Monday, November 18, 2002

Andrew is sick

Andrew didn't eat last night either. I forced some more food down him. Wasn't interested this morning either. Was wheezing up a storm. I piled him on the couch with some other kittens and went to exercise. I figured I'd take him in the bathroom with me when I took a shower cause I take REALLY hot showers and they create a lot of steam... so I went and got him, and he seemed to not be wheezing so much, but away we went anyway. He wanted to sit on the shower's edge and see what I was doing. He was amazed.. that I would voluntarily get into water.. When I got out he was purring like a fool.. sounded better, so hopefully that did him some good. I'll check in on them a little later... and if he sounds better I wont worry so much. They are going in tomorrow for their first round of shots and what not.

Last night we were watching tv in bed, and EVERYONE was in the bed.. they were being as adorably evil as kittenly possible. You probably don't understand just how evil these kitties are. they are cute yes. but I've had cute kittens before. These guys have kittenie wiles.. and they use them to their full advantage. Now we want to keep Bugsy, Scooter AND Melvin.

help me

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