Thursday, July 8, 2004

Can you say jealous?

Yesterday I was in the kitten room and I was having a good quality cuddle with Princess Emmy. I wanted to go into the other room to watch a movie, so I brought PE with me. She was still in a snuggly mood, so I wasn't concerned. We laid on the couch together, and she just snuggled up near my neck and went to sleep.

A few minutes later, Jack appeared. He saw PM on my chest and jumped up on the couch to have a closer look. I kept a hand free to stop any issues, but let him do what it was he wanted to do. He leaned in closer and got a good sniff of her. He then backed off and let out a very long loud hiss. I called his name and he looked at me, then sniffed her again. He hissed again, backing off a bit. He looked at me with utter jealousy in his eyes. Those of you who think cats don't have emotion should have seen it. He was so hurt. I told him that if he had been in a cuddly mood I wouldn't have had to get Princess Emmy. He sulked away.

Ever since then he has been by my side, begging for attention. It's wicked sweet.

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