Monday, July 10, 2006

Okay then

Popular title line I see :)

Back to Em. Frustrating how this is the KITTEN blog, and all I can do is talk about the oldest "kitten" in the house ;)

So I contemplated the next steps I should take with her. The blood test I was sure wasn't going to show what it needed to show. It shows an average of the BG's for two weeks. Previously I have thought that I might be overdosing her on insulin. But I test her every couple of days and her starting BGs are pretty good. Well, I started testing her every time before giving a shot. one PS (pre-shot) was in the 90s. The next was over 300. So yes.. I was still overdosing her. I was going to cut it from 1.5 units BID (twice a day) to 1 unit BID. Well her next PS was so low that I decided to do .5 instead. Well, tonight her PS was 171. Yup. .5 SEEMS to be the magic number.

In case you don't know.. Rebound happens when you over does insulin. there is a major release of stored glucose to help combat the excess insulin. This keeps her BG from going too low and keeps her from dying. However what seemed to be happening was I was overdosing her, then the next shot helped get rid of the excess, then I was testing.

Amazing that she went over 5 years without ANY testing of her sugars.. now I apparently can't go 12 hours without testing.

Hopefully, this will be the cause of the weight loss and she'll start plumping back up (but I am not holding my breath)

As for the kittens, they are so amazingly LOUD when it comes to purring now. They like to sit on your shoulders and purr in stereo. They are up to two pounds now. Amazingly Suzie Q (the runt) is only 2 oz behind the others. She looks like she's 1/2 a pound behind them. She also eats till I swear she is going to explode. Makes her tummy almost twice the size of her head!

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