Friday, November 15, 2002



Yup.. Goldie actually ate on her own!! Okay.. so it was only if the plate of food was on my lap, but it is a start! I moved the plate off my lap and on to the couch so I could feed the other kittens. It never left her sight, but the second it was off my lap it was no longer food I guess. Although half an hour later she was looking around the other plates of food.. so there is hope that she's eating when I'm not in the room.. *does a little dance of joy* I was afraid she'd be 12 years old and still being fed.. *rolls eyes*

I went in there last night and the floor was freezing, and the kittens toes were freezing, so I made a decision to use a bit of left over carpet from the sun room to cover up the kitten room floor (which is vinyl tiles) This is not going to be fun to clean, but hopefully it will keep the kitten's toes warmer and indirectly help them get healthy faster *crosses fingers*

the kits are getting so big so fast. Snot boy escaped from the kitten room the other day and the hubby picked it up and asked if it was okay he was out, looking at who he was talking about, it took me a second cause he was so big. They are pretty much right on schedule.. at about a pound and a half for six weeks

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