Saturday, July 30, 2005

big adoption day - sorta

The kittens went in today to be adopted. It was way harder on me than it was on them. I don't know why it was so hard for me to give them up this time. Eliza took the move very badly, growling and hissing a good deal of the morning. I did what I could to keep her calm, but it didn't take much to set her off.

Gizzy got adopted first. I'm glad I didn't have to leave her there tonight or she probably would have come home with me. Adopted by a nice husband and wife who live out of town - but yet near where I work. They were actually in last year around this time adopting before. I thought I remembered them. They took a kitten named spike - which was a girl - and named her Nala. I'm pleased with this adoption. They plan on keeping her in.

There was another woman with a daughter who was looking at kittens other than mine. I was glad, cause when they settled on one, she stated to the staff that she was morally opposed to keeping cats inside, despite almost loosing one to a fisher cat. The circle of life she stated.. yea well lady, circle this *rolls eyes*

Then a woman who recognized me from a job I had over 10 years ago came in with her husband. I didn't much recognize her, but she came in very well prepared. They came in with the application from the website, a signed note from their landlord, and they knew they wanted a pair. They were looking at Kau. They looked at a gray one from another litter, and that was that. One of the fastest adoptions I've seen in a long time. I think they will give him a really good home.

Two different families looked at Cloud and Scarlet. I decided they needed to go together since Scarlet was so reserved and had bonded so deeply with her brother. One woman came with her two daughters, and the daughters did everything they could to convince her... didn't work. An older gentleman talked to me twice about them, but nothing materialized.. so they are still there.

Eliza didn't show well at all. Probably won't for a week or two till she calms down. I hope someone gives her a chance before then.

I ended up with four very adorable kittens. I'd show you pictures but I'm not allowed to per Taz :) One has a ruptured ear drum and is in major need of some help. She's on Baytril, but there is a ton of puss coming out of it. Other than that she is doing well, eating and acting fine, so I'm hoping to avoid a weekend jaunt to the vet... although when I might have time to get her to one is a good question.. curse having a RL job. Hopefully, I can't just consult with one and don't need to actually bring her in, but I doubt it. But you know me.. run to the vet at the drop of the hat.. why do you think I want to work in the field again..

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