meet Grimmkin

 Grimmkin is a fairly young kitty who found herself in a home that was unable to get her neutered in time and she found herself with kittens.  Her people were uncomfortable taking on the added responsibility of birth and raising even more kittens so they reached out to the shelter for help.  Kudos to them. 

Unfortunately, she is severely lacking manners.  She bites and scratches with no real warning and she almost seems to be ready to go off on me when I try to correct her.  Fortunately I think the biting and scratches are simply because she doesn't know better and not because she really wants to hurt me.  She slowly is starting to understand that I'm not a fan, but she is a fan of snuggling on my chest.. sooo... neither one of us is all that happy right now. 

Yesterday I realized she had tapeworms.. that was fun.  I was a bit afraid of pilling her as she reacted really badly to getting her nails trimmed, but it was pretty easy.  By the time she realized what was going on, the pill was already in her and it was over. 

I think we are a couple of days from giving birth. But we'll see

Friday, April 16, 2021

Meet Morganne

 Right before I agreed to foster Millie, I was asked if I would take on another kitty for a different shelter who was losing her home due to inappropriate urination. 

The owner was quite upset to let her go but did so knowing her home was completely inappropriate for Morganne. Morganne is blind and that coupled with the stress of living with other kitties and some very young kids was making her life hard.  

It has taken her quite a while to relax. Even now I can tell she isn't 100% comfortable and I get the impression she is afraid of being stepped on a she runs to her perch whenever we move around

She likes attention, a lot, and is a bit of a goof when asking for it but she reacts badly when I picked her up and put her on my lap.  She still does more lip licking (a sign of being uncomfortable) than I would like. 

She has very definite opinions on pretty much everything.  She makes me a little nervous occasionally because sometimes when I run my hand down her back she'll whip her head around like she is going to give me what for.  However, she loves to have her belly rubbed and will roll around next to me showing off her belly and asking for rubs.

She is one of those blind kitties that the internet warnings on how to deal with blind cats were made for.  I put a chair in the room and she had run into it multiple times. I made the mistake of putting her wet food in the wrong side of her dry food and it was obvious that she completely disapproved. 

She would love a quiet home where her new people will be okay with multiple weeks of her adjusting to them and give her a regular routine on a daily basis.  She growled at me when I came home smelling like a dog so I'm guessing she would prefer to be the only pet.  

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