Friday, September 17, 2004

Ollie, would you please stop vomiting!

For the past week, Ollie has been vomiting nightly. Violent hairball hurls, that wake us up in the middle of the night. I took him to the clinic on Thursday, and the dr didn't notice anything out of the ordinary. I brought him home and he proceeded to vomit four more times. Back in he goes, and we take more X-rays, and do a barium study.. nothing is moving in his intestines nor in his colon. so we do an enema. A small amount of movement at that point.. but I doubt we are out of the woods yet. At least he is still wanting to eat, and he's not dehydrated, so I caught it early.

THEN.. get this, cause when it rains it pours... I went to feed the kitties tonight, and I cleaned out the litter box. Doing so is a radar to all kitties to come pee. I don't know why, but it is. Muffin got in first. Eli climbed in a few moments later. I was intent on watching Emmy eat, cause she was slow to start, when I realized Eli was still in the box. I walked over near him and sat down, which didn't phase him. Which in itself is odd. He continued to sit there, as if in a trance. a full 10 minutes past, and he finally got out and started licking his gentiles.. I hope to all get out he isn't blocked!! So he'll be going to visit Ollie, who had to spend the night at the clinic. Guess it's a darn good thing I started working for a vet! two surgeries, two dentals, and now this!! Who's smart idea was it to get 5 cats anyway?? (oh hush.. of course I want more!)

Tweedle, Dennis, and Google.

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