Sunday, July 11, 2004

New favorite toys

Mia's new favorite toy is the broom I use to sweep the litter off the floor. It is a riot cause the bristles alone are twice her size, but she still spends all of the time that I am sweeping attacking it. It makes it rather difficult to sweep, but then again so does all the laughing I'm doing watching her do it.

Prince Charming's new favorite toy is me.. silly boy. but I have to love him for it.

Ariel jumped on the couch while I was fending off Mia from chewing my finger off, and I reached over to pat her.. she let out the loudest purr.. it was so sweet.

Princess Emmy had fun eating and wrestling with her siblings, then got her ears cleaned, which she did not like, then she proceeded to fall asleep. She most of all spends the most time sleeping. I have to wonder about her, but she does eat, and she does play.. she's probably just a quieter kitty.

These little kittens sucker you with cuteness, So you take them home
Then they take your house and make you buy them kitty toys and sand

Rick Cowling

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