Thursday, February 14, 2019

Butters has a new Valentine

Last weekend Butters went back to the shelter to be neutered.  With some pretty heavy networking on my end, I was able to connect to a woman who took one look at Butters and was smitten.

I'm not exactly sure when Butters is going to her new home, but she has one and I am sure it is going to be great.

Best wishes little girl. While I'm personally sad you didn't have kittens with me, I'm glad that I got to know you and you are going to have a wonderful life.  Thank you Kelly for adopting her!

Monday, February 4, 2019

An Ultimate Cat Scratching Post for the kitten room #artofpaws

I was on FaceBook the other day when I saw an ad for Art of Paws offering their new scratcher for a steep discount so they could get some reviews on their Amazon account and I immediately signed up. If you have been around this blog for a while you know I have their heated pet bed and my cats love it

As you can see, Fleurp was none too happy that this wasn't for her. I might have to buy another one to make her happy..

I put the scratcher together this weekend. I was dealing with a pretty severe case of bronchitis and I was moving pretty slowly so I was a bit daunted by all of the pieces initially

But, despite my infirmity, I was able to put it together in slightly over five minutes. The most difficult part was getting the two bottom pieces together and screwing the post on at the same time. A third hand would have been nice, but it wasn't necessary.

It was an immediate hit with both kitties.

It is nice and sturdy and as you can see the cats can hang off it no problem. Actually, at one point both cats were hanging off of it, but that didn't last long, as they aren't really friends.

And look, it comes with a really cool box.

If you are looking for a nice sturdy scratcher, you should check out the Ultimate Cat Scratching Post by Art of Paws

Friday, January 18, 2019

Darcy needs a home

Darcy is still with us. She came to us in October, scared and pregnant.

She was frozen with fear. She was okay to explore the room when I was not around (thank you web cameras for sharing that with me) but when I would visit her she made herself as small as possible and hid in the smallest cracks hoping I wouldn't find her.  Little did she know that was my mission in life.. to find her and pull her out of her shell.

She gave birth here and raised three beautiful healthy happy kittens who were anything but fearful.

She never lashed out, not once. Not when I initially touched her, not when I picked her up for the first time, not when I would weigh her kittens or changed out her bedding. Never. She bides her time and waits for her chance to leave and then does so at the first chance. I spent a lot of time reaching into where she was hiding and patting her hoping to help her understand that humans are good. I would get her to purr and several times I got her to roll over so I could massage her belly but each time I left I went back to being very frightening.

I was fostering another cat at the time and she was quite friendly. I was hoping that introducing them would bring Darcy out of her shell. Unfortunately she was very protective of her kittens and the integration of the two families took a very long time. Fortunately Darcy was totally willing to sit in her cage and tend to any kitten who showed up. Over time, Darcy made a friend.

She was willing to come out of hiding when I was around. I was able to pull her out with play as well. She loves to "hunt"

Then her friend found a home and we were alone again. We did a lot of playing and I did my best to show her that people were not bad. My husband would visit her in the mornings and she would come out and give him a sniff. I would pull her out of hiding and pet her and give her scritches behind her ears that she loved so much and I was able to get her to purr.

I then had another friend for her. Darcy wanted to be friends. She was very kind and went very slowly allowing her new roommate to get used to her, but this kitty wasn't interested in being friends. Darcy keeps trying so I know she would integrate well into a cat friendly cat household. She will not be a lap cat immediately, but because she likes to have her neck scratched I am sure in time in a quiet household with other cats to show her life with people is a good thing she would become your friend.

If you know anyone who might have room in their life for a very sweet and kind kitty, who either lives near NH or wouldn't mind traveling to get her, please let me know.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Behold, the power of Happy Bear.. or not

I know that many people have been waiting for the joy that is a kitty on Happy Bear again. I would like to say this happened because I worked my magic and Happy Bear worked his and encouraged Darcy out of her hiding hole for some love, but that was absolutely not the reason.. so what was?

Poor Butters has been stuck in the bathroom since mid December because I am a pretty strict isolationist when it comes to kitties and I don't like mingling different litters (I know I know, I just did, didn't I - hey, I said pretty strict, not an absolutionist)

I was hoping that either Darcy or Butters would have moved on by now, but at this point I haven't heard anything about either one of them moving on. Butters is starting to show signs that the bathroom is simply not enough room for her so I thought I would open up the door and see what happened.

Darcy wanted to be friends in the WORST way. She was kind and gentle and did everything right. She meowed when Butters' back was turned to her so she wouldn't 'sneak up' on her, she walked low to the ground so as not to be threatening, she held back and waited and waited, following when Butters got too far away..

It was and is an absolutely beautiful thing to watch. I'm kinda loving Darcy all that much more for this. Butters, after investigating everything, tends to hang out with me on the couch (she likes playing with the hair scrunchies I've been using - which I'm not a huge fan of) and so Darcy has taken to coming up on the couch to be near her but not too near her.

Butters accepts that Darcy isn't going to go after her, but she is still not ready to be near her. This was as close as they were willing to get to one another without hissing. Darcy respects that and was waiting for Butters to check her out.  I was able to reach over and pet Darcy and we had a nice few minutes hanging out together.

Butters is completely unsure about all of this, and shortly after this photo she hissed and lashed out at Darcy so I decided it was time to end this. I do not leave them out together when I'm not around. I keep telling Butters that Darcy is good people and she needs to relax, but she doesn't believe me.. yet.

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Darcy is still with us

Darcy is still here. She still enjoys eating my food and pooping in the litter box I clean for her, but she is still not a fan of me. I pull her out of hiding each time I visit and hold her until she calms and I scratch her neck and flank which she seems to like.

Some times I ignore her to see if she'll come out on her own. Sometimes she will, most of the time she won't. She enjoys playing so that will always pull her out. The other day she came out, walked toward me and hid in the box near the couch (see photo), which I took as a sign that while she still doesn't trust me, I've been promoted to benefit of the doubt.

And then last night...

She stays with me because I gently restrain her and redirect her when she starts to leave. After I've held her for a while, I stop redirecting and if she wants to leave I let it happen. Shortly after the above video, I had hoped she was happy enough to stay but she left just as soon as I gave her that option. It hurt a little that I couldn't convince her to stay, but I have to remind myself that not all cats are lap cats.

As much as I enjoy her here, it is beyond time for her to go. I hope her people show up soon
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