Sunday, July 31, 2005

wet is me

I went down this morning and the kittens are being pretty good. They tossed some of their litter - to be expected, and tossed a toy into their water, again, nothing out of the ordinary. I open up the cage and sit in front of it to do good cleanings on their ears and what not. Well, the kittens had some pent-up energy and started tearing around the room. Uber cute, until one of them chases another into the old water bowl that is behind me, splashing it all down my lower back and my behind. I didn't feel quite so guilty doing ear cleanings after that.

The little grey one with the pussy ear looked better. I can only imagine that it previously had not been cleaned for a day or more. I pulled some more puss out, and cleaned her nose. She seemed more outgoing than she had previously. I fear she's going to need a few road trips.

The dark DLH tiger IS a boy. I'm SO very much in trouble. He's a snuggle bug.

Wait.. someone tell me why I can't have seven cats?

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