Thursday, September 23, 2004

Emotional rollercoster

Well.. Ollie is back to his old self. We had poop the other day (he kept getting constipated) and no vomit now for several days. I had to wonder if it wasn't the herb I was giving him to make him less grumpy. I had increased his dose to what the vet had recommended originally. I had been giving him one a week simply because I had been forgetting about it, but I had gone to once a day until pretty much the day he started vomiting. Regardless, I doubt I'll be giving him any more of those on the remote chance it was that.

So good news there.

More good news was Tweedle had put on enough weight to be spayed. I had brought them all in because the surgery was light today. However....

Bad news was she had a reaction to the anesthesia that they used, and they couldn't spay her. They started reversing it when I noticed that something was going on, so I stepped in to find out. She was breathing rather heavily, and that is a sign that fluid is building up in the lungs. All of a sudden she seemed to stop breathing. I asked the surgeon if she had, and he felt her heart and said it was beating just fine - but I know it can after the lungs give out. He then put on his stethoscope and asked the tech to pump some oxygen. I then said I had to go, and headed back up front. I told a co-worker that Tweedle was having a bad reaction. I had another one die on the table before, so she asked if it was the same kind of reaction. I said it looked like it, so she went out back to check. While she was gone, I heard a major kitten scream. Tweed is very very vocal when you are making her do something she doesn't want to do, so I had hoped it was her. My co-worker came up front a few moments later and told me she was fine. They had taken an x-ray to make sure her lungs would be okay, and she woke up half way through, having hallucinations. I so wonder what kitties hallucinate about.

so good news is she's fine. Bad news is she isn't spayed. Good news is they can do it tomorrow. Bad news is she's still got a problem with the anesthesia, so whoever adopts her has to be very careful. Good news is I can bring them in on Saturday and do their adoptions myself. Bad news is there is no guarantee that they will be adopted on Saturday.

Yes.. I am exhausted.. :)

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